“I Look at You and Smile” by Janine Caroline

I Look at You and Smile cover

I Look at You and Smile

by Janine Caroline

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Romance/Multicultural

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Jess is unprepared for her attraction towards new downstairs neighbour, Ethan. He seems troubled and mysterious, leaving her both intrigued and wary. She has enough troubles of her own, being stalked by her ex-boyfriend and can’t escape a recurring dream in which she sees herself in danger.

Jess starts to fall for Ethan but isn’t sure if she can fully trust him. There is something in his past she fears could threaten their relationship and needs to find out more.

As Jess’s stalker ramps-up the pace, Ethan only wants to love and protect her. Stalkers can be dangerous. Especially when the past isn’t ready to let you go.

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Daytime fatigue is fairly common, even normal, if it happens on occasion. It’s our body’s natural reaction to physical or mental exhaustion. However, when it’s persistent, it might be a sign that something is wrong.

On its own, it can’t be used to make a clear conclusion about what might be wrong. The spectrum of possible causes is very broad, ranging from mild issues that can be fixed with a couple of lifestyle changes to severe health problems that require immediate attention.

Here are some of the most common causes of fatigue and possible solutions:


When it comes to lifestyle-related fatigue, poor diet is among the most common. The importance of our gut microbiota has been a hot topic within the scientific community for years now, and it’s known to serve a variety of crucial functions.

Considering the strong connection between the gut microbiome and the brain, it comes as no surprise that what we eat can have a very strong impact on a variety of mental functions, including the subjective perception of fatigue.

Of course, it’s not just our brain that recognizes chronic tiredness. Without proper nutrients, the body gets weak, the first result of which is fatigue.

There’s evidence that minimizing processed sugar and carbs can help alleviate the symptoms of fatigue. Make sure to maintain a balanced diet, and you might feel a lot more energetic throughout the day.


Aside from your eating habits, the amount of physical activity correlates with fatigue. It’s been proven that people living a sedentary lifestyle are far more likely to complain of fatigue than those who exercise regularly.

Lack of exercise and fatigue perpetually build onto one another. In a study, the main reason that middle-aged adults gave for not exercising was tiredness.

This often results in more fatigue, and the only way of breaking the cycle is making yourself do at least some exercises for 30 minutes a day. It can be something as simple as walking, but it’s extremely important that you make it a part of your daily life.


While you’re sleeping, your body performs a variety of important functions, among which is the regulation of energy levels. Unfortunately, many people aren’t able to have high-quality sleep night in and night out, which negatively affects their everyday life.

Sleep deprivation is known to cause a variety of cognitive impairments and one of the leading causes of fatigue. If you’ve suffered from it for a long time, your fatigue might become chronic, so it might take a lot of time and effort before your energy levels can get back to normal.

What you should do is sleep for around seven hours on average every night. Moreover, you need to ensure that the sleep in uninterrupted, so your brain can perform all the necessary functions while you’re going through the stages of sleep.


In this day and age, living a stress-free life is impossible for most. Stress is a normal part of our everyday lives, as long as it’s within the normal range. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for many people, who are exposed to overwhelming stress on a daily basis.

There’s a very strong link between stress and chronic fatigue, as well as many other physical and mental issues. High levels of stress are extremely unhealthy, so they should be avoided as much as possible.

Thankfully, this isn’t as hard as many make it out to be. A plethora of studies have shown that mindfulness meditation can yield incredible improvements and a long-term reduction in everyday stress levels. Just 10 minutes of meditation every day can make a world of difference, so there’s a very high chance it can help you overcome stress-related fatigue.


Everyone loses water via sweat, urine, and many other ways. Proper hydration is essential to human health, and even mild dehydration can cause some serious issues, including chronic fatigue. Aside from this, it can severely impair both cognitive abilities and physical performance.

You might have heard about 8 glasses of water a day rule, but that doesn’t have to be the case. This is just an estimate, and the actual amount of water that your body needs may vary according to numerous factors, including your gender, size, climate, and activity level.

If you believe you’re even slightly dehydrated, try increasing your water intake and observe the results. Make sure to not replace water with sugary drinks, as this will only make the problems worse.


There’s a wide variety of health problems that have fatigue as one of the main causes. Some of them aren’t serious and can be easily treated, while others can be quite serious, or even deadly in rare cases.

A very common underlying cause of fatigue is hypothyroidism. An underactive thyroid produces too little hormones, which results in fatigue.

Diabetes is another common cause of fatigue. Even though the connection isn’t well-understood, fatigue is one of the main symptoms that diabetics report.

The worst-case scenario is cancer-induced fatigue. It happens during both the disease progression and treatment, and almost nothing other than a full recovery can make it go away.

When fatigue is associated with health issues, it’s often not the only symptom. The first thing you should always do is visit your physician so that they can evaluate you and try to pinpoint the cause of your fatigue.


What you see here are only some of the most common causes of dehydration. The full list is very long, so use this to think about the direction you might want to go towards getting rid of this issue.

It’s always a good idea to visit your GP before you make any major lifestyle changes. Assuming that more water or proteins will make the issue go away isn’t the best thing to do. Only do this once you’re sure that there are no medical issues behind your fatigue. Once you do it, take the advice as outlined above and you should notice some improvements with time.

The preceding article is from RedOrbit.com and posted here for sharing purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

“Tilt (Upside Down Book 1)” by Todd Simpson

Tilt cover

Tilt (Upside Down Book 1)

by Todd Simpson

Genre: Hard Science Fiction/Space Fleet

FREE at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Ayaka and Millicent are researchers on the planet Tilt. They believe, though they are having trouble proving, that they have developed a true general artificial intelligence; the problem is that these intelligences are so strange, so different, that it is hard to tell for sure. When Tilt is hailed by ships full of similar beings, announcing their intentions to land and lay claim to Tilt, Ayaka and Millicent are put on the spot. Should Tilt ignore these beings, blast them out of the sky, or give them the chance to prove that they are intelligent once and for all? When the ships end up attacking Tilt, Ayaka is left with no options. Thus begins an epic battle.

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“Outcast (Sacred Amulet Book 1)” by Kiru Taye

Outcast cover

Outcast (Sacred Amulet Book 1)

by Kiru Taye

Genre: Historical Romance/Ancient World/Demons & Devils

99¢ at time of posting!

This is part one of a 2-part serial.

Ugo’ji is an outcast, an untouchable. She lives on the fringe of society as the lowest of the low, a living sacrifice to the gods. The only person she interacts with is her aged grandmother Nne who nurtures her powerful gift of healing. Until the day she meets Ebube a strange warrior to their lands. He ignites a yearning within her she’s unable to ignore.

Ebube is drawn to the young maiden with the emerald green eyes who possesses the body of a goddess and the healing touch of an angel. But he is forbidden from mating with a human and the consequence is the wrath of the gods.

Moreover he is on a mission. If he fails, the gates of hell will be opened and the earth plunged into darkness. He cannot stay and she cannot go with him.

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“Racing and Robberies (Dune House Cozy Mystery Book 13)” by Cindy Bell

Racing and Robberies cover

Racing and Robberies (Dune House Cozy Mystery Book 13)

by Cindy Bell

Genre: Cozy/Mystery/Animals/Hobbies & Crafts

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Suzie and Mary love running Dune House, their beautiful bed and breakfast on the beach. But sharing a car is proving difficult as their business expands. So, they decide to do a little car shopping which turns out to be a huge success. They love their new vehicle and are looking forward to driving it.

But their plans come to a grinding halt when someone is murdered. Suzie and Mary can’t leave a good mystery alone and decide to do a little investigating themselves. They find their hands full when they have to juggle hosting their guests, looking into a murder, and dealing with a couple of detectives who would prefer that they mind their own business. They must navigate through a web of suspects in a race to find the murderer.

Will Suzie and Mary find the murderer fast enough? Or will they land up spinning their wheels?

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“Ruby Learns to Wait” by Dan Parisson

Ruby Learns to Wait cover

Ruby Learns to Wait: (Bedtime story about a little Raccoon who learn patience and good manners, Picture Books, Preschool Books, Ages 3-8, Baby Books, Kids Book, Bedtime stories

by Dan Parisson

Genre: Children/Growing Up/Social Skills/Bedtime Stories

FREE at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Ruby Raccoon is an easy to read, easily understood story of a curious little Raccoon who wants to find food and a place to sleep but he is impatient, and his impatience gets him into trouble.


At this point, he realizes the value of patience, good manners and listening to good advice.


He forms a friendship with the Owl Wise Owl for teaching him these incredibly important virtues.

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Song Lyric Sunday | “New Attitude” – Patti LaBelle

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Song Lyric Sunday was created by Helen Vahdati from This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time. For complete rules or to join in the fun, click here.

This week’s theme is new.”


I don’t make new year’s resolutions but this week’s theme brings to mind the song which sums up my mindset for 2019 – New Attitude!

Patti Labelle recorded this song for the soundtrack of the movie Beverly Hills Cop, starring Eddie Murphy. It was a huge career boost for LaBelle, who had released six solo albums but had yet to place a song in the Top-40. The MTV era was passing her by, as she was having trouble gaining new fans.

Getting involved with the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack was auspicious. She recorded New Attitude and Stir It Up from the set. The movie premiered on December 5, 1984 and became the top film of the year, eventually taking in over $234 million at the American box office. The soundtrack album went to #1, providing great exposure for the song, which fittingly is about a confident, new outlook on life.

Fun Facts

  • Patti’s video for New Attitude got her on MTV for the first time, and in 1986 she had a #1 hit with On My Own, a duet with Michael McDonald.
  • Unlike other hits from the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack – Axel F by Harold Faltermeyer, Neutron Dance by The Pointer Sisters, and The Heat Is On by Glenn Frey – New Attitude was not used in the movie.
  • The backup singers on this track—Carla Benson, Evette Benton and Barbara Ingram—were the same ladies who sang on another motivational song of the era: Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now by McFadden & Whitehead. They toured with Pattie Labelle for the next five years.


See my Song Lyric Sunday selection for FeliciaDenise.com!


Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos and/or gifs above. No copyright infringement intended.

New Attitude

Runnin’ hot
Runnin’ cold
I was runnin’ into overload
It was extreme!

I took it so high
So low
So low there was nowhere to go
Like a bad dream

Somehow the wires were crossed, the tables were turned
Never knew I had such a lesson to learn

I’m feelin’ good from
My head to my shoes
Know where I’m goin’
And I know what to do
I’ve tidied up my point of view
I got a new attitude

I’m in control
My worries are few
‘Cause I’ve got love
Like I never knew
Oo, oo, oo, oo, ooh
I got a new attitude

I’m wearing a new dress, new hat
Brand new ideals
As a matter of fact
I’ve changed for good

It must have been the cool night
New moon, slight change
Or that look in your eye
That makes me feel like I should

Somehow the wires uncrossed
The tables were turned
Never knew I had such a lesson to learn

I’m feelin’ good from
My head to my shoes
Know where I’m goin’
And I know what to do
I’ve tidied up my point of view
I got a new attitude

I’m in control
My worries are few
‘Cause I’ve got love
Like I never knew
Oo, oo, oo, oo, ooh
I got a new attitude
Oo, oo, oo, oo, ooh

Somehow the wires uncrossed
My tables were turned
Never knew I had such a lesson to learn

I’m feelin’ good from
My head to my shoes
Know where I’m goin’
And I know what to do
I’ve tidied up my point of view
I got a new attitude

I’m in control
My worries are few
‘Cause I’ve got love
Like I never knew
Oo, oo, oo, oo, ooh
I got a new attitude

Feelin’ new
Feelin’ new
My head to my shoes are brand new
I’ve got a new, new attitude
Everything about me has changed
Baby, I ain’t the same
I’ve got a new
I’ve got a new
I’ve got a brand new, brand new attitude
Yes, I do
I’ve got a new…



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