#NewRelease “TRIED & (Still) TRUE: Old Wisdom for a New Generation” by Erik Tyler



The author of The Best Advice So Far introduces a witty and engaging book that infuses time-tested proverbs with new energy, offers practical strategies for success and happiness to a new generation, and beautifully humanizes the very real people who penned these tidbits of gritty wisdom throughout history. TRIED & (Still) TRUE proves that just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s boring—and that while language, culture and technology may change with time, we as human beings remain much more alike than perhaps we’d thought.

Despite their not having had laser teeth whitening or social media followings or audiences of thousands paying $500 a head to attend conferences in order to hear what they had to say, our grandmothers and great-great-grandpappies (all of whom, mind you, were young and quite hip in their day)… knew stuff.

Important stuff.

They were smart people. Resourceful. Tenacious.

And they’d learned a thing or two about what really matters:

How to live at peace in a war-torn world.
How to stretch a dollar during the worst of times.
How to navigate conflict and to be a good neighbor.
How to have character in the face of trials.
How to be truly happy, come what may.

To modern ears, the speech these old souls used may sound quaint, outdated—even archaic. Yet the wisdom they passed down and the principles for living remain every bit as powerful as they ever were.


Great review here by D. Wallace Peach with a mini interview with Erik!


Amazon Global Link: Tried and (Still) True is only $.99 through January 7th,

Erik’s Blog: The Best Advice So Far


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