#Spotlight “Penelope Still Picks Suzie” by Christine Bialczak



Penelope is able to see past many differences in her friends and learns that friendship is not about judging others. Penelope wants other children to see that behaviors are not characteristics of who a person is and that being a friend is what is really important.




From the author…

I have worked many years with children who suffer emotional disturbance due to poverty, abuse, mental illness. These students were out-placed in the clinical day school I was a teacher at. I know that the parents of the typical kids could not stand that there was that “one kid” who disrupted everyone. So I wrote this book to teach kids that you can still be friends with “that kid”.


About Christine Bialczak

Christine Bialczak was born on November 2, 1971 and was raised in Christine BialczakConnecticut. She has been a Special Education teacher and hopes to move into an administrative position utilizing her Administrator certificate. Her family means the most to her. Christine will always remember the support she received from her late husband Bob, her son Joseph, who passed on way too early, and Lindsay, her rock, her best friend, and her daughter. Christine also has support from David, from her other family members, from past and current coworkers/teachers, and from friends. Her goal is to introduce characters that enrich children’s lives and ignite a fire to learn more, increase knowledge of the world around, and be creative. Christine is an animal lover. She has owned dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, cockatiels, chickens, roosters, and tropical fish. She loves to travel and learn about other cultures, sews, draws, designs jewelry, cooks, and has many other interests. The Penelope series was inspired by the birth of her great-niece Penelope, having written the first book on the night Penelope was born. The Joey series was inspired by her son who was so brilliant, so kind, and such a special person to everyone that knew him. Christine can’t wait to interact with her readers through various series, poetry, and other publications.

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