#CoverReveal “Without Forever (Babylon MC #5)” by Victoria L. James, L.J. Stock

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Without Forever — Book #5 in the Babylon MC Series.

Release Date: TBC—Spring ‘19

Authors: Victoria L. James & L.J. Stock

Cover Design: LJ Designs

Promotions: Bare Naked Words

It is happening, and it is HERE. We are beyond excited to unveil the cover for the fifth and final installment in the Babylon MC Series, Without Forever, coming SOON.

“It’s drama, bone-chilling suspense, f*ckery, edge-of-your-seat passion and outright brilliance at its very finest. Babylon will leave you a quivering mess in all the best ways by the time you are done.” – Kaycee’s Book Corner

Without Forever Blurb:

Babylon is burning.

Loyalty is dying.

Trust has been extinguished.

Too many enemies are waiting at every turn, wanting the blood of The Hounds of Babylon MC and everyone they’ve ever loved. With nowhere left to run, Drew Tucker finally understands that the only way out of the war is to go through it. Despite wanting to protect Ayda Hanagan with everything he has, Drew also knows that she, of all people, belongs by his side. He needs her with him in the midst of battle, holding on tight, right where he can protect her beautiful heart, her precious body, and their dreams of a peaceful future together—a future every man Drew has ever crossed now wants to destroy.

It all comes down to this.

To their passion.

To their ability to survive.

To their need to fight for a peaceful forever.

And their desire to hold onto the kind of love no amount of blood, tears, or death could ever break apart.

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(Please note, this book is not a standalone, and the series should be read in order. Book 1 now on #SALE)


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#BlogTour “Engaging the Enemy (Bourbon Brothers #3)” by Reese Ryan

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Engaging the Enemy cover


An ambitious heir will do whatever it takes to be the next CEO, even play fake fiancé to his childhood nemesis.

“That’s the deal, Abbott. Take it…or leave it.”

How far will an ambitious heir go to secure his future?

Parker Abbott will do whatever it takes to be the next CEO of King’s Finest Distillery, even play fake fiancé to his childhood nemesis, Kayleigh Jemison. Yet as he and the fiery redhead get reacquainted, sparks fly and real passion emerges. But when her ex wants a second chance, who will Kayleigh choose?


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Kayleigh Jemison folded her arms as she stared through the window of her small handmade-jewelry- and-consignment shop.

What the hell was he doing there? It wasn’t Christmas and his mother’s and sister’s birthdays weren’t imminent. And the uptight, Wall-Street-wannabe certainly wasn’t the kind of man who’d wear her hand-tooled jewelry. So why was he here? And why on earth was he staring at her like she was a museum exhibit?

Kayleigh involuntarily dragged her fingers through her wild red curls, trying to create some semblance of order.

It was a slow weekday, so she’d been in the back, stamping and hammering metal pieces to be shipped to customers across the country. She wore a faded old T-shirt and a tattered pair of jeans stained with leather dye. A black bandana pulled her hair back.

In short she looked a hot damn mess.

Of all the days for him to show up at her shop… Kayleigh sighed, giving up any hope of redeeming her look.

What did it matter anyway?

As far as Parker was concerned, she was beneath the mighty Abbotts. They were the family with the keys to the kingdom in their growing small town of Magnolia Lake, Tennessee, a gem situated in the foothills of the picturesque Smoky Mountains.

The Abbotts, owners of King’s Finest Distillery, the largest local employer, were well-known and beloved by everyone in town.

Except her.

The little bell over the entrance tinkled when Parker yanked open the door, holding it for the customer who was leaving. The woman was juggling her purse, her bags and an unruly toddler.

So he does have manners. He just uses them selectively.

“Parker Abbott, what brings you into my shop today?” Kayleigh stood straight as a rod and tried to relax her involuntary scowl.

She’d returned to Magnolia Lake to start a business after going to college in Nashville and then living in Atlanta. Waging an outright war with the Abbotts would be detrimental to her interests. Besides, despite her disdain for Parker and his father, his mother and sister were nice enough. They’d been long-time customers and had referred lots of other clients. They’d even invited her to sell a few of her higher-end pieces on consignment at the distillery gift shop.

It was a lucrative partnership. So despite her utter disdain for the man who’d once been her closest friend, but betrayed her without the slightest hint of an apology, she would play nice.

For now.

“I wondered if you planned on coming in or if you were auditioning to be a living statue.”

Okay, maybe not exactly nice, but close enough.

He glared at her with his typical Parker Abbott glare, but then he did something beyond strange.

He actually smiled.

Or at least he was attempting to smile. He looked like Jack Nicholson as the Joker.

She kept that observation to herself, but she couldn’t help the smirk that spread across her face.

“Good afternoon, Kayleigh,” Parker said in a tone that was unnaturally cheerful for him. “I was hoping I could have a few minutes of your time, if you’re not too busy.”

Kayleigh scanned the empty store, but bit back a flippant response. “Sure. What can I do for you, Abbott?”

Parker relaxed and his smile looked a little more natural. “Actually, I’d like to do something for you.”

Engaging the Enemy 2 teaser


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Reese Ryan writes sexy, deeply emotional romances with family drama, surprising secrets, and a posse of deliciously-flawed characters.

A Midwesterner with deep Southern roots, Reese currently resides in semi-small-town North Carolina where she’s an avid reader, a music junkie, and a self-declared connoisseur of cheesy grits.

Visit Reese at ReeseRyan.com and join her VIP Readers email list for free reads, cover reveals, sneak peeks, reader giveaways, and more.




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