#Excerpt3 “The Raygin War” by Larry Gerovac

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Title: The Raygin WarRaygin War cover

Author: Larry Gerovac

Genre: Science-Fiction

The Raygin War is a futuristic sci-fi story about an alien race that evolved from Carrion beetles. 25 years after first contact the aliens return with a fleet to invade human space. To stop the invasion the military puts all its hope into a single person. He’s an old school soldier who started his career as a ground pounder in the Sniper Corps. Mac has been involved in about every conflict the military has participated in. His skill as a sniper earned him the respect of every soldier who ever worked with him. He is a self-taught killer. On the battlefield he has no equal. Whether it was killing the opponent in hand-to-hand combat, killing them with a weapon, or just plain old out maneuvering them Mac was the best the military had ever seen. When the Raygin war starts Mac is forced into a leadership role he wanted nothing to do with. Will Mac’s experience and talent be enough to neutralize the alien invasion? All is not what it seems. Read the Raygin War to see if the human race will survive and remain free.



Excerpt 5

Mahpee didn’t understand why the Raygin shield failed, but it couldn’t have happened at a better time. With one ion thruster still working, the big ship was trying to maneuver to Rayne. Ships that gigantic weren’t made to land on a planet. Without its shield the ship would come apart as soon as it hit the ground. Mahpee reached over and activated the graviton tracker. He took over fire control. This freed Bodaway to concentrate on maneuvering his ship for a clear shot.

The Wasp dodged a large hunk of nozzle floating in space. On the screen, Mahpee could see tons of metal floating off in every direction. Perfect, he thought. At first, we will blend in with the debris field. It might buy us an extra second or two. The graviton tracking system confirmed the cloaked ship hadn’t moved. Mahpee fired.

The Wasp’s crew watched on the view screen. The laser hit the invisible target. The cloak fluttered and disappeared leaving the ship for all to see. Mahpee had never viewed such an elegant ship. It was sleek, grey-purple in color, and it looked like a bird in flight with two small stability wings. Did the Raygin have unknown allies?

Mahpee fired the laser again and hit the now uncloaked ship but not before it launched an energy weapon at the Wasp. The sleek ship became engulfed in a flash, as the Wasp’s plasma canon hit home. The beautiful alien ship and its occupants dissolved into space dust.

The golden energy fired from the alien ship took the shape of three small rings. They behaved like a spring, collapsing in on itself over and over. It gained speed with every recoil. The Wasp turned toward the planet to evade the energy rings. The rings turned and closed in on them.

“Brace for impact,” said Bodaway.

The computer diverted every bit of energy, including life support, to the shields. The rings hit the Wasp and spread over her entire surface. The shields held but shorted out as the energy faded. Life support turned back on. Mahpee let out a sigh of relief.

As the damaged Raygin ship attempted to land on Rayne it fired a weakened bank of lasers at the Wasp. It was a last ditch effort, as the big ship sunk into the atmosphere.

A couple lasers rocked the unshielded Wasp. Mahpee couldn’t believe they weren’t vaporized.


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Larry GerovacAuthor Bio

Larry Gerovac was born in the shadows of the steel mills, oil refineries, and railroad yards of the Midwestern United States. He is a Navy Veteran and a first generation American. He writes in the genre of Science, Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Horror.


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