#BookReview “Wild Child (CroXroads #1)” by LaVerne Thompson

Title: Wild Child
Series: CroXroads Book One
Author: LaVerne Thompson
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: June 2, 2020


5/5 Stars!

Kasha has visions. They’re never clear and they may have happened already. The problem is no one believes her, least of all her parents.  Her mom can be sympathetic, but her inflexible minister-father isn’t having it. He wants her to pray and abstain from painting the mostly nude angels depicting violent scenes she sees in her visions.

But Kasha cannot deny who she is—or who she believes she is—and takes off as soon as she’s old enough, supporting herself with the sales of her paintings.

When visions of devastation and death lead Kasha to reach out to her father, he still doesn’t believe in her gift, even as the west coast is destroyed by natural disasters. She races to save her parents, only to arrive too late.  Kasha is stunned to find her parents and the people they sheltered with didn’t die disaster-related deaths, they were murdered by a being she cannot identify. And she runs.

Not knowing what she’s running from… or to, Kasha falls down the paranormal rabbit hole and learns shifters, mages, and magic exists, monsters are real, about her true identity… and the part she must play in an age-old prophecy.

I loved this read! The plot and detailed world-building pulled me right in. All the characters are powerful with well-defined personalities.

Kasha is a great protagonist/heroine. With no time to mourn the loss of her parents, her life changes overnight. It’s difficult to accept, but she does while learning a new way of life.

Terri and Curtis are my favorite characters so far. Terri’s like Badass mom number one and Curtis is the nice guy… and they’ll both rip a body to shreds! HA!

This needs to be a movie so I can see Leonidas’ black lion!

There is a disclaimer that Wild Child ends on a cliffhanger but think from The Two Towers to Return of the King. It’s about to go down in book two… and I’m here for it!

Start this journey today!




The road you take cannot be undone. Kasha never quite fit in. So she left home long ago to pursue her career in art. Hell, she ran as fast as she could away from her minister father and his judgmental ways. Yet, she loved her parents, so when the dreams surrounding a church filled with fire and blood kept repeating themselves, it was all she could paint. She had to warn them. Only to arrive too late to save them. Now she found herself running once again, only this time away from a nightmare.  In her mad flight, she took a turn off the highway. Soon realizing she might have run toward something even worse. This time she couldn’t run couldn’t lie to herself anymore. She was more than an artist. She had to learn to fully embrace and unleash her powers within. In order to know who and what she truly was she had to learn to stand her ground and travel to another place to find her truth.



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