#Spotlight “The Buoy and The Breeze: Learning How to Navigate Through the Troubled Waters and the Green Pastures of Life” by Amber Whitney Mitchell

The Buoy and the Breeze cover


The trials of life can weigh you down and send you to dark, desolate places. I’ve been there; but in those hours of loneliness, moments of confusion, and seconds of sadness, God is shaping you. We are truly the clay in the potter’s hands. While you may feel misshapen, bent, and unable to be used, God is shaping a masterpiece. You are stronger than you know and more prepared than you think because of the One who lives in you. He is preparing you for such a time as this.

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About the Author

My goal is to use my passions to help others in some way. We all have moments where we need inspiration, encouragement, and an overall reminder of who we are. More importantly, who we come from and the purpose we were specifically planted here for. I believe starting this movement is my purpose. I plan to share my passions with the world so that others may be freed and that God may be glorified.





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