#Review “Brutal & Raw (Beneventi Family One)” by Sonya Jesus


4/5 Stars!

Brutal and Raw is not a read for the meek.

‘Dark’ doesn’t even begin to describe this story. It’s gross and gory and evil and so twisted, I believed someone lied and there was no way this is a romance.

But I kept reading. (What does that say about me?)

Breaker Beneventi is the new head of his Mafia family. There may be crime families that deal in drugs, prostitution, and extortion… but this isn’t one of those families. His family’s enterprise is evil… and has a human cost. This is how “Lyla Vaughn” aka 327 becomes one of his latest captives.

The story alternates between Breaker and Lyla’s POV, but regardless, I still found myself stopping mid-scene and asking myself, “What am I reading?”

And I kept reading.

There are no good guys in this story. Kidnappers, assassins, and butchers, oh my! I felt a few pangs of empathy here and there, but they were gone by the end of the scene.

What this story does have is two strong lead characters who truly are the sum of their experiences, and none of those experiences were good. Despite being the captive twice, Lyla has a core strength opposite of the weakness in Breaker, but neither of them considers themselves redeemable. They could be right. This isn’t your typical “Stockholm syndrome” romance.

The plot twists and reveals were like WHOA! Thought I had things figured out but NOPE! And no way was I ready for that ending.

Strong writing and well-developed characters helped to make this a one-sitting read for me. Will I read the next book? Don’t know—not sure if my heart can take it! However, I definitely recommend this read!



Title: Brutal & Raw
Series: Beneventi Family #1
Author: Sonya Jesus
Genre: Romance Suspense
Release Date: January 23, 2020
Cover Design: Touch Creations


He wanted everything. He could have my nothings too.
My whole life, I’ve been running, living just under the radar. The day I arrived on the East Coast, looking for a new start, I found an end instead. One careless night landed me in the hands of a dark mafia boss, who wanted nothing more than to render me a number—to eviscerate my identity with his brutal mind game. 
That’s what he called me. That’s all I was to him. 
At least at first, before Breaker Beneventi told me all his family secrets, trickled his way into my heart, and then ordered my death. He set me free, knowing the butcher would find me. 
Now, I’m the girl who escaped. The one with the power to destroy his organization. And he’s relentlessly searching for Lyla Vaughn all over the country, spilling the blood of innocents and losing his control. 
But he’s not going to find me. Because that’s not my name.
From Bestselling author Sonya Jesus comes “Brutal and Raw” a psychological thriller romance full of plot twists, interwoven with dark mafia romance.


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