#Review “Karma (The Fallen Angel Series Book 2)” by S C Cunningham


4/5 Stars!

This read lives up to its name because karma is dished out in healthy doses at just the right moments to some pretty repugnant Erthfolk who are too vile and evil for words.

Social status, social structure, organized crime, the political landscape, big-game hunting, and animal abuse are some of the themes woven seamlessly into Karma without being preachy or heavy-handed.

Good to see the Cloud 9 gang again!

Although characters were well-developed in book one’s The Deal, even more of their personalities were allowed to shine through this time around.

Still struggling emotionally and mentally from her captivity by Dio (DIO!), new Fallen Alice hand picks a new project and is allowed to pursue it—Amy lends a hand—but go, Alice!

Pyke and boss, Maggie, loosen up. Okay, Maggie not so much, but they do let their guards down when Pyke spills a big reveal about Alice… even though Maggie already knew.

Though he still follows the rules of the Fallen, Jack Mallan walks a fine line between justice and vengeance. He’s tasked by Micael to watch over the worst offenders and find a path to redemption for them. Sometimes he does… and sometimes no. *Waves bye-bye to Dexter.*

Dead again Amy Fox is still… Amy. Missed seeing her on the book’s cover. However, she seemed diluted this time around and sometimes over-the-top whiny. Too much blustery talk about being a badass instead of action, but she’d catch herself and get back to it. Love how she got Jack to hand Stewart his ass, and how she taught Gemma a lesson. Great, fun scenes!

Gregori still slithers about collecting dark souls. Although he has the treacherous Mara on the Witness team now, he’s determined to claim Amy too… and tells her as much.

This is where my girl annoyed me. For all her protestations to the Cloud 9 Unit about being able to handle her father and how he’d never hurt her, she didn’t reveal his threat to them and she was just plain wrong for that. She kept tabs on Sally, but what about everyone else? Arrogance did not serve her well.

Fortunately, Maggie and Jack are sharp and were formulating a plan when Amy up and does the Typical Romance Heroine move of making a bad decision that landed her in danger.

But a deal is struck, Amy and Jack celebrate love, and poor Maggie knows things are about to get worse.

Enjoyed this installment in the Fallen Angel Series, and am already looking forward to book 3, Calling! Hope to hear more about Tara Warr and David Howard (this man right here!), “John Smith,” Qyl, and if Dio’s (DIO!) older brother, Simon, continues with his epic run of bad luck from… well, hell.

Download this one today so you don’t get left behind!



At the age of four, Amy was taken… She survived.

A week later, another little girl was taken…She didn’t.

Angry that a bad man has gotten away with murder, feisty young Amy Fox makes a deal with the heavens.  When she dies, if she’s been a good girl, would they let her sit on a cloud for a while, invisible, and get the bad people who slip through God’s fingers?

Her deal and God long forgotten; career girl Amy mysteriously dies. Her lifeless body is found beneath a London underground commuter train.

She awakens in the afterlife to discover an international network of like-minded souls who’ve all made the same deal. A sophisticated MI5-esque justice machine sits in the skies. The only evidence they leave behind during their earthly visits is a small white feather sashaying to the ground.

Amy hates rules, she may be a new Angel but for how long?  Abusing her powers, lusting after her partner, avenging personal scores, protecting the underdog, dishing out unauthorized karma on terrorists, traffickers, abusers, hunters, bullies, bitches and competing Warlords will have her thrown below ground.

In a chaotic world of vendettas, jealous ex’s on her heels and powerful adversaries trying to close her Unit down, Amy has never worked so hard in her entire earthly life. She has to wonder if making the deal was a mistake.

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THE DEAL is First in Series and FREE  



by S C Cunningham

Feisty Amy Fox hates rules, she’s a new Angel, but for how long?

Abusing her powers, lusting after her partner, avenging personal scores, protecting the underdog, dishing out unauthorized karma on terrorists, traffickers, abusers, hunters, bullies, bitches and competing Heaven v Hell Warlords… will have her thrown below ground.

“The Deal is blissfully raw and absolutely perfect. 5 for days.”

“Completely different from anything I have ever read; it is an outstanding book.”

“It got me! It’s been a very long time since I have read a book that I, A. Couldn’t put down and B. I didn’t want it to end!”

“Plots intertwine twist and turn, it’s addictive.”

“Hard to put down – a must read that keeps you guessing.”




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