#Review “An Implacable Woman (A Sally Mellors Adventure)” by K. T. Findlay


4/5 Stars

We all have moral beliefs of right and wrong, but can we lean too far in one direction?

An Implacable Woman, the return of Sally Mellors and her specialty—vigilante justice, kept that question in the front of my mind.

Learning women close to her are regular victims of brutal domestic violence and their abusers receive little or no punishment, Sally plots to get justice and free the women of their private hells with the help of her alter ego, Selina.

I have no sympathy for the abusive men in this story… none. But I also am not one-hundred percent in Sally’s corner either. This British read is laced with sarcasm and some great dark humor that played well for everyone for me, except Sally.

While Sally was angry, I never felt outrage from her. It was either “Miss Let’s Have Tea and I’ll see how sharp I can get this blade,” or Selina, the murderer. There was no in-between. Sociopathic tendencies come to mind, but I’m not a profiler, I only play one in book reviews.

To be fair, there’s the chance I don’t connect with her because I did not read book one, A Thoughtful Woman. There are many references to events in the first book that I’m sure explain what set Sally (and sidekick, Emma) on their vigilante path. Some are more detailed than others, which still left me feeling a bit on the outside.

Strong writing and a great supporting cast kept this read on track for me, though. Felicity, a pathologist, and Susan, a detective, are notable standouts, and add a parallel story with a couple of escalating peeping toms for good measure. Poor Cam. HA!

Readers of crime fiction and suspense will enjoy An Implacable Woman, but I strongly recommend reading A Thoughtful Woman first to better follow the story and understand its dark hero.



If a tooth costs a tooth and an eye costs an eye

When a man hits his wife, then it’s his turn to die

Furious that the courts and police can’t prevent respected surgeon John Kirby from beating his wife, Sally Mellors steps in to save her. Permanently…

But Grace Kirby isn’t the only one who needs saving and Sally quickly discovers she’s taken on a much bigger job than she’d thought.

With her unique ability to blend justice with fun, Sally sets joyfully about the business of removing the monsters from women’s lives, but is she in danger of becoming a monster herself?

As her friends in the police get ever closer, Sally has some serious questions of her own to answer.

Additional Maps of where An Implacable Woman is sethttps://ktfindlay.com/an-implacable-woman-maps/

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3 thoughts on “#Review “An Implacable Woman (A Sally Mellors Adventure)” by K. T. Findlay

  1. Hi Nesie,
    Many thanks for the review and the thought that’s clearly gone into it. Sally is indeed on a darker journey in this book than she was in A Thoughtful Woman.
    KT Findlay

    Liked by 1 person

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