#AudioTour “Mine to Five” by Tara September

Audiobook Blog Tour: Mine to Five by Tara September

Author: Tara September

Narrator: Verla Bond

Length: 4 hours and 15 minutes

Publisher: Plus it Up

Released: Dec. 11, 2019

Genre: Contemporary Romance


2018 Contemporary Romance Writers’ Stiletto Finalist

2018 Tampa Area Romance Writers’ TARA Finalist

2018 Maine Romance Writers’ Strut Your Stuff Finalist – Second Place Contemporary Winner

2017 Cleveland Rocks Romance Contest – Second Place Winner

’Tis the season for an office romance!

Working beyond nine to five and barely getting by, Melanie Thomas is eager to celebrate the impending holiday season and to toast the start of her dream marketing job over drinks with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, he has different plans – like seeing other women.

Indulging in a pity party with tequila, Melanie confides in a sexy stranger at the bar. It’s almost Christmas. One night of letting go won’t hurt anything, right? Turns out, it just might, when the stranger is her new boss. Determined to succeed at her job, Melanie won’t be scared away. This is her chance, even if her hot boss has her feeling all merry and bright and wishing for a less-than-professional relationship.

Matthew Ryans is burned out and on thin ice at the company he helped build, unless he gets his head back in the game. Yet, his head, both upper and lower, are quickly becoming obsessed with his new assistant. Still, he can’t seem to fully begrudge Melanie’s distracting presence and the Christmas joy she brings with it. Especially considering that her enthusiasm has him reenergized.

For once, he is longing for Mondays, but with his heart and job on the line, he can’t risk blurring the lines no matter how strong the lure of holiday mistletoe is.

Will their holiday passion be able to fuel mutual career success, or will it only get in their way in the New Year?

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Tara September is an award-winning… and losing contemporary romance writer living in Southwest Florida.

Tara is proud to be the world’s most okayest mom to clones (identical twin boys). When not writing out her daydreams, she blogs over at When Tara Met Blog @tarametblog, a lifestyle and parenting blog of 14 years.

Holding a master’s degree in journalism from NYU, she previously was the Corporate Communications Manager at WWE and PR Manager for The Walt Disney Company, Consumer Products.


Narrator Bio

Verla Bond is an American actor, improvisor, and storyteller, who makes her home in Los Angeles, California. She enjoys performing on the stage and screen, but especially loves recording audiobooks, where she gets the privilege of playing all kinds of diverse characters, such as British vampires, Irish leprechauns, and Southern gentlemen.



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#BookTour “Counting on Trust” by M. Ferguson Powers


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coverMystery  / Suspense
Publication date:
Print and ebook,
May 2017.
Audiobook, November 2019
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In this suspense-charged, touching novel, Counting on Trust, information is stolen from a U.S. genetic engineering company (Omniprotein) by an employee promised payment by a Chinese general who wants to profit from selling the company’s technologies in the military region of China he commands.
To force quick payment the thief attacks fellow employees and threatens to continue until his money arrives. Will his next targets be: young lovers, computer geek Gabriel and gorgeous biologist Selena, who are discovering loving sex while trying to overcome post-traumatic effects of Selena’s girlhood rape.
Company president, Eleanor, who’s determined to keep some privacy and intimacy although her job’s high profile and her husband, Charley, has just had prostate cancer surgery.
Venture capitalist, John, who plans to duplicate Omniprotein’s facility in China and reunite with his ex-wife, fashion designer Ziyi, who returned to Shanghai after their only child died.
The personal stories of these couples explore how privacy, intimacy and trust are changing in our social-media age. They paint a compelling portrait of our time.

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Mary Furgeson PowersAbout the Author
Themes of novels by M. Ferguson Powers reflect the author’s varied interests, including preservation of the natural world and its creatures;
Challenges of building and maintaining loving relationships in a culture with decreasing respect for personal boundaries and privacy
Influences of globalization on world events and how the U. S. and other nations relate to one another
Public policy issues such as controlling the military-industrial-political complex and requiring the health care industry to be more respectful of its clients
The need for cooperation across governments, cultures, and societies to address global challenges such as climate change
Developments in business and university administration and management
Powers has taught microbiology, headed a university office of research, served as executive director of two university-business partnership programs, and co-authored two books on university administration. She has a bachelor of science degree in bacteriology from The Pennsylvania State University, a master’s in experimental psychology from George Mason University, and a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul.
She lives on an island near Seattle with her husband David R. Powers and their two shelties. Her first novel, Each Unique and Fascinating, about a bullied young girl whose father has gone to war, was published in 2012.  OrcaSpeak, a novel of relationships and suspense, was published in 2013, and its prequel, Counting on Trust, was published in 2017.
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#BookBlitz “Sweet Briar Sweethearts Series” by Kathy Douglass

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Lawman's HeartHow to Steal the Lawman’s HEART

Forgiveness starts with a stolen kiss…

Chief of police Trent Knight had it all until an accident took his wife and he was left alone to raise two beautiful girls. Now the person he always blamed for his loss is back in town, and all bets are off. But soon his anger toward Carmen Shields gives way to a very different emotion — awareness of Carmen as a woman. On one hand, it feels like a betrayal of his late wife’s memory. On the other, it could be his second chance at life — and Carmen’s shot at redemption. Maybe she can go home again — with the help of a certain lawman.





Today’s Special: The Undercover Heiress!

On the run after a bad breakup, wealthy city girl Arden Wexford ends up stranded in small town  Sweet Briar. When hunky chef Brandon Danielson comes to her rescue, offering shelter and a waitressing job until her car is fixed, she reluctantly accepts. But, wanting Brandon to like her for her, not for her money, she doesn’t mention her rich roots. The closer they get, the harder it is to untell the lie.

Brandon came here to start over. Things were’t as they seemed with his ex-fiancee, and he got burned! But is it out of the frying pan, into the fire for Brandon as things heat up with a very special waitress?





From sworn enemies to soul mates? 

Wall Street hotshot Camille Parker is the last person rancher Jericho Jones expects to find on his doorstep. Ever since his late wife’s best friend interfered in his marriage, she’s persona non grata in Jericho’s book. But the situation is literally life-and-death for this damsel in distress, and he opens his home to her. The problem is, he opens his heart, too.

Camille has no choice but to seek help from her worst enemy. And as she lets her guard down in close quarters, unexpected feelings surge for him. But what will happen if Camille’s life goes back to normal and the city girl no longer needs to shelter in the reticent rancher’s arms?





When the man who left her at the altar moves in next door…

This could not be happening. Charlotte Shields had left both that heartbreaking day and this heartbreaking man behind. But here he is. Even worse, their mutual attraction is back to betray her. Especially as Dr. Rick Tyler works hard to make amends. He’s got to make this move to Sweet Briar work to give his son a second chance. Will he get a second chance with Charlotte in the bargain?





“That’s all you have to say? You’re back now?”

Ten years ago, the love of Raven Reynolds’s life disappeared without a trace. Now Donovan Cordero is back, standing on her doorstep. Along the way, Raven had the rancher’s child—though he didn’t know she was pregnant! Now her prayers have been answered, but happily-ever-after feels further away than ever. Because how can she rebuild a life with her child’s father if she’s engaged to another man?





They pretended to be lovers.

But there’s nothing make-believe about the baby on the way.

When Joni Danielson recruits her best friend, Sweet Briar mayor Lex Devlin, to be her fake boyfriend for a wedding, it’s a no-brainer. But their staged kisses lead to real passion—and heartbreak when Lex pulls away. Now Joni’s in a bigger bind: she’s pregnant. Can she and Lex once again fake it till they make it—to a real relationship?



ABOUT Kathy DouglassKathy Douglass

Kathy is a born reader who as a child always had her nose in a book. That love of reading grew with her. She often would finish one book and immediately pick up another. She went from reading Bobbsey Twins to long, lush romance novels. One day she stumbled upon the Shining by Stephen King and was hooked. She turned her back on romance and became a serious Stephen King fan, reading every word he wrote. When she caught herself checking under the bed and looking in the closet for monsters or worse, she knew it was time to put down the horror stories and pick up the romance novels.

Her return to romance novels was short lived. She’d started law school and soon her reading was limited to legal opinions. Then one happy day her younger sister handed her a Harlequin romance. They were just what the doctor ordered. The books were short enough to read in a week and still get her required reading done. Best of all she knew there would be a happy ending and she wouldn’t have to search her room before she went to bed each night.

When her first child was born, she stopped practicing law to become a stay at home mom. Her second child followed nineteen months later. With two little ones in the house, reading suddenly became limited to Dr. Seuss and other children’s books. Any free time was spent trying to catch up on sleep or laundry.

All too soon her kids were attending pre-school two hours a day. She spent those few precious renewing her relationship with romance novels. After a while she felt the urge to write a book of her own and she began writing the stories she wanted to read. She spent many years writing some really terrible books and learning her craft. In 2016, Kathy sold to Harlequin. Her first book, How to Steal the Lawman’s Heart, was released in February, 2017. Several others soon followed with more to come.

#PreOrder “Never Forgotten (A Cold Case Crew Mystery Book 1)” by Bea Kendall

Mystery & Suspense!



One man’s fight for the truth never ends – even after his death.

When his fiancée is murdered, barrister Tom Finnegan vows to bring the killer to justice.

Constantly demanding updates from the police, he keeps the case visible for years to come. Hopes are raised, then dashed when leads don’t pan out. Eventually the case is assigned to the archives.

He won’t give in. As his first and only love, she can never be forgotten.

Retrained in criminology, and working as a professor, he teaches his students to profile perpetrators of the most heinous crimes. But there is only ever one case on his mind.

At last, some thirty years later, advancements in soil forensics provide the evidence he’s been waiting for.

By now, though, Tom’s health is failing and cancer claims him before he can solve the case.

Ever mindful of his own fragility, Tom bequeaths the challenge to three of his star pupils.

Can Amy, Ross and Liam pick up the mantle?

Time is running out. It may already be too late.

Does justice ever have a deadline?


Coming April 25th!

PreOrder for just 99c/99p!


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#ReleaseBlitz “Men of Valor: A Charity Anthology”

Men of Valor


Cover by Raven Designs

Buy Links:
amazon: mybook.to/mov
All proceeds of this anthology will be donated to the CFA (Country Fire Association). As fire wages war with Australia, we would like to do our part in helping. Fall in love with the firemen in each story, while giving back a small part by purchasing a copy today!
Charity Anthology
In the depth of the bright orange glow, come the Men of Valor.
These are the heroes who risk their lives to save ours.
They’re the men who walk into the inferno.
Who step between the heat of danger, and give themselves in order to save lives.
They’re fearless, they’re heroic, and it’s time to honor them.

#BookTour “Heart to Beat” by Brian Lima, M.D.

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coverNon Fiction / Personal Growth/Career
Date Published:   February 18, 2020
Publisher:  Clovercloft Publishing
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College, medical school, and then ten years of grueling surgical training, that’s what it took for Brian Lima to become a leading heart transplant surgeon – literally able to breathe new life into critical ill patients.  Not only has Lima never shied away from a challenge, he has spent his life actively seeking them in pursuit of seemingly near-impossible goals.  In his insightful new book, HEART TO BEAT:  A Cardiac Surgeon’s Inspiring Story of Success and Overcoming Adversity—The Heart Way (Clovercroft Publishing/February 18, 2020), Dr. Lima shares his story, giving everyone – not just aspiring physicians – the tools and encouragement needed to be their best selves.

“We all have free will, and we all have a choice,” he writes.  “You can choose to live aimlessly, halfheartedly going with the flow and suppressing that inner voice, the one beckoning you to unleash your full potential and to grab the world by storm.  Or you can achieve success by committing to hard work and unceasing effort.”

In HEART TO BEAT, Dr. Lima candidly shares, often with a wry sense of humor, how this approach enabled him to reach the pinnacle of success in all of his undertakings – whether it was building the strength and skill to become a varsity football player, becoming valedictorian of his high school class, earning a scholarship to Cornell University, or winning coveted residency opportunities as he trained to become a heart surgeon.

“You don’t have to be the smartest or most talented person in the room to get ahead, just the one who wants it the most,” he writes.  Indeed, Dr. Lima credits his own achievements purely to his intense effort.  In his eminently readable, down-to-earth book, he breaks down the keys to advancing beyond your comfort zone and perceived limitations to unleash your full potential.  Dr. Lima’s powerful lessons include:

Heart Over Matter – “You, and you alone, are responsible for how much or how little you achieve in this life,” he writes.  Only when you realize that you are master of your own destiny, and refuse to allow insecurities, past experiences, and fears to limit your potential, will you realize your dreams.

Heart Of War – Complacency is your biggest adversary.  You must never cease working and bettering yourself – if you do, you will surely slide off the top of your game.  “The minute you rest on your laurels and kick your feet up, you’ve settled for defeat,” says Dr. Lima.

Kickstart My Heart – Dr. Lima explains that the “propulsive power of ambition” has been one of the most impactful forces of his life.  “Your eagerness to move ahead contributes more to your success than natural talent or being born with a silver spoon.”  Ambition is what enables people to overcome the primary hurdle to success:  self-doubt.

Till Death With My Heart – If something is truly your calling – meaningful, bigger than you, and well-intended – it is likely not going to be easy to achieve, says Dr. Lima.  For him, the rule must be “it’s all in or no win.”  Being “well-rounded” is incompatible with true excellence, he contends.

Not For the Faint of Heart – Fear of failure can disrupt the pursuit of any goal, and overcoming this fear is a monumental task that requires you to meet it head-on again and again, until you’re desensitized to its paralyzing influence.  Dr. Lima urges readers to see every moment as just that – a moment – whether they’re going for a buzzer beater in basketball or performing heart surgery.  This is what gives people the courage to take their shot at every opportunity.

The Heart Sell on Entrepreneurship – “One way or another, you have to get the word out about how great your ‘brand’ is – in other words, how great you are,” says Dr. Lima, contending that the sales mantra “always be closing” is critical to success.  He points to such key fundamentals as avoiding pigeonholes and being open to opportunities; never second-guessing yourself; continuing to invest in yourself; and using your time wisely.

In addition to the author’s compelling personal story, HEART TO BEAT also includes a fascinating look at the current technologies and medical care available to treat heart disease, along with the basics about living a heart-healthy life – straight from the mouth of one of the country’s leading heart transplant surgeons.

“There are those who choose to chase victory and to live life on their own terms, and there are those who don’t,” declares Dr. Lima.  HEART TO BEAT will help you choose the path to victory, giving you the motivation you need to achieve your dreams, whatever they may be.




An Excerpt from HEART TO BEAT:  A cardiac surgeon’s inspiring story of success and overcoming adversity—The Heart Way by Brian Lima, M.D.

What if we approached life’s challenges and setbacks just as our own hearts continuously strive to meet the demands of our bodies— unrelenting and with constant effort and action, even in dire circumstances? Rather than shying away from these obstacles or dwelling on our mistakes and misfortunes, what if we just kept methodically moving forward, onwards and upwards, without skipping a beat, focusing on what lies ahead and hell-bent on conquering what we set out to accomplish? We could affectionately refer to this strategy as “the Heart Way.”

The symbolic significance here cannot be overstated. By substituting the word “heart” for the word “hard,” we are consciously nullifying the negative connotations of any challenging or unpleasant task. In so doing, we are effectively empowering ourselves to overcome that self- sabotaging force of inertia holding us hostage and preventing us from taking the pivotal first step towards fulfilling our dreams. Substituting the word “heart” also invigorates us to persist along this quest, when the going gets tough and we’re tempted to throw in the towel. Pulling this off is admittedly much easier said than done, especially these days, where instant gratification has become everyone’s top priority and entitlement. Virtually every want and need imaginable, from food to entertainment, is just one click away. To make matters worse, glamorized stories of overnight success, celebrity, and material wealth are endlessly streamed via social media. These household names have absurdly emerged as the new role models for our youth, prompting widespread repudiation of any course of action they deem even remotely difficult or unpleasant.

But make no mistake: a number of facts still hold true, no matter how topsy-turvy the world has become. Shortsighted, get-rich-quick schemes and other vapid pursuits, driven solely by selfish desires for fame and fortune, are ultimately unfulfilling. It’s just how we’re wired— not to mention that prisons are full of convicts that opted for life in the fast lane. Our choices have consequences, and anything truly worth doing is not going to be easy. If it were easy, then everyone would do it. That’s what makes the journey special and genuinely rewarding, so there’s no use overthinking it any further. There are no shortcuts, easy ways out, or free lunches. I’ve come to find that the Heart Way is the only way.

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.” –Theodore Roosevelt

To clarify, I’m not suggesting we all become masochistic gluttons for punishment. And neither was Theodore Roosevelt. Quite the contrary—life is about balance and moderation. There’s a time and a place for leisure, letting your guard down, celebrating small victories, and enjoying precious moments with friends and family. Likewise, there’s also a time to buckle down, to stare down your goals, and to launch headlong into battle with your obstacles, enduring all the gut-wrenching setbacks and failures along the way. By all intents and purposes, it seems the pendulum has swung disproportionately towards la-la land, following our increasingly hedonistic tendencies. This principle of balance holds universally true for both our physical and metaphorical hearts. Take, for instance, our diet. As much as I’d love to sugarcoat it, a heart- healthy diet doesn’t quite hit the spot like a nice juicy steak or a heaping bowl of pasta. Every now and again, sure! I’ll allow myself the indulgence. Call it a “cheat day,” a “cheat meal,” or, more generically, “delayed gratification.” But we all know that, just as with smoking cigarettes, eating this way on a regular basis would be quite hazardous to our health.

As the diet example illustrates, there are countless, painful choices we must make for our greater good, be it for our overall health or to further our quest for success. These daily choices often entail delayed gratification, gritty determination, and willpower to forego the path of least resistance and all of its shiny distractions and temptations. For the better part of my late teens, twenties, and thirties, I sacrificed tirelessly to stay on course. I kept my eyes on the prize. When my counterparts were out partying, clubbing, or sleeping in, I was chipping away at my dream, one assignment at a time, class after class, semester after semester, year after year. Had I not invested this time and effort, I can assure you I would have never become the heart surgeon, or that man, that I am today.

No one is born with the heart of a world-class cyclist or marathon runner. No one is born a master chess player, a concert pianist, or a Superbowl MVP. I wasn’t born being able to do heart surgery. What’s the common denominator? It’s a process. You must be willing to relentlessly and repeatedly push yourself well beyond your comfort zone and skill set. It’s all about the reps, the “10,000-hour rule,” as we’ll get into. That’s the story of my life, and that’s what this book is all about. That’s how I became heart to beat!

Excerpted with permission from HEART TO BEAT:  A Cardiac Surgeon’s Inspiring Story of Success and Overcoming Adversity—The Heart Way. Published by Clovercroft Publishing.  Copyright (c) 2020.  All rights reserved.


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About the Author
Dr. Brian Lima is a cardiac surgeon, associate professor of surgery, and recognized authority in advanced heart failure.  He has published nearly 80 articles in peer-reviewed medical journals and presented at numerous national and international medical conferences.  As the surgical director of heart transplantation at North Shore University Hospital, Dr. Lima helped launch the first and only heart transplant program on Long Island.  Dr. Lima completed his undergraduate studies at Cornell University and was awarded a Dean’s Full Tuition scholarship to attend Duke University School of Medicine.  During medical school, Dr. Lima spent a year at Harvard Medical School’s Transplantation Biology Research Center as a Stanley Sarnoff cardiovascular research fellow.  He then completed his general surgery residency training at Duke University Medical Center, and subsequent heart surgery training at The Cleveland Clinic, where he was awarded the prestigious Dr. Charles H. Bryan Annual Clinical Excellence Award in Cardiovascular Surgery.
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