#CoverReveal “Hart of Vengeance: A Second Chance Romance (The Hart Series)” by S.B. Alexander

Love is the deadliest enemy of all.
Convicted murderer Denim Hart swears he didn’t kill one of the most notorious gang leaders in Boston. When he’s released, his first order of business is to clear his name. But he has no clue where to begin. The only witness who could help him disappeared before his trial began. 
He might not need the witness when the FBI offers him a deal to expunge his record in exchange for his help. But Denim isn’t a snitch, and no way is he interested in helping The Feds take down his older brother. No matter how many times Denim tells them no, he’s caught in the middle with no way out. 
Yet, the FBI is the least of his worries. There’s a contract out on his head. Now, his plan to reconnect with the woman who tortured his dreams for the last eight years is thwarted. Under no circumstances can he let her back into his life. Not until it’s safe.
If Jade Kelly doesn’t find a job soon, her next home will be in some dark alley in Boston. It’s critical she doesn’t screw up her interview with one of the most prestigious law firms in the city. Getting the job might be easy, but keeping it quite another, especially when she learns her potential boss, Kelton Maxwell, is representing the one man she never expected to see again—the one man who walked away from her in high school. The same man who’s incarcerated for murder. 
As soon as Denim reappears in Jade’s life, she’s unsure if she should run for the hills or run straight into his arms. She could never resist his seductive charm, and she quickly learns it’s not his sexy ass she needs to run from, but the dangerous gang leader who wants her dead.
Hart of Vengeance is a standalone second chance romance. If you love nail-biting suspense, family drama, a bad-boy hero, a story with twists and turns, and set on the dark streets of Boston, then you’ll love Denim and Jade’s HEA story. 
This book is suited for mature audiences.

Bestselling author S.B. Alexander writes young adult and new adult romances that span the sub-categories of coming of age, sports, paranormal, suspense, and military fiction. Her writing is emotional, angsty, and character driven. She’s best known for The Maxwell and The Maxwell Family Saga series.
S.B. or Susan as she likes to be called is a navy veteran, former high school teacher, and former corporate sales executive. She’s a lover of sports, especially baseball, although nowadays you can find her glued to the TV during football season.
When she’s not writing, she’s a full-time caregiver to her soul mate of twenty-one years who got a bad deal in life when he was diagnosed with ALS. Her motto: “Life is too short to waste. So live every moment like it’s your last.”

#NewRelease “Revelations” by Lauri Kubuitsile

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TITLE: Revelations

AUTHOR: Lauri Kubuitsile

GENRE: Legal Suspense, Romantic Suspense, Interracial

RELEASE DATE: April 27, 2020

TAGLINE: Will one misguided action ruin her life forever?


A neglected wife in a foreign country.

Feeling isolated, Elizabeth is struggling to find her place in a different country. Her once happy marriage is fading. Her husband, Ditiro, is busy with his successful law practice. Even being a mother does not alleviate her loneliness.

An ambitious man who will do anything for greatness.

After one challenging morning, Elizabeth picks up a hitchhiker, and completely out of character, she has a brief sexual encounter with the much younger man, Tumelo—a rash decision that will change her life completely. Tumelo, a pathologically ambitious man will use Elizabeth as a stepping-stone on his way to the fame he thinks he deserves.

An embittered husband battling to save more than his marriage.

Ditiro is broken-hearted by Elizabeth’s affair and kicks her out of their home and family life. When she becomes the target of a psychopath’s quest for power, he will have to put aside his hurt to protect her. However, forgiving Elizabeth and letting her back into his heart may be beyond him.


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She saw it right away.

The transparent blue scarf fluttered in the morning breeze trying to get free, stuck as it was on a branch at the bottom of the hedge.

When Elizabeth spotted it, she sucked in a sharp breath. Had Ditiro seen it on his way out that morning? Had her husband spotted the scarf; did he finally know? Know that everything they’d built was a lie; that she held awful secrets that ate at her without rest? Had the scarf finally revealed everything?

Imagining for a moment it had, she felt scared at first, and then, strangely, relief. She would be relieved if it all became known. She was not made for secrets; keeping this one was taking its toll on her. Though she knew once it was known everything would fall apart, she wondered if that might not be for the better.

A dry updraft of winter air flipped the end of the chiffon scarf up and caught the far edge of it on a higher branch. It flicked back and forth in an attempt to be let free, but to no avail. It was caught—completely now with no chance of freedom.

It came from him. He had taken to leaving markers, like a dog defining its territory. She was always on the lookout, ready to grab them up and hide them from her husband’s eyes.

“What’s your favourite colour?” he’d asked that night.

“Blue … cerulean, actually. The colour of the Botswana sky. Why?”

“Just curious.”

He’d obviously stored the information for later, to be used when standing in a shop trying to choose a scarf to leave for her at her gate, one she would see blowing in the cool morning air after her husband had passed it on his way to work. She shivered when she considered the forethought involved.

She walked to the hedge and unhooked the scarf from where it had been caught. She opened the lid of the rubbish bin and dropped it inside. It lay bright and welcoming among the curled orange peels and coffee grounds.

She didn’t like leaving it like that. It shouldn’t stay in there full of such jubilant colour; it didn’t seem right. She reached in and grabbed the edge of a soggy newspaper deep down in the bin and flipped the lot over so that the scarf was lost in the rubbish, its colour soiled and ruined by what surrounded it.

It was gone. He was gone. At least, for now. But despite her desperate wishes for it all to stop, it wouldn’t until he decided he was finished with her. She’d begged him so many times to leave her alone, but he continued—she was at his mercy.

In the meantime, she would have to remain on the lookout. She’d have to get to the phone first each time it rang. She’d have to look for his signs and remove them before her husband could somehow piece it all together. She had to be vigilant. She had to be thorough.

It was unlikely Ditiro had seen the scarf, though. No secrets would be revealed just yet. It had been placed for her eyes only. Ditiro’s mind, full of his clients and cases, his busy schedule of court dates and high-profile meetings, made room for little else. A cerulean scarf caught in the bush had no place in his life. Her husband didn’t notice such things.

She would not be caught out today; her secret was safe, at least for now. She stared down at the thin piece of soiled blue and dropped the dustbin’s lid in place.


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Lauri Kubuitsile is a two time winner of The Golden Baobab Prize for children’s writing, the winner of the Botswana Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture’s Botswerere Prize for Creative Writing, and a finalist for the 2011 Caine Prize, among others. She has more than thirty books published both here and overseas with publishers such as Macmillan, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Penguin. Her books are prescribed reading in schools in Botswana and South Africa.

Her historical novel, The Scattering (Penguin SA, May 2016) won Best International Fiction Book 2017 at the Sharjah International Book Fair in the United Arab Emirates and was recommended by the prestigious Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction in the United Kingdom in the same year. The North American rights have been bought and the book is now published in the USA and Canada by Waveland Press (USA). Her second historical novel, But Deliver Us from Evil (Penguin SA) was published in 2019.




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#Spotlight “LoveRotica Sex Journal: A Single Woman’s Guide to Finding Your Oh! in 90 Days” by L. Loren



A Single woman’s guide to finding your Oh! In 90 days. This journal is designed for you to record daily sexual interactions for a 90-day period. Along with completing the weekly challenges, you should use these pages to document your fantasies, dreams, favorite positions and sexual activity. It will not guarantee orgasms or a better sex life. However, it will help you to form habits that can allow you to discover what brings you pleasure and clarity about what you need from a partner. Happy hunting. Don’t forget to say OH!




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Since 2015, LIFT 4 Autism has raised approximately $140,000 to benefit ASD families. All proceeds go to non-profit organizations serving the autism community. Now more than ever, we as a global community are uniting, even as we stay apart to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Auction organizers authors Ginger Scott and Kennedy Ryan, along with Kulture City, this year’s charitable partner, wanted to respond to the real needs of autism families during this incredibly challenging time. Kulture City will direct proceeds from the 2020 auction to a scholarship program for autism families struggling during COVID-19.

The online auction features signed paperbacks, hardcovers, full series sets, out-of-print covers, foreign editions, personal one-on-one Skype calls with some of your favorites . . . and MORE, all donated by authors, publishers, bloggers, readers. Just people who wanted to be a part of something to help autism families. In the past, some of our highest bidding items were tickets to sold-out author signings and in-demand book events. Of course, with social distancing, those have all been cancelled. To possibly compensate, several amazing authors, narrators and publishing professionals are auctioning off virtual chats! We’re hoping many readers will be enticed to bid on virtual chats with authors like LJ Shen, Tarryn Fisher, Beverly Jenkins, and Kristen Ashley, to name a few. To chat with all-star narrators like Zachary Webber, Shane East, Erin Mallon and more. Not to mention critiques and video chats with agents and editors. These are just a few items up for bid. We are incredibly grateful for every single item donated.

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Here’s some FAQ about the auction and the bidding process that may prove helpful


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#BookTour “Peripheral Visions” by Nancy Christie

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Literary Short Fiction/Collection
Date Published: May 2020
Publisher: Unsolicited Press
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What do you do when the hand that life deals you isn’t the one you wanted? In Peripheral Visions and Other Stories, the characters choose to play the best game they can with the cards they’ve received. For some, it’s making the most of the circumstances in which they find themselves, even if it’s not the life they planned. For others, it’s following an unconventional path—not the easiest course or the one that others would take, but the one that’s right for them. But they never lose hope that life will get better if they can just hold on.

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About the Author
Nancy Christie is the award-winning author of Peripheral Visions and Other Stories Rut-Busting Book for Authors, Rut-Busting Book for Writers, Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories and The Gifts Of Change. Her short stories and essays have appeared in numerous print and online publications. A member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, and the Florida Writers Association, Christie teaches writing workshops at conferences, libraries and schools. She is also the founder of the annual “Celebrate Short Fiction” Day.
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#BookBlitz “Suppose the Relevance of Daniel” by Bobby James

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Published: November 2019

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing

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Too much to be coincidental.

Were Daniel’s dreams and visions almost 3000 years ago talking about today?

Not many pages but crammed full of hair-raising comparisons to what the world looks like today.


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About the Author

Bobby James is a first-time author and devoted follower of God who lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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