Song Lyric Sunday | “You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up)” – Josh Groban

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Song Lyric Sunday was created by Helen Vahdati from This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time and author Jim Adams from A Unique Title For Me is our current guest host. For complete rules or to join in the fun, click here.

This week’s theme is  Listen/Hear/Talk/Speak.


As one of our five senses, hearing is something most of us are born with–not something we must learn. Those born without the ability to hear, or who lose their hearing through accident or illness, must learn to interact with the world in other ways to hear and be heard. They put in time, expense… and effort.

And that’s perhaps where the hearing impaired have the edge.

Most of us, time and again, take hearing for granted. We all have something to say, but all too often, we don’t hear what is being said. We can also be guilty of hearing what we want to hear and totally miss the meaning of what is being said, especially if we already have our minds made up on certain subjects.

I watched both my late mother and mother-in-law suffer extensive hearing loss. My mother-in-law spent thousands of dollars on hearing aids because she didn’t want to miss what was being said. My mom developed a talent for reading lips and insisted you look directly at her when speaking. Even if you weren’t speaking to her… she wanted to get the entire conversation! 😀 😀

If those of us who aren’t hearing-impaired put in half the effort to hear as those who are, perhaps we could avoid disagreements and misunderstandings. If we listened in earnest without trying to complete what is being said with our own words, we’d not only better understand what is being said, but the person speaking.

I chose You are Loved (Don’t Give Up) by Josh Groban for SLS for its simple message of universal understanding. Everyone wants to be heard… everyone wants to be understood. We don’t have to agree with everything we hear, but don’t we need to listen in honesty to understand what is being said?

To quote a line from another song–The Living Years by Mike and the Mechanics–You can listen as well as you hear.


  • You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up) peaked at #9 on the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks chart.
  • You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up) is the second track and the first single from Josh Groban’s third album, Awake, released on November 7, 2006. The album features producers Imogen Heap, Marius De Vries, Guy Sigsworth, Eric Mouquet, Glen Ballard, and David Foster (who also worked on previous Groban works).
  • Awake was certified 2x platinum in the US by the RIAA on January 31, 2008, and has sold 2.3 million albums as of October 2015. It is the third top selling classical album of the 2000s in the US.


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You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up)

Compiled from Genius Lyrics, Google, Wikipedia,, Lyric Find, and YouTube.

24 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday | “You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up)” – Josh Groban

  1. My oldest has degenerative hearing loss in his right ear, on the same side he was born with a cataract and lazy eyelid. As I’m getting older, I’m noticing that I’m not hearing as well I used to and know much is to blame on too many years of loud music. I think we take for granted that we can hear and expect that never to change until we’re senior citizens, but it can start going at any time. Great post. Liked the piano a lot in the first video. 2nd video was good to hear again after so long!

    ❤ Happy Birthday, again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think we take all of our senses for granted and don’t understand the joy of people who get to experience them for the first time. A combination sinus/ear infection years back left me with nerve damage and lessened my ability to taste and smell. That’s probably why I love to cook and experiment with different seasonings and flavor enhancers.

      I don’t have a hearing problem (yet) but now try to make sure that I’m “listening” too! 🙂

      Many thanks for the birthday wishes, AC! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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