#NEW “Mystery Man’s Daughter” by Byung A. Fallgren

New release! Author is requesting book reviews!



Leona, a wannabe psychic investigator, finds a black book with unfamiliar, hieroglyphic-embossed cover in her grandmother’s attic. Secured inside of the book is an old photo of her estranged father, Dwight Purcell, a billionaire businessman. Her grandmother tells her to avoid her father, saying that he is responsible for her mother’s disappearance. Leona decides to investigate the unsolved, old mystery to find the truth of her family and beyond.

While spying on Father from her secret hideout, she sees him collapsed left alone in the backyard of his house. Despite her resentment toward him for abandoning her when she was a toddler, she revives him with a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
Father wants her to live with him. She accepts his offer to take care of her lonely half-brother, and then faces a dilemma in Father’s love and his mysterious life. She pursues her secret investigation on her father. Father punishes her for snooping his privacy that could jeopardize his candidacy for US senate.
She escapes from her father’s place and hides in the house of Clayton Dugan, a police officer and her friend. She then stumbles into her father’s secret world, where the insanity is both within her apprehension and beyond it. Where her survival is tested. Where the black book and Father meet in a strange way.


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5 thoughts on “#NEW “Mystery Man’s Daughter” by Byung A. Fallgren

      1. Oh, no apology needed, Byung. I AM Nesie!

        It’s an old family nickname given to me by my late father. When I lived in California and he lived in Michigan, everyone knew he was ready for a vacation when he said he wanted to go to “Nesie’s Place.” That’s where the blog name came from. 😁😊

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