“The Monster’s Best Christmas Ever” by Sarah Miller

Monster's Best Christmas cover

The Monster’s Best Christmas Ever: Children’s Bedtime story book about a boy and a girl and their friend Monster, Picture Books, Preschool Book, Kids books, Ages 3-8

by Sarah Miller

Genre: Children/Holidays & Celebrations/Christmas

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Allow me to introduce you to Swizzle, he’s a big green furry monster with long red and white striped hands.

Swizzle lives alone in a forest, which he doesn’t like because he’s a very friendly monster.

The problem is that the children who play in the forest and see him, always run in the opposite direction because they find him scary.All the monster wants to do is to make friends with the children; the only friends he has are the animals of the forest.

One Christmas Eve, Ben and his sister Sophie are in the forest throwing snowballs at each other when Swizzle jumps down from his tree.

What happens next is a complete surprise to the furry monster; the children end up playing snow angels with him. They accept him as he is and see past his appearance.

  • Heartwarming christmas story.


  • Stunningly illustrated.


  • For ages 3-8 years.


  • Written in rhyme.


  • Teaches children to not always judge a book by its cover.


  • Includes pop-up messages.

Accompany Swizzle on his journey and experience the discovery of his best Christmas ever.

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