Nesie’s Place 2019!

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2018 was a busy year here on Nesie’s Place with more than half of its nearly 100,000 views amassed in that year alone!

Many thanks to followers and visitors for your comments, likes, shares, and support.

The blog is being revamped with a new look and new features for 2019.

While book tours and promotions will still be featured on Nesie’s Place, more book reviews and author-centric and writing-specific topics will replace the daily book posts.

Book posts are not gone completely—I’ll always share great finds and sales, and Indie authors are always welcome to showcase their latest release, cover reveal or book promotion by contacting me here.

I’m scheduling author interviews and bios for Tuesday Talks with… and interested authors can join in the fun and introduce themselves (again) by contacting me here.

Have a great 2019!


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