#ReleaseBlitz “Reid’s Redemption” By Sara Celi

Title: Reid’s Redemption
Author: Sara Celi
Genre: Contemporary
Romance/ Small Town Romance
Release Date: May 28, 2019
Cover Designer: Concierge Literary Designs
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

A broken man. A town on its last leg. A love that could warm the coldest of hearts…

For too many years, Reid Powell carried the sins of his family. His father’s failed business. His younger brother’s drug addiction. An accident that permanently altered the lives of so many in his hometown. Now, their community was crumbling from economic collapse and grief. Hope had faded with the night.

Reid’s heart was as hard as the anger that ran through his town. He had accepted his fate, and given himself over to relentless vilification. There was no other choice.

The day he found Tarryn Long on his property, light began to trickle into his darkened soul. She was different. Kind. Forgiving. Tempting. To let her in could change his life forever, but could he take that risk?

Could he ever embrace redemption?

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Amazon Top 100 and Barnes & Noble Bestselling Author, Sara Celi, has lived all over the United States. She calls the Greater Cincinnati area home.

Sara has spent more than a decade working in journalism and broadcasting, with jobs both on-air and off-air at TV stations in Louisiana, Ohio, and Oklahoma. Her work has appeared in numerous online publications, magazines and newspapers, and she is a contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Positive. Since the release of her debut novel, The Undesirable, in 2013, she has authored several other works, including Hollywood Nights, Natural Love, Prince Charming, and The Palms.

Sara graduated cum laude from Western Kentucky University in 2004.

In her spare time, she likes to read, shop, write, travel, run long distances, and volunteer her time to local charities.

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#ReleaseBlitz “Killer’s Choice (Choice Series #5)” by Dee Stewart

Title: Killer’s Choice (Choice Series Book Five)
Author: Dee Stewart
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: May 28, 2019
Cover Designer: Drue Hoffman at Buoni Amici Press
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

Special Agent Jackson Barrington was hired by Jeff Williams to kill his wife Eden McBride while he was working undercover to bring down a dangerous drug cartel. After killing Williams and saving Eden’s life, he later crashes Michael Stone and Eden’s wedding and reveals his true identity. With Eden safely married and happy at last, he flies home to Barrington Ranch in Dallas to visit his beloved grandmother Devon Brooks Barrington on New Year’s Day. Hours later she dies in his arms after sharing a bizarre prophecy with him regarding a woman who will fall in love with him. Not just any woman. Lily Stone Beaumont.

Lily Stone’s perfect marriage was just a façade. After suffering a humiliating divorce which results in her ex-husband Adam Beaumont being awarded custody of her son AJ and her retaining custody of her twin daughters Allie and Alyssa, she moves to her hometown Marysville, California, in order to start a new life. However, her ex’s increasingly disturbing behavior concerns her, and she begins to investigate him.

She’s not the only one investigating Adam Beaumont. Special Agent Jackson Barrington just caught a new case…

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When the house eventually grew quiet, Jackson expected Lily to appear on her back porch, glass of red wine in hand, but tonight she took him aback by marching up to him and declaring in an imperious tone of voice, “I know who you are. You’re the ki…”

“Killer, yes,” Jackson interrupted with a dismissive wave of his hand. “We know. I hope your new sister-in-law clarified that I only killed one person that day. Jeff Williams, who damn well deserved it after he shot his pregnant wife.”

Ignoring the deepness of his voice with its Southern accent, his spectacular body, and vivid blue eyes, Lily continued, “She did. Why are you in Marysville, Agent? More specifically, why are you hanging around my girls at their school?”

Jackson mentally sighed. He wondered when that bit of information would come to her attention. “Well, Mrs. Beaumont…”

She bristled and cut him off. “Don’t call me that. I no longer use my married name. Miss Stone, if you please.”

I don’t please, he thought. His agitation with her served to make his Southern drawl more pronounced. “Well, lady,” he countered with a caustic edge to his voice, “after two years undercover, my supervisor transferred me to the San Francisco field office, and I’ve been training the officers at the McAllister Forensic lab in behavioral analysis.”

“Why aren’t you living in San Francisco? Why are you living next door to me?” she asked suspiciously.

“I like the view.” He tipped an imaginary Stetson.

Lily gritted her teeth. “Why are you constantly at the school?”

Dee Stewart has spent more than three decades teaching high school English. Although she enjoys being a teacher and shares her love of literature with her students, her passion is writing. She started writing at age thirteen after being inspired by Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden mysteries. In high school she was introduced to her first historical romance and fell in love with the genre. She wrote her first romance during her senior year of high school. Since then she has spent the majority of her adult life working on her craft with Logan’s Choice being her first published novel. She is looking forward to hearing from her readers.

Currently, she lives in Florida with her husband and incredibly hairy cat, Leo.


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#TeaserTuesday “The Fire God Tour (Moore Family Saga Book 3)” by Michele Sims

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My life is all about music, fast cars, fast women, and more money than I can handle. The fame, travelling the world, and being worshiped by millions while performing on stage is exciting, setting off one huge adrenaline rush.

But I have a secret. Something the world can never know. The Fire God tour is more than just a name. It’s who I am—what I am. Fire.

It’s a part of me I’ve never wanted to share with anyone, until I met her. Bella Wahlberg, my team’s newest member.

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What happens when fire and ice collide?


🔥The Fire God Tour by Michele Sims🔥

🔥On Sale June 14🔥


Miles Moore is obsessed with fire. He can’t help it—it’s in his genes. He’s also the famous performer Ari, an international hip-hop sensation. There are some negatives that come with fame—death threats and life on the road among them—but there’s also a lot of good: fast cars, fast women, international travel, and more money than he can handle. When Bella Wahlberg joins his team as the chief of marketing, she seems like the antithesis of what he’s looking for, so much so that Miles dubs her Belsa the Ice Queen. It would be unprofessional for them to get together, but more than that, she’s unavailable—and deathly afraid of fire. But as they prepare for The Fire God Tour, Miles can tell something is changing. Is he ready to commit himself to one woman? Can fire and ice come together?

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#BookTour “Avoiding Matthew (International Heroes Book 3)” by Caroline Bell Foster

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Avoiding Matthew by Caroline Bell Foster


A kiss. A promise. A mistake.

Lacy Dawson would rather spend her days experimenting with brownie recipes and trying on wedding dresses, than go on yet another secret mission to save her country. She needed a way out and found it.

Deaf, Special Operative Matthew Edwards, stumbled across Lacy where she wasn’t supposed to be, while on an enforced vacation.

They’d never been able to stifle their sexual attraction and indulged every time their paths crossed. However, Matthew knew Lacy was working a dangerous mission outside of the bureau. But what? She was too soft and needed protecting from herself.

Lacy’s secrets take her from America to Russia, to England, all the while with Matthew hot on her heels.

How could she avoid Matthew? Did she want to?

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Lacy lifted her gun and widened her legs. She was not going to sleep with Matthew Edwards ever again. That night at the lake she’d made the decision to clean up her life. How could she gain an ounce of normality, date, when she slept with him every chance she got?

“You have five seconds to answer my question Edwards, or I’ll blow your brains out.”

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Matthew asked in disbelief, the lines between his eyes deepening. He’d spent the better part of two weeks searching the god-damn world for her, and she turns up looking hot and sexy as hell, but looking at him as though he was pond scum!

He was enraged and without thought, stepped forward and pulled the weapon she still had insultingly trained on him from her hands and tucked it into the waistband of his jeans.

“Hey!” Lacy yelled, about to tackle him for it, but he put his hand up.

“Don’t,” he warned.

Now that he was here and seeing her for himself, the last dredges of energy he’d been running on rapidly dried up. He was exhausted and hungry for her.

Matthew grabbed her waist and yanked until she was plastered against him. When she opened her mouth to protest, he shoved his tongue inside, intending to take over her mind.



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Caroline Bell Foster is an internationally bestselling, multi-award-winning British author of diverse romantic fiction. She is named as one of the most influential people in culture & entertainment in the East Midlands and also listed in the Top 100 Most Influential Creatives.

Caroline spent her formative years in the Caribbean, where her thirst for exploring other cultures began. Ever the adventurer, she bought her first pair of high heels in Toronto and traded her pink sunglasses for a bus ride in the Rift Valley, Kenya at 18.

With themes of substance, Caroline’s latest novels’ defy convention and celebrate modern day Britain with several titles set primarily in the East Midlands, where she shares her love for the three main cities and the surrounding ‘shires’ with her readers.

Caroline has come full circle and lives in Nottingham, England just twelve miles from where she was born. Married to her college sweetheart husband, David, they have two children and they are all ruled over by 17 year-old, rescue cat Naomi ‘Nay Nay Boo’.



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