#AudioTour “Chain Reaction (Nite Fire Book 2)” by C.L. Schneider

Audiobook Blog Tour: Nite Fire by C.L. Schneider

Author: C.L. Schneider

Narrator: Cassandra King

Length: 15 hours 25 minutes

Series: Nite Fire, Book 2

Publisher: C.L. Schneider

Released: Jan. 25, 2020

Genre: Urban Fantasy

If anyone can tell the difference between monsters and humans, it’s Dahlia Nite. For nearly a century, she’s hunted one to protect the other. Safeguarding humanity from the creatures that slip through the torn veil between the worlds. Creatures like her.

But the lines are blurring. As people begin mutating and combusting on the streets, Dahlia realizes a strange affliction has descended upon Sentinel City. The mysterious ailment strikes all walks of life, from the posh high-end nightclub district to the homeless community. Its victims, driven to random acts of savagery, are drawing attention too fast to cover up.

Assigned to the case, Dahlia and her human partner Detective Alex Creed investigate the deaths. But all they have are questions, bodies, and a public on the verge of panic. Working behind the scenes with her self-appointed sidekick Casey Evans, Dahlia struggles to discover what, or who, is behind the alarming transformations.

As the violence spreads and the mystery unfolds, she wonders: Are the victims still human? Were they ever?

Chain Reaction is the second book in the Nite Fire series.

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C.L. Schneider is an award-winning author of immersive fantasy fiction, including The Crown of Stones Trilogy and the Nite Fire Series. Born in a small Kansas town on the Missouri river, she penned her first novel at age sixteen on a typewriter in her parent’s living room. She currently resides in New York’s scenic Hudson Valley with her husband and two sons.

To learn more about C.L. Schneider, and the worlds she creates, visit clschneiderauthor.com where you can read reviews and excerpts, subscribe to her newsletter, and join her Street Team. An active part of the indie author online community, you can often find her on social media, chatting about the daily ups and downs of a writer’s life.


Narrator Bio

Cassandra is a professional actor from New York. She works with a private acting trainer and has been making her way into the voice over world. Becoming an audiobook narrator was a great way to combine her desire to act and her passion for literature. She is currently working on book 2 of the Nite Fire series entitled ‘Chain Reaction’ as well as a Warhammer 30k fan film called ‘Death of Hope’. In addition to reading and acting, Cassandra also enjoys anime, sports, cooking, and traveling.




Q&A with Author C.L. Schneider
  • What can you tell us about Nite Fire?
    • The Nite Fire books are written in first person, from the perspective of Dahlia Nite: a shapeshifting-creature hunter from a parallel world ruled by dragons. The series is based on the premise that all the creatures of our myths and legends actually exist, but on parallel worlds. Rips form between the worlds, the creatures slip through, and from those sightings our legends are born. Sometimes their visits are innocent blunders. Most “monsters” can’t sense the torn veil until they’re upon it. Many times, though, the incursions are planned—and deadly.
    • When the first tear opened on Dahlia’s home world of Drimera, the dragons that reside there took it upon themselves to monitor and restrict the “exits” to other worlds. Twisting and hiding the truth, fabricating lies and hoarding secrets like gold; many worlds have been impacted by Drimera’s choices. Their eons of shadowy maneuverings have turned reality into fantasy and truth into legend.
    • But, now, the monsters are getting bolder. The shadows are shifting out of place a little more every year, moving humanity closer and closer to an awakening. And somewhere out there, a mysterious global threat is growing…
  • What do you think readers would find compelling about your character?
    • I think what makes Dahlia stand out are her flaws. The perfect heroine can get boring fast. They always do the right thing, overcoming every obstacle without consequence. But that’s not real life. Real people are flawed. They make mistakes, have bad habits, and say the wrong thing. I want my readers to feel as if my characters are real. Even if they’re reading about someone who isn’t human, they still need to be able to relate to their fears, hopes, and mistakes. I think being able to identify with a “real” character drags people deeper into the story and keeps them invested on the character’s storyline.
  • What was your inspiration for writing Nite Fire?
    • I’m a bit of a fangirl. I love fantasy and sci-fi TV shows like Supernatural, X-Files, Jessica Jones, etc. The list of my favorite shows is far too long to mention here! I wanted to write something that was inspired by my love for those shows, with a “monster-of-the-week” quality to each book and an underlying mystery that develops throughout. I wanted to switch gears from the male character in my previous epic trilogy, to a strong female character that is equipped to take the (supernatural) world by storm—after her morning coffee, of course!
  • Was a possible audiobook recording something you were conscious of while writing?
    • No. I hadn’t dived into the realm of audio yet. Once I did, and the process was started with book 1, it was in the back of my mind as I wrote book 2. Even more so with book 3. I thought of how certain scenes would sound as I crafted them. Something I hadn’t expected, is that I can hear my narrator’s voice when I’m writing Dahlia, as well as several of the other characters. I love that!
  • How did you select your narrator?
    • I met Cassie at a local comic con. She stopped at my table to check out my books, and we started chatting. She was cosplaying as one of my favorite characters (Rose Tyler from Dr. Who), and it didn’t take long before our conversation evolved. She told me about her audiobook narration, and I was instantly intrigued. I took Cassie’s card and contacted her a few months later. We had already hit it off. But once I listened to her audition, I knew she was the one to bring Dahlia to life.
  • How closely did you work with your narrator before and during the recording process? Did you give them any pronunciation tips or special insight into the characters?
    • Cassie and I have worked very closely throughout the entire process. Before she started recording, I typed up character profiles and sent her info on potential voices. After she read Flash Point, we met for coffee and discussed the book at length. We keep in regular contact as she records the series. She’s a delight to work with and passionate about the story, which really shines through in her narration. She even dressed up as Dahlia Nite for Halloween last year!
  • How do you manage to avoid burn out? What do you do to maintain enthusiasm for writing?
    • I don’t really struggle with burnout. I almost always feel an urgency to write. What I struggle with is juggling everything else that comes with being a published author, plus family, friends, taking care of the house—so I can write—while attempting not to ignore anything or anyone. That’s where the burnout comes in: trying to fit it all in, with the urge to write constantly tapping on my brain. Every year I tell myself I’m going to work out a better schedule. Instead, I do what I always do: rely on multiple to-do lists, an understanding family, and lots of coffee.
  • Do you think certain types of writing can translate better into an audiobook?
    • I think unique characters that really stand out, and can be easily differentiated, are important. As is crisp dialogue that’s written in a way that is true to each character. The settings should be visually descriptive to put the listeners in the moment. Less-wordy styles of writing would keep those with split attentions (driving, etc.,) from wandering during the meandering sentences.
  • Is there a message that you to try convey with your writing, something you want your listeners and readers to take away?
    • Not really. There are themes in my writing, but they aren’t put there with some grand purpose. They are simply part of the story I’m telling. All I really want my readers to take away is a good time. My goal is to make them feel; the good and the bad. I want to take them on an adventure that leaves them smiling, laughing, crying, and ready to throw the book across the room. I can’t think of anything better than to keep someone glued to the pages—then leave them with a massive book-hangover!
  • What’s next for you?
    • The audio version of book 3, Smoke & Mirrors, will be releasing in the fall of 2020. I’m currently working on the draft of the 4th book in the Nite Fire Series: Slash & Burn. There will be a 5th book in 2021, Exit Strategy, to finish out the series. I have a novella coming out in late spring this year, as well, entitled: The Wandering Isles, which is a follow up to my other epic fantasy trilogy, The Crown of Stones.




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#BookTour “Once In a Black Moon” by D. Lieber

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coverParanormal/Fantasy Time-Travel Romance
Date Published: March 3, 2020
Publisher: Ink & Magick
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Chicago journalist Erin Nichols isn’t about to give up when she’s fired for writing an exposé. But when a combination of murder, magic, and celestial events transports her through time and space to 1900 western Canada, city hall corruption becomes the least of her worries.
But the past isn’t any safer. Awaking to learn she may be the victim of some unknown crime, Erin takes shelter with the local Mountie—the picture of upright Canadian fortitude. As tragedy stalks the nearby First Nation reserve, Erin learns from a Romanian mystic that magic is dying, and the fae are turning to their darker natures to survive.
While the reserved and sexy Mountie helps her navigate a time in which she doesn’t belong, the mysterious and seductive conjurer helps her try to find a way home. As they alight feelings and desires Erin never knew she was capable of, she begins to wonder where she truly belongs.



The ceiling was rustic wood and four empty coat hooks hung just above the headboard of the bed I was lying on.

Seeing light from the corner of my eye, I turned my head toward it. The small room had another bed near the window, an iron stove in one corner, and a small table with two chairs in the other. The walls were made of the same rustic wood as the ceiling. Outside, the repetitive sound stopped. A few moments later, the door opened to reveal a man carrying an armful of wood.

His scarlet coat and Stetson hat announced his profession.

“What the shit? A Mountie?” I gaped, jolting upright. My joints ached, and my skin smarted as though I was covered in bruises.

“I see you’re awake. How are you feeling?” the Mountie asked.

“Who are you? Where am I? How did I get here?” My panicked voice sounded unfamiliar in my ears.

He walked over to the corner and stacked the wood near the stove. “You must have hit your head pretty hard there. I’m Constable Delaforet. You’re in Farrloch. As for how you got here, I found you in the forest near the barracks, half-clothed, unconscious, and chilled to the bone. I carried you in here.”

Farrloch? Alberta?

I eyed the Mountie, squinting suspiciously, as he removed his hat and placed it on the table.

His steady voice sounded as though he was trying to calm a frightened animal, and his light blue eyes were soft with pity. His brown hair was tousled from his hat, and his face was shadowed by what looked like two-day stubble. He seemed to be in his mid-twenties, around my age.

I took in his strong, broad shoulders and solid frame, and I knew I wouldn’t make it past him if he tried to stop me.

I was unconscious in a forest in Canada after I got hit by a train in Chicago? I looked under the blanket at what I was wearing. He said I was half-naked.

I wore what seemed to me to be pajamas: white cotton capris with lace cuffs and a short-sleeved chemise. What the…? Okay, this obviously isn’t real. I must be in a coma somewhere.

I nodded to myself before swinging my bare feet out of bed.

“You should rest, Miss,” Constable Delaforet advised as I got to my feet. When the blanket fell away to reveal my pajamas, he cleared his throat and averted his eyes.

“I’m fine,” I assured him. I mean, what can happen in a coma dream anyway? I marveled at how vivid everything was. It didn’t feel at all like a dream. Then again, I’d never been in a coma before, so maybe it was normal.

I took a few steps toward the Mountie, amazed at the feeling of the cold floorboards under my feet. Delaforet instinctively reached out to steady me when I wobbled a little. His large hands were warm on my shoulders.

“Miss, I really must insist you rest until you’re well. At the very least, you can’t go out in your undergarments.”

Undergarments? What kind of coma dream is this? “Tell me, Dudley, what year is it in this coma-created world?”

His eyebrows pulled together in concern. “Miss, this is very much the real world. We just celebrated the turn of a new century. It is 1900. Please, it’s clear you’re disoriented.”

I allowed him to lead me back to bed. 1900, huh? My subconscious is amazing. Everything is so detailed.

I stared at Delaforet’s profile as he tucked my legs under the blankets. Have I seen him somewhere before? I’ve heard that your brain never dreams faces it hasn’t seen. Where would I have seen such a hot guy? I feel like I’d remember that. A movie? Well, since this is a dream, I can do whatever I want. Right?


About the Author

D. writes stories she wants to read. Her love of the worlds of fiction led her to earn a Bachelor’s in English from Wright State University.

When she isn’t reading or writing, she’s probably hiking, crafting, watching anime, Korean television, Bollywood, or old movies. She may also be getting her geek on while planning her next steampunk cosplay with friends.
She lives in Wisconsin with her husband (John) and cats (Yin and Nox).
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#ReleaseBlitz “GenderQueer: A Story from a Different Closet” by Allan D. Hunter

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coverNon-Fiction / Memoir / LGBTQ Coming-of-Age / Coming-out Story
Release Date: 3/16/2020
Publisher: Sunstone Press
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Derek is a girl. He wasn’t one of the boys as a kid. He admired, befriended, and socialized with the girls and always knew he was one of them, despite being male. That wasn’t always accepted or understood, but he didn’t care–he knew who he was. Now he’s a teenager and boys and girls are flirting and dating and his identity has become a lot more complicated: he’s attracted to the girls. The other girls. The female ones. This is Derek’s story, the story of a different kind of male hero–a genderqueer person’s tale. It follows Derek from his debut as an eighth grader in Los Alamos, New Mexico until his unorthodox coming out at the age of twenty-one on the University of New Mexico campus in Albuquerque. This century’s first decade saw many LGBT centers and services rebranding themselves as LGBTQ. The ”Q” in LGBTQ is a new addition. It represents other forms of ”queer” in an inclusive wave-of-the hand toward folks claiming to vary from conventional gender and orientation, such as genderqueer people. People who are affirmatively tolerant on gay, lesbian and transgender issues still ask ”Why do we need to add another letter to the acronym? Isn’t anyone who isn’t mainstream already covered by ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ or ‘bisexual’ or ‘trans’? I’m all in favor of people having the right to call themselves whatever they want, but seriously, do we need this term?” Derek’s tale testifies to the real-life relevance of that ”Q.” This is a genderqueer story before genderqueer was trending.

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I was in the house by myself and heard the doorbell chime. Denise Spears. “Umm, Jan isn’t here at the moment, but do you want to hang out for a while?” I asked, hoping she’d say yes.

“That’s okay because I actually came over to see you,” she explained, smiling at me. She came in and I closed the door, which latched with a resonant chunk in the quiet room. I was feeling pretty tongue-tied; I couldn’t think of anything clever to say. Denise looked a little nervous herself.

“I’m glad you came over. I like it when you’re here.” We hugged. After a couple moments I realized I should be acting like a host. Or at least not just staring happily at her and not saying anything. “Do you want anything, like to drink?”

“Not unless you want,” she replied.

Denise was smiling shyly, eyes down. She was wearing snug jeans shorts, with the legs rolled up to make cute little leg bands. I thought about how nice it would be to get my fingers inside that denim. This was maybe my big chance, if that’s what she had in mind. I wondered if she’d known that we’d have the place to ourselves when she’d decided to come over.

Maybe she did.

“I’ve been thinking about you and that hay ride,” she said, then blushed, “and, umm, you know.”

“I think about you too. And yeah…”

It wasn’t like how it was with Terri, who was always sort of challenging me to do stuff. I totally trusted Denise and I knew there was no risk that she was trying to set me up for embarrassment or humiliation. But somehow it felt serious and not like playing around the way it had been on the hayride or in Jan’s bedroom. “It was funny when Jan caught us on the floor that day,” I said, just to have something to say.

Denise chuckled. “I know, right? Like she couldn’t decide who to be mad at.”

I gestured to the living room couch, and we sat there, our backs to the big window.

Denise seemed fragile and somehow younger today and I was a lot more conscious of the age difference. It felt wrong somehow to try to start making out. As if she wanted me to like her and would therefore let me do things whether she wanted to or not. It hadn’t felt that way before, and maybe she was actually impatient for things to happen. But how it seemed was like we were both uncertain about what to do.

We kissed and held hands and talked on the couch for a half hour, then she said she’d better be heading home.


About the Author
Allan Hunter grew up partly in Valdosta GA and partly in Los Alamos NM and first attempted to come out as genderqueer in 1980, an endeavor made difficult by the fact that there was no such term for it in 1980.  He has used many words and phrases over the intervening years, including “sissy” and “coed feminist” and “straightbackwards”, but currently identifies as a “gender invert” which is a subtype of genderqueer, and colloquially refers to himself as a “male girl”.
He has lived in the greater New York City / Long Island region since 1984.  He came to the area in order to major in women’s studies and to discuss gender and related topics, and is the author of Same Door, Different Closet:  A Heterosexual Sissy’s Coming-Out Party  (published in the academic journal FEMINISM and PSYCHOLOGY in 1992).
Same Door, Different Closet was reprinted twice in subsequent anthologies (Fem & Psych’s own special reader HETEROSEXUALITY in 1993, and Heasley & Crane’s SEXUAL LIVES: A READER ON THE THEORIES AND REALITIES OF HUMAN SEXUALITIES, McGraw-Hill 2002).  A second theory paper, The Feminist Perspective in (and/or On) the Field of Sociology was made available for credited distribution and was included in a compendium,  READINGS IN FEMINIST THEORY, Ed. S. M. Channa, Cosmo Publications.
GenderQueer is his first serious attempt to write for the market outside of the academic journal environment.
He is active in local and regional organizations where he speaks to small groups about gender issues. He has addressed college women’s studies groups, alternative-lifestyle social groups, and given talks at LGBT centers.
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