#ReleaseBlitz “Back in the Saddle (Blazing Eagle Ranch #1)” by Peyton Banks

Title: Back in the Saddle
Series: Blazing Eagle Ranch #1
Author: Peyton Banks
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 5, 2020
Not everyone gets a second chance. 
Parker Brooks was a legendary bull rider. He had become a household name until he suffered a career-ending knee injury. Now he’s back home working his family’s ranch alongside his brothers.

A night out for a celebration flipped his world upside down. A certain young woman who had walked away from him without a word, or an explanation, was working the bar.

Maddison King was the only woman he’d been ready to give his heart to.
She’d been his everything, and then she’d up and vanished.

Now she was back.

He’d thought he’d gotten over her, but one look at her luscious curves and killer smile had him realizing otherwise. She’s older, more mature, and too damn sexy for her own good.

There was no denying the attraction between them. It was just like old times.

He deserved to know why she’d packed up and left. She couldn’t run from him forever.
When secrets are revealed, Parker and Maddison’s world explodes. Will they be able to survive the past to build a future?

Peyton Banks is the alter ego of a city girl who is a romantic at heart. Her mornings consist of coffee and daydreaming up the next steamy romance book ideas. She loves spinning romantic tales of hot alpha males and the women they love. She currently resides with her husband and children in Cleveland, Ohio.


#PreOrderBlitz “Malice and Forethought” by Felicia Denise

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Malice and Forethought cover


Malice and Forethought:

Short Stories of Malice and Murder

by Felicia Denise

Cover Design: perry elisabeth design

Genre: Crime Thriller / Suspense / Short Stories

Release Date: June 1, 2020

Malice – noun; mal·ice | ˈma-ləs

1 : desire to cause pain, injury, or distress to another
2 : intent to commit an unlawful act or cause harm without legal justification or excuse
//ruined her reputation and did it with malice

Everyone is capable of malice and no one is immune to its outcome.

A Hint of Malice – When her last living relative commits suicide after having her identity and assets stolen, a grieving niece longs for justice.

Burned – When the masterminds behind a major drug operation get off with a slap on the wrists, a frustrated police detective warns them their wealth cannot shield them from everything.

The Marshall Sisters – After seeing her sister mistreated by far too many men, Leslie Marshall is proud of Paula for standing up for herself and accompanies her on a cold winter’s night to confront her boyfriend, but even Leslie isn’t ready for the new, assertive Paula.

The Watcher – Shamed into exile by his family because of his sexual fetish and hanging on to the shreds of his sanity, a man plots the ultimate date night with his new neighbor.

What’s done in the dark always comes to the light.

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About the Author

After writing as a hobby for most of her life, at the urging of a good friend, Felicia took on the challenge of NaNoWriMo in 2015, writing what would become her first published work, In the Best Interest of the Child. It was released in the fall of 2016. Free, a Novella, which began as a three-installment series on her website, was published as a short story in May 2017.

Currently working on projects in several genres, Felicia plans to release book 2 of In the Best Interest of the Child – Family Matters, as well as anthologies of her suspense and women’s fiction short stories in 2020.

A long-time blogger, she also features books by indie authors daily on her blog, Nesie’s Place.

Felicia lost her husband of nearly 36 years of May of 2019 and is a strong advocate and supporter of the National Kidney Foundation. She has three adult children, four grand-pups, and as one of nine children, she has too much extended family to even go into!

In her free time-when not reading-Felicia sews and enjoys experimenting with new dishes in the kitchen. She always has a cup of robust coffee and far too many pun jokes nearby.

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#ReleaseBlitz “His Small-Town Girl” by Lacy Williams

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Sutter’s Hollow Book 1
Sweet Romance
Date Published: May 12, 2020
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She’s sweet and wholesome. And hiding something.
He’s back home, resurrecting old ghosts.
One of them is going to get hurt.
Molly arrives in Sutter’s Hollow out of gas and out of options. The rundown ranch seems like a perfect place to hide. Except the man who owns it seems just as dangerous as what’s chasing her.
Cord’s mantra growing up? Get out of Sutter’s Hollow. Now he’s back in town, but only long enough to get rid of his grandma’s ball and chain—the ranch. He doesn’t need a complication like Molly, who reminds him of an injured baby bird. He’s no protector. So why can’t he tell her to get lost?
Molly strummed her guitar lightly, the squeak and pull of the strings familiar and comforting.
But not enough to relax her to the point where she could close her eyes and sleep.
Nothing was these days.
She had her shoulder wedged against her driver’s side door, her body turned sideways, and one booted foot up on the seat. Counting the minutes until they turned into hours.
It wasn’t that late. Eight. Maybe eight-thirty.
From where her truck had died in his drive, she’d seen the rancher’s truck—its headlights, rather—drive up behind the ranch house and then shut off. Lights had gone on inside the ranch house in a sort of pattern. Her imagination told her he’d stopped in the kitchen to wash up. Maybe feed the dog. He’d moved into the living room next. Watched a sitcom. No, a cop drama. A sitcom might make him smile, and that wouldn’t do.
The living room light had gone off, too, and then an upstairs light had gone on.
Lots of nightlife for the rancher. Cord.
She let her head loll back against the seat, her fingers going lax on the frets so the next strum was a jangle of wrong notes.
It was going to be a long night.
Her thoughts began to unravel. Her breathing sped up as her anxiety spiked.
She was safe here.
No one knew where she was. No one except the rancher.
She was parked plenty far back from the road. If anyone turned in the drive, she’d see them. She’d have time to react.
There were two empty fields on either side of her truck. Grass as far as the eye could see. No one could sneak up on her here.
She could worry about her future tomorrow. Figure out what to do about the dwindling loaf of bread and jar of peanut butter she’d been rationing for days.
She jumped when a flash of light came through the windshield. It glared right in her eyes, temporarily blinding her.
She scrambled to get the guitar out of the way. It echoed discordant notes as it hit the dash. She’d picked up a small canister of pepper spray at a gas station a hundred miles ago. Where had she put it—?
The light was gone, and she blinked against the hazy afterimages burned into her vision.
It was the rancher. His shoulders filled the driver’s side window, and he tapped the butt of his flashlight on the glass.
She took her sweet time rolling it down—the hand crank helped with that—using the moments to try to slow her frantic breathing.
“What’re you doing out here?”
His voice was harsh and demanding. And somehow comforting. He’d been gruff and dismissive earlier. She’d trusted him. Maybe that was stupid.
“You can’t stay here,” he said.
“I can’t leave.” She tapped the steering wheel. “This puppy is dead.”
Skepticism was written all over his face.
“You want me to prove it?” She gave the key a twist. Nothing happened. Not even a click.
His expression didn’t change from the frown he’d appeared with. “Call a tow truck.”
He had to be kidding. A tow from the little town she’d passed would be expensive.
“Who’s gonna come all the way out here tonight?” she asked. “Plus, I’m dead broke.”
“Well, you can’t stay out here.” Was that her imagination, or was there a little bit of the same desperation she felt leaking out of the man.
“It’s fifteen miles to Sutter’s Hollow,” she said. “You want me to walk? In the dark?”
“What about your family?”
“Don’t have any.” It wasn’t a lie. She didn’t have any family that would help her.
Even in the dim light from the flashlight, she could see a muscle jumping in his cheek. He ducked his head and mumbled something too low for her to make out.
“Get out of the truck.”
She bristled at this order. She wasn’t walking down those winding dirt roads in the dark.
“You’re not sleeping in your truck. You can stay the night. Tomorrow morning, I’ll drive you to town. You’re on your own from there. And you better figure out a way to get your truck off my land.”
“Really?” She grabbed her backpack and guitar from the passenger floorboard and then juggled both on her lap as she rolled up the crank window. The door made an awful metal creak when she moved to hop out. She caught the cowboy’s wince in the dim light from his flashlight.
“That truck is older than you are.”
“I know. Ain’t it great?” She tried to cover up her nerves by giving the hood an affectionate pat as she shifted her backpack onto her shoulder. Maybe he wouldn’t see how white her knuckles were as she clutched her guitar. “She was my mom’s. Back before I was born.”
He mumbled something else. Maybe he had a mumbling problem. Or maybe he just didn’t like her.
“Just because something is old or needs work doesn’t mean you give up on it,” she said.
He sent her a sideways glare but didn’t say anything else. She followed him toward the sad old farmhouse, careful to keep a good yard between them.
From the porch, his farm dog wagged its tail.
Seeing it helped settle the nervous energy jangling through her. Animals were a true judge of character. The farm dog was lean but groomed. It’s teeth were good. And it was friendly.
Maybe she couldn’t trust herself to judge a man’s character, but she’d grown up on a ranch. She could trust the dog. It wasn’t as if she was going to sleep a wink anyway. Might as well be warm inside instead of freezing in her truck.

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#TeaserTuesday “ONE” by Mirav Tarkka

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Non-Fiction / Wellness Guide
Date Published: March 3, 2020
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We are all looking for balance and happiness in life. Today’s society certainly isn’t making it any easier to achieve that elusive blend of health, success and well-being.
ONE is the ultimate wellness guide on balance between Body and Mind, a winning combo of 22 therapists, handpicked by Mirav Tarkka, on the subject of improving your well-being. Accessible, easy to read and full of practical tips this is book is a must have, a perfect mix of storytelling and hands-on advice on getting to live the life you deserve.
The book talks about different areas of life; nutrition, creativity, sexuality, stress, communication, power finding and creating and lots more are covered to give you a comprehensive insight on the connection between body and mind.

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When I was asked to edit ONE, I immediately accepted not really knowing what I was letting myself in for. I have edited many wellness articles and books so naturally I expected something similar. It turned out I was very wrong. Editing this book has been an extraordinary journey, it was in fact emotional and at times extremely confronting. Each author has an incredibly strong story, they have written from the heart and have shared their most difficult moments with you, the reader. It takes courage to stand up and admit to the world that your life is, or in this instance was, far from perfect and yet all of them have grown from their experiences.
I am no stranger to challenges, parenting a child that has a lot of trauma, balancing work with being a mom and wife, it takes its toll. We all get lost in our day to day lives until we realise that there is more to life. But often we are unsure where to start, there are so many books, blogs, podcasts and therapies out there. It is a sure sign that there is a need for the information. ONE has managed to capture 22 different ways of bringing more balance to your life.
Every chapter gave me practical tools to improve my way of living, easy and accessible. After each chapter, I felt inspired, encouraged that yes, I too can get more out of life but even more importantly, I felt I deserved it.
I am convinced this book can change people, change their way of living but most of all it can teach people to love themselves. I am very grateful I was asked to work on this project, I have edited the book in such a way that each author kept their voice and their message and the result is as extraordinary as it gets.
I hope you will enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed editing it.
Read it, pass it on to your friends and family or give it as a gift because truly, there is no better gift than the book that keeps on giving.
ONE is unique in every single way!
With love and gratitude


About the Author
Mirav Tarkka is the bestselling author of Undefeatable, founder of Pepper Coaching and host of ONE – the online wellness tv show. She is the brainchild behind ONE the ultimate wellness book written by 20 different experts. A book on the balance between Body and Mind explained from different angles. From how to live life orgamiscally, to releasing your chakras, Chinese medicine, nutrition and the power of words are just some of the subjects covered in the book.
Through her life, Mirav has had her fair share of breakdown moments. She had to rebuild her life from scratch many times while dealing with a roller coaster of emotions, wars, challenges and pain, but she kept going – no matter what.
Through her own profound personal journey, she discovered the power of the mind to be not less important than that of the body. Mirav then created a method which combines strengthening the body while sharpening the mind, in order to help people around the world use their true, raw, authentic power, unleash their inner strength while working on their mind muscles so that they can enjoy every aspect of life to their fullest potential.
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