#Review “Covering Ollie (Police and Fire: Operation Alpha) (On Call, #2)” by Freya Barker


5/5 Stars!

This author delivers another suspenseful romance with just the right amount of spice, wit, and humor that shows second chances are possible no matter how long and hard you try to avoid them.

Widower Joe Benedetti has settled in as Durango’s new chief of police. Though he’ll never get used to department budget cuts, staff shortages or the political schmoozing that comes with the job, he knows he’s made a positive step toward a fresh start for himself and his two young sons.

He even lucks out when the snarky teenage girl across the street, Trinity, introduces herself and offers her babysitting services.

Trinity lives with her mom, whom Joe has noticed… from across the street, but notice is all it will ever be. He still mourns his wife, and he’s got sons to raise and a new job to handle.

Olivia “Ollie” Rizzo has worked hard to provide for herself and Trinity. The forty-year-old landscape architect even snaps a blade to the front of her pickup and does snow removal during the winter. She is independent, self-sufficient… and closed off.

Was good to see Ollie’s “disabilty” not treated as such. When it’s addressed, there is a discussion (sometimes ‘glib’), then it’s on to the next thing. Kudos to the author!

Joe and Ollie meet when Trinity has an accident, and it doesn’t go well, but they do settle into a neighborly friendship.

However, when a familiar face from the FBI comes calling with news that Ollie’s past is no longer in the past, Joe goes into protect-mode. Not just as the chief of police, but something about the quirky force-of-nature makes him want to keep her and Trinity safe.

Loved the pacing of this read. As the level of danger grows, so do emotions, and not just Joe and Ollie’s.

Joe’s boys, Ryder and Mason, are still adjusting to losing their mom, his parents show up and everyone has to adjust to Rita Benedetti (HA!), and more familiar law enforcement faces are trying to make Joe see what’s right in front of him while doing their jobs.

By far my favorite character is Grace, Ollie’s friend and confidante of eighteen years.

They met when Ollie was a young girl alone with an infant daughter and are as close as any family.

Though she’s seventy-five, the eagle-eyed Grace doesn’t miss much… or have any problem sharing her “bits of wisdom.”

But she goes to the top of my list when Joe and Ollie invite her to dinner on her Bingo night. When they arrive to pick Grace up she says, “This better be good. Tonight was my night to take the Bingo Queen title away from that ho, Lettie Driver, from the third floor. Bought all new dabbers for it too.”

OMG! I need Grace to have her own story! LOL!

If you follow the series by this author, you’ll love seeing the friendly faces of Tony, Dylan, Keith and even Autumn.

We don’t get to actually “see” Luna Roosberg, but her actions near the end of this read had me cheering.

There’s also plenty of folks to despise here with Josh Carey being slimeball number one. The wealthy mama’s boy’s unwanted attention to Ollie gives the word creeper new meaning, but Ole Josh will prove himself to also be the weakest link.

Covering Ollie is a solid, satisfying read full of strong characters making the best of bad situations (excluding Josh, of course). Even the children have intestinal fortitude! Loved how Trinity stepped up near the end. I highly recommend it.


Covering Ollie (Police and Fire: Operation Alpha) is book 2 in the On Call series and follows Burning for Autumn and is available today – 5/14/19.


Title: Covering Ollie(On Call #2)
Author: Freya Barker
Genre:Romantic Suspense

Release Date: May 14, 2019
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

Living in Durango, Colorado for the past eighteen years allowed Ollie Rizzo to build her own business and carve out a quiet existence for her and her teenage daughter. She’s used to going it alone. However, their new silver-haired neighbor might present a problem—not only is he handsome—he’s also Durango’s new chief of police; a complication she can’t afford.

For recently widowed Joe Benedetti, the job offer as Durango’s new chief of police came at the right time. With life, the new job, and his two young sons settling into a comfortable routine, he does his best to ignore the beautiful and intriguing woman across the street. Yet when he discovers she’s caught the attention of the FBI, there is no way he can stay away.

Their worlds collide with the appearance of FBI Special Agent Cruz Livingston. The agent has a warning to deliver, one that spins life in Durango out of control, giving Joe a crucial mission—keep Ollie alive.


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