#Review “The Jersey: A Story of Loss and Redemption” (Audio) by James Rosenberg

Audiobook Tour: The Jersey by James Rosenberg

Author: James Rosenberg

Narrator: Brian Avers

Length: 8 hours 44 minutes

Publisher: Allie H Publishing

Released: Nov. 21, 2019

Genre: Family Drama

Dan West wonders which is more important to him: Helping his long-time friend win back his business after being accused of stealing money from the company, or coaching his 11-year-old son’s soccer team trying to win an improbable championship.

Money and prestige don’t motivate Dan. Rather, family, work and coaching soccer are the underpinnings of his life. He revels in the simple joys like hanging out with his wife Jill, mentoring a young lawyer at his firm, and watching the boys connect on three passes before drilling the ball into the back of the net.

Dan always knew to keep it steady – not to get too high or he might get knocked off his perch. And he did, until he and the boys’ soccer team achieved unimagined success. Before he can grasp how good he has it, tragedy rips a hole in his family.

James Rosenberg, author of the bestseller Legal Reserves, strikes a new chord in his exploration of what makes a life and how to put it back together after it is shattered.

The Jersey is a beautifully written, profoundly touching, and relatable story of love, loss, and the redemptive power of a group of motivated 11-year-old kids.

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James Rosenberg is a 3rd generation trial attorney with plenty of stories to tell.

Inspired not only by the courtroom stories his father and grandfather used to tell him when he was a child, but also by the wild adventures he’s encountered through his own experience as a lawyer. James is fascinated by the intricate, interpersonal dynamics of every trial he’s endured. Whether it’s the raw emotion on display in court, the tension in the air that builds until someone wins, or the impact that a case’s decision has on the parties involved, James is always paying attention and keeping tabs on what’s happening.

In his debut novel, “Legal Reserves”, James flexes his creative muscle outside of the courtroom to share his stories, with a fictional twist, through the eyes of archetypes he knows well. His second novel, “The Jersey,” explores the relationships a family-centric lawyer has with his wife and eleven year old son.

A native of Pittsburgh and a graduate of Taylor Allderdice High School and the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, James has been a trial attorney in Pittsburgh for almost 30 years. He started writing legal thrillers as a stress reducer and finds this creative outlet to be a fun and meaningful diversion from his day job.

When he’s not trying cases, he’s either dreaming up his next book idea, spending time with his wife and three kids, or both.


Narrator Bio

Brian Avers is a dynamic stage & screen actor, with numerous appearances on Broadway, television & film – and prolific creative – having written, directed & produced new works including indie comedy The Weekend, podcast The Buckeye Brothers, and a series of audiobooks releasing through winter, 2019.

An active screenwriter, voice artist & proud mentor for aspiring actors, Brian and his family split time between Brooklyn & Los Angeles.



4/5 Stars

Both heartwarming and heartbreaking, The Jersey is one man’s emotional journey through life’s joyous highs and tragic lows.

Dan West is an ordinary guy determined to be an honest, ethical attorney, a loving, supportive husband, and a nurturing father. Sometimes he succeeds, sometimes he falls short, but each day is another opportunity to try again.

When his son’s luckless hockey team needs a new coach, Dan reluctantly steps up, hopeful he can at least teach the boys a few life skills even if they never win a game. But as Fate doubles down on Dan, it’s the team of eleven-year-olds who teach Dan tragedies are only the end if you allow them to be.

Told entirely from Dan’s POV, the solid, skillful narration of The Jersey delivers male vulnerability all too often grazed over in contemporary literature, and uses it as a strength.

As Dan recounts the events of his life that brought him to the present moment, there were a few times his flashback went too far off-center of the story for me and took me out of the moment, but I enjoyed this family saga about not only what happens in life while we’re living it but also sometimes children have the answers… if we take the time to listen.


I volunteered to review this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by James Rosenberg. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.



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2 thoughts on “#Review “The Jersey: A Story of Loss and Redemption” (Audio) by James Rosenberg

  1. Hi, thanks for hosting my book The Jersey. The audiobook is a wonderful listen and Brian Avers is a stud when it comes to narrating. If anyone has any thoughts or questions, I would love to discuss. James

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