#Excerpt “Fill Your Mind Before You Fill Your Plate” by Faisal Alshawa


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coverNon Fiction / Health & Nutrition
Date Published: October 7, 2019
Publisher: Writing Matters (UK)
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Fill Your Mind Before You Fill Your Plate offers practical advice so you can create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, amidst the fast-paced and stressful world we live in. If you are confused about where to start in your health journey or looking for ways to live a healthy lifestyle consistently, then this book is for you!


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At a Glance

Faisal Alshawa is a nutritional expert consulting to athletes and busy working professionals worldwide. His clients are typically successful people who recognise the need to make their health and living a healthier lifestyle a priority.

His first book, Fill Your Mind Before You Fill Your Plate is both a primer and impeccable gear change as well as a practical reference guide to creating and managing a healthy lifestyle … starting with mindset.

Faisal Alshawa transformed his own health using the exact Five Pillars For Living A Healthier Lifestyle method outlined in this book, starting with a detailed exploration of the mindset  required  to  making  living  a  healthier  lifestyle  a life-long habit.

What makes this a highly readable reference is Alshawa candidly shares his own journey including the setbacks and struggles.

The Five Pillars For Living A Healthier Lifestyle are:

  • Mindset
  • Belief
  • Mindfulness
  • Sacrifice
  • Habits

What makes Fill Your Mind Before You Fill Your Plate such an  accessible  read  for  anyone contemplating transform- ing their health, or for those looking for a mental edge to maintain a healthy lifestyle, is certainly the qualified insights, but also the open and conversational narrative.

Alshawa carefully describes his first exposure to a fitness culture as a Kuwaiti exchange student studying in the US. He then explains how he created a mental regime to stay on track.

That said, Alshawa is candid about the roadblocks, obstacles and setbacks he encountered and the ones you will encounter … and should expect.

The chapters are clear and concise and this will drive your understanding, insights, application and momentum towards a healthier lifestyle.


About the Author
FaisalFaisal has always been passionate about health and fitness. As a child, he stayed active and played various sports. In 2008, Faisal moved to the US to study Kinesiology at the University of Maryland, College Park. After completing his undergraduate degree, he went on to attain a Masters’ degree in Sports and Exercise Science at Loughborough University in the UK. Faisal moved to Doha, Qatar after graduation and was designated as a sports nutritionist for the U23 Qatar National Olympic Football team. During this time, he was also assigned to administer sports nutrition services to athletes in track and field, squash, and table tennis. His experience working in various sports, as well as competitive and recreational athletes, led Faisal to start Believe Nutrition consultancy in June of 2017.

His intention behind Believe Nutrition is to help individuals and all levels of athletes, from beginner to pro, to believe in the power of nutrition. As the founder of Believe Nutrition, Faisal wants to instill a positive change in peoples’ lives through a holistic approach, which focuses on the mind, body and soul. Faisal does not want to help people for the short-term; rather, he strives to impart a passion for health on anyone he works with to ensure they become the best and healthiest version of themselves, for the long-term.
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#Excerpt “Derek Hyde Knows Spooky When He Sees It” by E. Michael Lunsford


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coverDerek Hyde Series, Book 1
Middle-Grade Paranormal
Date Published: 12-21-2019
Publisher: INtense Publications LLC
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Twelve-year-old Derek Hyde isn’t thrilled that the spookiest old mansion in town is about to become the Hyde Funeral Home & Used Coffin Outlet. Especially since he has to live there with his mortician parents, Jack and Formalda.
Of course, being driven in the family hearse to his first day at middle school doesn’t exactly add whipped cream to his broccoli.
As if things couldn’t get more horrific, an evil classmate named Nussbaum attacks him in the cafeteria with a plate of beef stroganoff. Seems this kid used to love living in the old mansion himself, but got yanked out after accidentally blowing up his own mom and dad. With his chemistry set. Now his dead parents are stuck as ghosts and Nussbaum is a foster kid stuck on revenge, vowing to get even with Derek’s family for taking over his haunted home.
Derek desperately craves a nice place to live, but a couple of minor details stand in his way—just some blood-curdling apparitions that scare the pants off him and a classmate bent on landing him in his parents’ embalming room. As a client.

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4-paragraph excerpt #2:

He gulped and stood up straighter. Fists clenched, he started up the stairs, announcing out loud, “I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid.”

A moment later, he hurried back down again, whispering in a faster, much smaller voice, “I am afraid, I am afraid, I am afraid…”

He’d already stepped safely out of the closet before he stopped to mentally slap himself. What was he doing? Trophies for Bravest Kid in the Face of Dire Disaster and Certain Catastrophe weren’t awarded for running away.

With a soul-rattling sigh, he turned, stepped into the closet and white-knuckled the handrail as he crept his way back up the rickety stairs.


About the Author

Michael LunsfordE. Michael Lunsford is the author of an award-winning play, Scary, Scary Night, and a book of wacky kid’s poems, Sometimes I Get My Shoes on Backwards, winner of the Readers’ Favorite International Book Award. His debut novel is the first of the funny Derek Hyde series of spooky middle grade books published by INtense Publications. Michael is also a musician, composer, inventor, entrepreneur and chief cook & bottle washer who works and lives with his wife and love of his life in San Carlos, California.

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