#BlogTour “BabyJacked” by Sosie Frost

Remington Marshall is the kind of gorgeous who turns a smoldering glance into foreplay.

He was the man of my dreams. The love of my life.

Until the day he broke my heart.

Rem left town without saying goodbye, and five years passed with no phone call, no visits, no explanations.

Even worse–no apology.

But I never needed his sensual promises. Certainly didn’t miss his panty-twisting kisses. And I survived just fine without his wicked, washboard abs…

Until the day he came home.

Suddenly the sexiest mistake of my past careens back into my life. When his sister falls sick, the reclusive mountain man offers to take care of his two baby nieces…and he asks for my help.

I should refuse, but Rem’s struggling to pay rent to Sesame Street, drinking Jack and fruit juice, and reading his chainsaw manual as a bedtime story. So, I agree to nanny for his adorable toddler nieces.

After all, two former lovers suffocating in repressed sexual tension can be professional, right?


One stolen kiss, and I’m falling for the hunk of lumberjack again. But I won’t let anyone yell Timber yet.

Rem won’t tell me why he broke my heart five years ago.

And, without the truth, I can’t forgive the past.

But when a man doesn’t deserve a second chance…

He’ll just steal her heart.


Babyjacked is the first novel in a brand new romantic comedy series by Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Sosie Frost! Love stand-alone romances set in a connected universe? The Payne Brothers are sexy, deliciously tempting, and, like a real family–they can’t stand each other. Fortunately, these small-town women know how to handle their men. Hearts will heal, one romantic comedy at a time.

Babyjacked is a complete standalone! This BWWM romantic comedy is 100% safe, contains no cheating or cliffhangers, and is guaranteed a heart-warming Happily Ever After.

“Give me one good reason why you can’t be their nanny,” he said.

I’d give him the best one. “We’re not even going to talk about the kisses?”

Wrong reason.

Rem’s voice lowered, a dark and caramel growl that layered me with regret and shivers and memories.

“Must have been some good kisses if you remember them after all this time.”

I didn’t look at his lips. “You mean you forgot?”

“I made myself forget.”


“Because thinking of that night is the reason I had to put three thousand miles of uncut wilderness and five years between us.”

In the past twenty-four hours, this man had made my heart ache so much I considered popping some of Dad’s leftover beta-blockers. I wasn’t about to let Rem twist me up any more.

“No one asked you to leave,” I said. “No one told you to go. It’s not heroic, Rem. It just hurts.”

“Good thing I’m a changed man.”

I’d never wanted him to change, only to be honest. “How can I trust you?”

“I’ll prove it. I got the kids. I got the bank account. The cabin. The responsibility. I’m different.”

“You’re still chasing me.”

His hound-dog grin should have run me up a tree. “Can’t blame a man for trying. It’s lonely in these woods. Gets real dark and cold at night. I’m looking for someone to warm me up.”

“And that’s why the answer is no. We have a history together.”

“Do we?”

The sadness kicked me in the gut. “We might have had a history.”

“Do you think there’s still a chance?”

“How could there be, after all that happened?”

He surprised me with a wink. “Then what’s the problem? Are you attracted to me?”

“No,” I lied.

“Then work for me.”

“I can’t.”

He smoothed that beard. Easier to see his smile. Harder to resist wondering how it’d feel scratching all over me. “What if I show you that this could be perfectly platonic?”


“Kiss me.”

I poked him away with the broom. “And what would that prove?”

“That there’s nothing between us,” he said.

“That’s like leaving my credit card in the street to prove there’s no thieves around.”

“Not trying to steal anything from you, Sassy.”

That’s because there was only one thing left to give him, and I’d mercifully avoided that roll in the hay. “You’re out of your mind.”

“One kiss,” he said. “We’ll settle it once and for all.”

I focused on cleaning and scrubbed my way into the kitchen, hoping my hips didn’t sashay with every brush. He watched me, his gaze boiling over my skin.

“Why not?” Rem asked.

I didn’t have to lie. “Because it took me five years to get over our last kiss. I can’t spend the next five forgetting this one.”

“One kiss.” He edged too close for me to breathe, think, or defend my honor. “One little, teensy, tiny nibble of a kiss. I promise—I won’t even make a good one.”

“Is that possible?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never kissed bad before.”

“Then I can’t afford the risk.”

“For all we know, every kiss of mine becomes a five-year memory.” He towered over me, leaning in, his whisper playful and tempting. “And that’s just the kiss. Imagine what I could do with a touch. A lick. One night with me, and you might never forget it.”

“Or forgive it.”

“Good thing I’m only asking for a kiss.” He bumped my chin up with his fingers. “One kiss.”

“To prove there’s nothing between us…or to torture us for the rest of our lives?”

“You tell me, Sassy.”

He leaned in, capturing my lips with a playful, deliberate swipe. I gripped the broom, heart raging, pounding, attempting to crash through my chest and knock my head back into sanity.

Heat swirled between us, suffocating me in that woodsy, fresh-cut pine scent. Earthy and tempting and so much more than he was before. Everything was more. His words meant more. His eyes saw more. His touch offered more.

And his kiss…

Conquered and overwhelmed. My body pooled into softness. A murmur accidentally parted my lips. His tongue swept in. Gentle. Teasing. Wonderful.

His kiss was every perfect moment I’d imagined in the last five years. Every flirty nibble. Every sensual bite. Every casual, quick peck people took for granted.

In five seconds, he’d revealed everything he might have offered in those lost five years.

And I hated him for it.

And I melted for it.

And I was so much trouble.

Sosie Frost is no stranger to quirky, embarrassing, and wild situations, and she’s channeling all that new adult angst into fun romances.

From marching at the high school homecoming game without her trumpet (a punishment for forgetting the instrument on the band bus), to regretfully tucking her prom dress into the back of her tights before pictures, and even accidentally starting a chemical fire in the college chem lab, Sosie has the market cornered on crazy stories.

But hey, writing is a better outlet than therapy right? 😉

If you want funny, charming, and steamy romances, you’ve found the right author!

Sosie lives in Pittsburgh with her hubby, her two cats, and thrives on a near constant stream of gummy bears.

#Excerpt “Space Dragons” by Robin Bennett

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If Stan Pollux had known he would be spending his summer holidays in the outer reaches of our solar system, he would have put on different underpants.

But when he gets kidnapped by the Planet Dragon Mercury, most things suddenly seem small and insignificant. Stan finds himself in a universe of dragons who had once ruled the skies as gods: Mars, Venus, Saturn and even Uranus way out back. This is shaping up to be the best summer holiday in the history of the cosmos until Stan discovers his stupid sister is missing and that Pluto (AKA Hades) is trying to use her to destroy the Solar System. And it will be all Stan’s fault if he doesn’t get Poppy back.

So, all Stan has to do is learn how to fight like a hero in space armour, defeat the dragon god of the Underworld, Hades, rescue his sister and save the world. All before his parents realise she is missing.

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If Stan Pollux had known he would be spending the rest of his summer holidays in the outer reaches of our solar system, he would have put on different underpants.

            Right now, he had other things on his mind – namely his telescope which was broken thanks to his little sister, Poppy. Either it didn’t show anything when he tried to focus in on stars or, much more alarmingly, the night before he’d seen a huge eye staring back at him from Space.

 The following night, he plucks up his courage to look again …

Idly, Stan swung the telescope towards the Moon that had risen to just beyond the tops of the trees. The complicated and delicate lenses were definitely loose, because even the silver-grey brightness coming from the nearest body to the Earth didn’t show up so much as a smudge. All Stan got was the reflection of his own pupil, jerking this way and that, and his lashes blinking back at him …

Without warning, he saw a shape, like a huge black wing, flick across the telescope’s point of focus. He looked again; it was gone.

Forgetting his fear, Stan swung the scope around in all directions, black, black, nothing, black, nothing … then … there! A pair of wings, ragged and huge, arced and went out of focus. It was hard to move around in the cramped room and he could only see out one side of the house, so Stan shoved away the scope and looked out of the window with his own eyes. He could see nothing here, but what if he went outside?

His heart thumped in his chest, but more with excitement: he’d forgotten his previous sense of fear as he grabbed the telescope and ran down the back stairs. The whole point of being serious about having a telescope was to discover things. But what had he just seen?

His mother was watching TV with the living room door half closed, so it was easy to slip out.

Racing into the warm night air in the back garden, Stan set his scope up and looked. This time he was more methodical, looking at one section of the night sky for a few moments, then moving on, turning slowly clockwise. He felt a fizz of excitement; sure, he would spot the wing again at any moment. What was it? It looked like it could belong to a bat, but Stan had focused the scope far beyond the flight of anything that flew. This was out there, beyond the Earth’s atmosphere … but that was impossible!

It was warmer than expected in the garden. In fact, Stan felt positively hot, even more so than he had during the day. Sweat had begun to trickle down the back of his neck as he shifted the lens around another few inches. He went to wipe it off with his hand when he felt warm air ruffle the hair on the back of his head, then stop.

Then it came again.

Regular gusts that were getting stronger … before he could turn around, a sound like a bellows went HUMPHRRR! and the air that had been pleasantly warm suddenly felt unpleasantly hot as the hair on the nape of Stan’s neck parted. Stan froze, looked away from the viewfinder and saw his shadow thrown out across the garden by a light coming from behind his back.

He turned … ever so … slowly.

A mass of silver scales, two black wings and two eyes like car lights.

Before Stan could embarrass himself by screaming, a plume of white hot flame shot up into the night sky, knocking the scope over, and Stan felt himself being wrenched up, as if caught in its stream, past the roof of their house and the tops of the trees, and with a sudden burst of unimaginable speed he burst through some wisps of cloud and into the upper atmosphere.

And, just like that, Stan Pollux was gone.

Back in the garden all was still again, as if nothing had happened with no one at all to witness it. All, that is, except for a small pair of bright eyes that watched from her bedroom window. Little fingers held onto the coloured crystal she’d taken the day before from Stan’s room.

Poppy had no doubt in her young mind that this was somehow all her fault.


About Robin Bennett

Robin Bennett is an author and entrepreneur who has written several books for children, adults, and everything in between. Listed in the Who’s Who of British Business Excellence at 29, his 2016 documentary “Fantastic Britain”, about the British obsession with fantasy and folklore, won best foreign feature at the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards, and his first book for young adults, Picus the Thief, won the Writer’s News Indie Published Book of the Year Award in 2012. Robin is also a director at Firefly Press.




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Song Lyric Sunday | “Deacon Blues” – Steely Dan

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Song Lyric Sunday was created by Helen Vahdati from This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time and author Jim Adams from A Unique Title For Me is our current guest host. For complete rules or to join in the fun, click here.

This week’s theme is  Cards/Dice/Gamble/Lose/Win.


Is there anyone on the planet who has never heard of Steely Dan and their 1977 Grammy Award winning, platinum album, Aja? Didn’t think so! It spawned several hits, including 1978’s Deacon Blues.

On the origin of the song’s name, Donald Fagen stated, “At the time, there had been a lineman with the Los Angeles Rams and the San Diego Chargers, Deacon Jones. We weren’t serious football fans, but Deacon Jones’s name was in the news a lot in the 1960s and early 70s, and we liked how it sounded. It also had two syllables, which was convenient, like ‘Crimson.’ The name had nothing to do with Wake Forest’s Demon Deacons or any other team with a losing record. The only Deacon I was familiar with in football at the time was Deacon Jones.”

The song was largely written at Fagen’s house in Malibu and was prompted by his observation that “… if a college football team like the University of Alabama could have a grandiose name like the ‘Crimson Tide’ the nerds and losers should be entitled to a grandiose name as well.” The song’s protagonist has been described by Fagen as “autobiographical in that it reflected the dreams of both Fagen and Becker about becoming jazz musicians while they were living in the suburbs”. Characterized as a “loser” by Becker, the song’s subject was meant to reflect “… a broken dream of a broken man living a broken life”.

Fun Facts:

  • Deacon Blues was the duo’s fifth Top 20 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US, where it peaked at #19 in 1978. Deacon Blues remained in the Top 40 for eight weeks.
  • Jazz guitarists and Grammy Award winners Larry Carlton and Lee Ritenour are both part of the Deacon Blues studio musicians.
  • The Scottish pop/rock band Deacon Blue took their name from this song.



See my Song Lyric Sunday selection for FeliciaDenise.com.


Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos and/or gifs above. No copyright infringement intended.

Deacon Blues

Compiled from Genius Lyrics, Google, Wikipedia, Songfacts.com, and YouTube.
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