#Teaser “Mindf*ck” by Danyell A. Wallace

MF teaser 3_clean



by Danyell A. Wallace




I toss my book aside and come to my feet. “Babe.”  ⠀

“Hmm?” she responds, but she is too engrossed in her book to look my way.⠀

“Let’s take a break.”⠀

“Okay. Let me finish—” She turns the page and continues to read. “Let me read this page then we will.”⠀

I already know one page will turn into five pages. Two nights ago, she read three chapters from Noughts and Crosses to me. The book itself was good, but she made it more interesting in the way she read it. I climb on the bed then crawl above her and place two kisses on her bare shoulder. Kennedy rolls to her back. She knows exactly what I want. Her fingers tangle in my hair then she pulls my head down to hers until our lips part against each other. Her tongue laps against mine, driving me insane. She shifts and brings her knees up. I move, and she parts her legs as I settle between them. Kennedy gasps when she feels the evidence of my arousal rubbing against her. ⠀

“Clayton,” Kennedy whispers against my lips, and it’s like music to my fuckin’ ears. She lifts her hips to move against me. My eyes grow hooded, and so does Kennedy’s. The friction of our bodies rubbing against one another causes a high greater than any weed I’ve ever smoked.


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#MindF*ck  #DanyellAWallace

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