Our Disaster is NOT Your Platform! – a response to an influencer #nashvillestrong

I’ve seen a story somewhere online attributed to Mr. Rogers about how upsetting viewing accidents and disasters was for him as a child, and his mother told him to ‘look for the helpers. There’s always someone helping.’ Keri’s post speaks of people helping… themselves in the midst of the tragedy of an entire town. But she is also one of the helpers with information how we can all help East Nashville. Please stop by her blog today!

Keri L.

Two days ago, East Nashville and the surrounding area was hit by a devastating storm that produced life taking tornados. In a matter of minutes for one town, more than 20 were killed, with dozens missing, and many more injured.

The destruction is endless. The pain, sorrow, and loss will echo for years to come.

There is a shortage of food, water, and blood. The state of Tennessee has declared a level 3 state of emergency. Over 50,000 people are still without power and volunteers and workers are running ragged.

This is the reality in the aftermath of the tornadoes that ripped through central Tennessee Monday night and Tuesday morning. This is what we are facing.

It is not cute. It is not pretty. It’s not trendy, nor is it dramatic. It’s tragic. It’s heartbreaking. It’s real. And while the news sites will forget about us in a few days…

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