#BlogTour “Tortured Eyes (A Cane Novel)” by Charlotte E Hart, Rachel De Lune

Tortured Eyes (A Cane Novel)

by Charlotte E Hart & Rachel De Lune

Genre: Dark Romance

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“A word of advice, be careful what you’re looking into.”
But I didn’t listen.
I went after the target that had become my obsession – Logan Cane. He was the weak link. My way to finally serve the justice my father laid on me to finish. Except, nothing about Logan was weak, and instead, he shattered me.
It was too late to stop or deny what was happening.
I was supposed to hate them all, him included.
But my grief burned into need.
And the need turned my world inside out.
“Don’t try running.”
That’s what I said to her. I meant it. There wasn’t any escape, no redemption either. You cross any Cane and you will feel the full force of what that means.
I hurt – she hurts. Simple.
Bryce McCarthy got herself neck-deep in my business and made the mistake of thinking she knew what she was doing. She didn’t, and because of her everything went all kinds of wrong.
Maybe she’ll survive my twisted wrath. Maybe she won’t.
Either way, we’ve both got a debt to pay.
And she’s paying hers first.

Guilt. Obsession. Dark. Erotic. Romance

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Meet The Authors

Charlotte E. Hart 

Charlotte is an Dark Erotic Suspense/Romance author living in the heart of the Shropshire countryside in Great Britain. She’s lived all over the UK, but finally settled in a small town that still reeks of old school England.
Writing and poetry have become a revolution for the soul, and she cherishes every second that she’s sitting at the laptop tapping her way into a new character.

“Life is a torrent of differences, different needs and wants, and it doesn’t always end that well. Yet we strive …”

Most of Charlotte’s work is bdsm based and intended for mature audiences only.

Rachel De Lune

Rachel De Lune writes emotionally driven contemporary and erotic romance.

She began scribbling her stories of dominance and submission in the pages of a notebook several years ago, and still can’t resist putting pen to real paper. What ifs are turned into heartfelt stories of love where there will always be a HEA.

Rachel lives in the South West of England and daydreams about shoes with red soles, lingerie and chocolate. If she’s not writing HEAs, she’s probably reading them. She is a wife and has a beautiful daughter.

For every woman who’s ever desired more.

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#BookBlitz “Gardenia Duty” by Katherine Varn

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Gardenia coverHistorical Fiction
Published: June 2019
Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
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In 1957 jobs are scarce in rural Ashland, Alabama. Bobby Higgins is facing life decisions; his family’s farm struggles and threat of the draft hangs over 18-year-old males as the Cold War rumbles in the distance. Bobby heads off to boot camp, vowing to provide for his family from his pay. Between shore and sea duty, Bobby leaves broken hearts in every port. When his own heart is stolen by Rose, he’s shocked to learn that she comes with four daughters, a package deal he’s unsure he wants. But when Rose disappears, Bobby finds her and persuades her to marry him. Somehow they navigate their way through the trials of marriage and parenting as he fulfills his patriotic career and his promise to raise four willful daughters. In the spring of 2004, his daughters are brought together by grief. They forge new bonds, sharing their joys, losses, regrets, and ultimately family secrets that will seal all their fates…if they can summon the courage to report for duty.

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Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: you find the present tense but the past perfect! —Owens Lee PomeroyNostalgia.
This is an emotional word that con-jures body language from a slow sweet smile, eye rolls or a furled brow that delights the der-matologist reaching for a Botox needle. I believe it is an underrated emotion but also one that requires balance.
Mental health professionals also validate the value of cop-ing in the present by looking at the past to find hope for a future outcome. It can remind us and regroup our sense of purpose. So, when I began to pursue the story of what became Gardenia Duty, I chose to marry the relation-ships of the adults of the Silent Generation with the Baby Boomer descendants. This would create the social setting of the prospering America during a relatively peaceful time. Each generation would look through the eyes of a child and the eyes of an adult. Fortunately, it is at the root of my own childhood that I knew where to draw my research. To weave the sto-ry’s perspective from the young adult sisters reliving the past through the eyes of a child allowed me to use stories of many people. To educate my own perspective about the angst of the adults that were influential in my childhood, I dove into the dominant male military world of 1950s and forward. As I progressed, it softened the edges of my own painful and happy nostalgic memories. As in the book, I started out dissecting my late step-father’s military records and mementos, which allowed me to ask relatively informed questions to the many Vets, including my own Tin-Can sailor father. Their uniforms were retired, but often a baseball cap with a military logo alerted me to their presence. The Goose Creek Tin-Can Sailor Chapter graciously endured my prodding. I would meet shipmates of my dad’s and even developed deep friendships with a few. I explored the decks of the USS Laffey at Patriots Point. The familiar smell of diesel mixed with grey paint sent my nostalgia into overdrive. I spent time in Jacksonville Beach, Florida to launch myself into the mind of a grade school girl navigating her way as a military dependent in the 1960s.
I treasure the many glory day chats that revived the boyish spirits over a beer at ship reunions or an American Legion hall. The vulnerable confessions of the trials and tribulations of raising families under the strain of the Cold War helped me flesh out the tender undercarriages of these masculine souls. At the announcement of “free wine for all the blondes at the bar” at a local Olive Garden, I met and became part of the Thursday lunch gang of Jack Connerty. He became so dear to the heart of my story, I promoted him to Chief in my book. His best friend, Richard Santa Stanley, amused me and welcomed me with that first free glass of wine. (Lynn Stanley, you’re a saint!) Thank you also to Jerry and Marla Wickerham, Dwight Cargile of American Legion Post 147; John Long, who shared the photos of the recovery of Gemini VIII from the deck of the USS Leonard F. Mason (see next page); and especially to my father, Ret. LCDR Eugene Hall; and late step-father, Command Master Chief Robert Hardegree. But, as pointed out in the story, behind all these men were wives and children. The ones who waited and kept the family together during a husband’s absence. There has to be a thank you to my mother, Jeanette Hardegree and my three sisters because without the experience of being a real ‘package deal,’ my story would lack a realistic flare. My mentor and writing coach, Shari Stauch, con-ceived the basic idea of this story and kept me motivated to never abandon ship. Her confidence in Gatekeeper Press has finally laid the keel of my cover and launched the pages of the journey of the Higgins family. Of course, my husband, Steve Varn, gave me much needed R&R and escape with my camera underwater when the words would freeze. I hope this book inspires readers to look into the amazing stories of their families and ancestors. I have a new appreciation of the messiness of life, but how some-thing as simple as birth order can be a key to untangling it. For me, the result has been profound, and I’ve dis-covered, as I hope you will, that the definition of family isn’t limited to blood but to those whose hearts are so big, they prepare us to become the watchstanders at the helms of our own lives. Thank you to generations of those who reported for duty, and to the families that served with them. I salute you…


About the Author
Kathleen Varn’s love affair with words manifested when she turned four and taught herself to read. As she grew older, books and reading were an escape from responsibility. Eventually, Kathleen dove into journaling, which helped her find solace in the grief of a toxic relationship. Kathleen is now very happily married to her soulmate. She resides in Charleston, South Carolina, where she worked for an adoption attorney for twenty-three years. Her first novel, Ameera Unveiled, released in 2013. Gardenia Duty is her second novel.
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#BookTour “When I Choose” by Kathryn Long

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coverContemporary Romance & Women’s Fiction
Date Published:  3/30/2020
Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press
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CAMELLIA HOLIDAY wants it all – love, family, and a career in fashion design. At twenty she snagged a dream job with one of the top designers in New York. However, scandal in the fashion world unravels her life when her boss is accused of stealing a famous fashion ingénue’s designs. Entangled in the sordid mess and with her fashion future in ruins, Camellia decides to return home to Serenity Island to start over and be with family. The downside? She must face her past, which include her ex-fiancé Noah and her longtime nemesis Trina who both seem determined to ruin any chance of reconstructing her life.
Old rivals, new love, and a needed do-over challenge Camellia to design a new, stronger self. It will take home, family and caring for a young boy to help her find the right path and make the right choices.

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 “Have you ever been in a serious relationship? I mean the kind that seems like your love will last forever?”

He closed his eyes for a few seconds and pressed his lips together.

She waited while he shifted in his seat, drew up one leg and under his chin. “Care to make this round a dare instead?” A crooked smile formed; the woozy, medicated effects of the whiskey and blackberry wine worked their way through her. She stared at the empty glass in her hand. So much for correcting bad habits.

“No. I’ll answer. Hard to pick out one of many lovely ladies in my past.” He winked.

“Ha. I said the forever-lasting kind. Not some one-night stand or week-long fling.” She scrunched her nose and stuck a finger in her mouth to gag.

“I know what you meant. Me trying for humor again, which always seems to be lost on you.” He clucked his tongue and pointed. “Anyway, as far as true love goes, I’ve not been blessed with such a relationship. Yet.”

“Hmm. Would’ve never guessed. Okay. Your turn.” She extended her glass for a refill. This game put her on dangerous ground, but the time to retract passed.

“I do have a question I want to ask.” He shifted to face her. “What are your feelings about me? Am I the forever kind?”

She downed the wine in less than a minute and squeezed her eyes. A dizzy sensation left her queasy. When she opened them, she was certain Weston sat inches closer. “I’ll take the dare.”

“Big mistake,” he whispered and leaned forward, close and then closer. “I dare you to kiss me.”

She opened her mouth but found no words. Not a one. His breath was sweet and warmed her face. So, now what? Freeze. Clam up. Maybe run. Or…she was spurred on by too much liquid courage. She stilled, her breath held, and she closed her eyes once more. Warmth from his lips touched hers as they kissed. Soft and gentle caresses overpowered her, like an aphrodisiac, better than the whiskey or blackberry wine.

His arms embraced her and his lips pressed harder as the kiss lingered.

She opened her mouth and moaned. He explored her face with his lips; each kiss sparked her emotions like tiny fireworks. She hitched her breath as he backed away. She wanted to protest, but the numbing effect of his touch left her unable to speak.

“You want to go on with the game?” he whispered the words into her ear.

“No. I’m good.” She murmured then leaned into the hollow of his arm. “I think I need to close my eyes for a bit. I feel awfully tired.”

“Yeah, me too.” Weston cradled her.

A tiny hint of guilt tickled her conscience, but Noah was the one who caused their relationship problems, right? In a way, he drove her to this moment. She snuggled deeper into Weston’s arms. Guilt could take a flying leap to someplace else.


About the Author
Kathryn Long is a retired teacher and novel-reading addict who loves weaving intricate details together into stories readers can’t help but enjoy. When writing and the creative muse take a break, this author loves to travel, especially to warm, sunny beaches, and to watch heart-wrenching movies with happy endings.
Kathryn lives in the City of Green located in northeast Ohio with her husband and little pooch Max. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and International Thriller Writers. Besides her contemporary romance WHEN I CHOOSE, Kathryn has several other published works, including romantic suspense A DEADLY DEED GROWS, and her more recent release, BURIED IN SIN, a murder mystery set in the rural Allegheny Forest of NW Pennsylvania.
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