#PreOrder “Never Forgotten (A Cold Case Crew Mystery Book 1)” by Bea Kendall

Mystery & Suspense!



One man’s fight for the truth never ends – even after his death.

When his fiancée is murdered, barrister Tom Finnegan vows to bring the killer to justice.

Constantly demanding updates from the police, he keeps the case visible for years to come. Hopes are raised, then dashed when leads don’t pan out. Eventually the case is assigned to the archives.

He won’t give in. As his first and only love, she can never be forgotten.

Retrained in criminology, and working as a professor, he teaches his students to profile perpetrators of the most heinous crimes. But there is only ever one case on his mind.

At last, some thirty years later, advancements in soil forensics provide the evidence he’s been waiting for.

By now, though, Tom’s health is failing and cancer claims him before he can solve the case.

Ever mindful of his own fragility, Tom bequeaths the challenge to three of his star pupils.

Can Amy, Ross and Liam pick up the mantle?

Time is running out. It may already be too late.

Does justice ever have a deadline?


Coming April 25th!

PreOrder for just 99c/99p!


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