#Teaser “Mindf*ck” by Danyell A. Wallace



by Danyell A. Wallace


“I’ll put the condom on in a minute unless you don’t want me to.” His eyes fall shut. “I just need to feel you, skin-to-skin.”

“Shit,” I say softly.

“Do you want me to put it on?” He thrusts so deep, that my vision blurs. “Fuck, baby!” His eyes open and deadpan on mine.

I shake my head because my words are lost on me, just the sounds of my moans escape.

I exhale a ragged breath and dig my nails into his back. Clayton’s hisses and his jaw tightens.

“I’ve been imagining this moment since seeing you earlier.” His voice doesn’t waver as he pumps sensually inside of me, priming my body for what I know will be an explosive orgasm. My nails continue to dig in his back, and I gasp, moan, and say his name to the rhythm of his movements.

“No one will ever stand a chance against you, Kennedy. You’ll always be mine to love. Always,” he moans. “And.” Thrust. “Forever.”

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#MindF*ck  #DanyellAWallace

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