“The Shelby Alexander Thriller Series: Books 1-4” by Craig A. Hart

Shelby Alexander 1-4 cover

The Shelby Alexander Thriller Series: Books 1-4 (The Shelby Alexander Thriller Series Boxset Book 1)

by Craig A. Hart

Genre: Thriller/Crime/Vigilante Justice/Pulp

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You don’t lead a life full of action and close scrapes without making a few enemies.

This is the hard lesson ex-boxer and retired fixer Shelby Alexander learns when he travels to his boyhood town in northern Michigan to “settle down.”

As it happens, the bad guys have other ideas.

This explosive, four book collection is, as one reviewer puts it, “A roller coaster ride, filled with drama, innuendoes, twists and turns, secrets, and betrayal, and a bombshell ending that will leave you spinning.”

Throughout this pulse-pounding series, Shelby faces enemies both old and new, relying on the skills he’s learned over the years to stay alive and bring his own brand of vigilante justice to the bad guys.

Full of blazing action, close calls, and memorable characters, the Shelby Alexander series is one you’ll want to visit again and again.

About the Books:

SERENITY: A bullet slams into a wall just past Shelby’s head. A drug dealer offers him $10,000 for information regarding his dead sister. The local sheriff has Shelby in his sights. It’s just another day in the small town of Serenity.

SERENITY STALKED: A cold-blooded killer has blazed a trail of dead bodies across the country, with no one to stand in his way…until he starts killing on Shelby Alexander’s home turf: the small Michigan town of Serenity. The second book in the Shelby Alexander Thriller Series, Serenity Stalked takes readers inside the mind of a terrifying killer. The stakes have never been higher.

SERENITY AVENGED: A ruthless crime boss…a mansion with a chilling secret…a young man faced with the biggest decision of his life. Serenity Avengedtakes readers on a breath-taking ride through a hail of bullets, close calls, and betrayal.

SERENITY SUBMERGED: A mysterious woman knocks on Shelby’s door. A secret lies submerged at the bottom of a lake. And someone close to Shelby is going to die. Action drips from the page in Serenity Submerged, the fourth heart-pounding addition to the Shelby Alexander Thriller Series. Relationships are questioned, secrets are revealed, and no one is quite who they seem. Serenity will never be the same.


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“Unhappily Ever After: A Fairy Tale for Grown-ups” by Lucinda E. Clarke

Unhappily Ever After cover

Unhappily Ever After: A Fairy Tale for Grown-ups

by Lucinda E. Clarke

Genre: Fantasy/Fairy Tales/Fairy Tale Mashups/Satire

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Fairyland is in chaos. It is nearly time for the Grand Royal Annual Ball and Cinderella, has had enough of Prince Charming and desperate to get a divorce – as long as she can continue to enjoy her current standard of living. Harold and Snow White quarrel over his philandering and her refusal to go where every woman has gone before. Augustus also has a problem, his wife Sleeping Beauty is making up for lost time, producing 28 children, and he can’t meet the household bills. There is a dearth of suitable princes for the available spinster princesses and the annual festivities are held for that very reason. There is friction between Ermintrude the Fairy godmother by Royal Appointment and Featherduster who favours the proletariat. Into all this turmoil, the Green Giant arrives, sent by the ‘Party’ to ferment an uprising among the downtrodden peasants who appear quite happy as they are and not interested in anything he has to say – unless he can provide them with TV sets. A non-politically correct tale much closer to the truth than anything you have ever seen on the movies.

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“The Narrative of Benjamin White” by Aaron Brinker

Benjamin White cover

The Narrative of Benjamin White

by Aaron Brinker

Genre: Historical Fiction/African/British/Short Stories

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Legends are born with every war. The name Benjamin White was no exception to this fact. After the battle of Tel El Kebir in 1882, White went missing. The last evidence of him, were footprints leading away from a body in the desert.

Twenty years later, a soldier returns to find answers. Rumors lead him to an oasis, and to a man who may hold the answers to the ever growing mystery that is Benjamin White.

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“Sunny’s Morning Surprise: (Children’s Books- Animal Amazing Bedtime Stories for Toddlers)” by Emily Smith

Sunny's Morning Surprise cover

Sunny’s Morning Surprise: (Children’s Books- Animal Amazing Bedtime Stories for Toddlers)

by Emily Smith

Genre: Children/Literature & Fiction/Christian

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Sunny’s Morning Surprise is a bright and colorful baby elephant story that will at once both entertain your child and bring attention to important concepts:

  • inclusion and rejection
  • handling disappointment
  • practicing joy and patience
  • and keeping an open and generous heart toward others

Author Emily Smith has created a beautifully expressive story to inspire the imagination and delight the heart.

This story follows Sunny the baby elephant as he ventures into his world on a solo quest for friendship and acceptance. Sunny is first disappointed and rejected by others who overlook or exclude him without consideration, primarily because heis not one of them. His sunny disposition prevails, however, and Sunny continues to pleasure in the beauty of the day and draw comfort from the assurance of his mother’s love.


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