#Spotlight “Share, Share, Share!” by Evan J. Roberts

Share cover


In this five-minute story, you can teach a child why selfishness is harmful and the good that comes from sharing.
Share, Share, Share! is an emotionally intelligent, rhyming story about a child’s reluctance to share and a parent’s gentle reminder of the benefits that you experience when you allow others to be involved.“When it’s time to play, I always hear momma say, “Share, Share, Share.”
“But those toys are for me! No one else can see.”
“Share, Share, Share.”
“Momma says, Sharing gives others a chance.”
“Keeping toys to myself is a mean stance.”

Social/Emotional learning is an important aspect for the development of the whole child. Sharing is a social skill that teaches children how to develop a bond with those around us. Use this quick read with a toddler or older child as an introduction to manners and values.

This is the first of seven books in the new Khahari Jr series! This diverse, picture book series is focused on sight word development and social/emotional skills for children.

Share, Share, Share

Goodnight Baby, Goodnight

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My First Steps

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My Colors and Shapes

My ABC and 123








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