#CoverReveal “Lovebomb” by Sienna Grant




by Sienna Grant

Genre: Dark Romance

Out March 2020!

ADD TO YOUR TBR: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/50284458-lovebomb


cover reveal


When I first met Jack Miller, he didn’t wow me with his intellect or even set that fluttering off in my tummy that you hear about, but he was handsome.

He made me feel like I was someone; somebody important. He showered me with affection, and made me feel good about myself.

He always listened to my problems and tried his hardest to soothe my worries. He treated me well and that’s all a girl really needs…

Isn’t it?

Being thirteen years my senior never bothered me or him.

Or so I thought.

But what happens when it all stops?

When everything you thought was real turns out to be nothing but a lie.

There’s another life outside of the little bubble I’ve been living in.

Although it was what I thought I wanted… exploring it, could cost me dearly.

I’m Maya Wilson, and this is my story.


full cover

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