“Christmas Cookie Kisses: Four sweet, multicultural holiday novellas”

Christmas Cookie Kisses cover

Christmas Cookie Kisses: Four sweet, multicultural holiday novellas

Genre: Genre Fiction/Inspirational/Holidays/Anthology

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Love and a Whole Lot of Santas by Terri J. Haynes
National Harbor Gaylord’s Conference Assistant Manager, Ayira Nelson, has lost her biggest conference. Sydney Kensington has opened a bakery after devastating failure. Then the International St. Nicholas Association comes to town. Can Ayira and Sydney find happiness and love with a little help from a whole lot of Santas?

Peppermint Christmas By Debby Lee
Starr Clearwater returns home to visit her ailing grandmother and finds the family-owned bakery deep in debt. Single dad, Declan O’Keefe has a vested interest in keeping his troubled daughter working at the bakery. Starr and Declan join forces to pay the debt and thwart a crooked banker bent on foreclosing the establishment.

Christmas at the Aloha Café by Jacquolyn McMurray
Widower, Noelani Kekoa, loves all things Christmas. When her obsession to defeat Caroline Hoapili for the “Best Christmas Lawn Display” trophy steals her Christmas joy, she seeks assistance from the most unlikely person—Caroline’s husband. Kalama doesn’t understand Noelani’s obsession, but will he agree to help his former classmate?

Loving Luke by Cecelia Dowdy
When unemployed, brokenhearted Kim returns to Bethlehem she’s stunned when she encounters her ex-beau, Luke. A widowed, single-father, Luke is failing Calculus. Can Kim tutor him? Luke has already hurt her once, so, can she find the courage to trust him again?

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“Inside the Whispers (Samantha Willerby Mystery Series Book 1)” by A J Waines

Inside the Whispers cover

Inside the Whispers: a tense, haunting psychological thriller (Samantha Willerby Mystery Series Book 1)

by A J Waines

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Detective/Psychological

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

The most dangerous place is inside your own head…

Dr Samantha Willerby, a specialist in Post Traumatic Stress, has never seen anything like this before. Following a fire on the London Underground, three survivors seek her help but although unmistakably traumatised, their stories don’t match the facts. Are they ‘faking it’? Sam’s confusion turns to horror when one by one, instead of recovering, they are driven to suicide.

When her lover, Conrad, begins to suffer the same terrifying flashbacks, Sam is desperate to find out what’s causing them. As a mysterious and chilling conspiracy begins to unravel the nightmares begin for Sam…

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#Excerpt3 “The Raygin War” by Larry Gerovac

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Title: The Raygin WarRaygin War cover

Author: Larry Gerovac

Genre: Science-Fiction

The Raygin War is a futuristic sci-fi story about an alien race that evolved from Carrion beetles. 25 years after first contact the aliens return with a fleet to invade human space. To stop the invasion the military puts all its hope into a single person. He’s an old school soldier who started his career as a ground pounder in the Sniper Corps. Mac has been involved in about every conflict the military has participated in. His skill as a sniper earned him the respect of every soldier who ever worked with him. He is a self-taught killer. On the battlefield he has no equal. Whether it was killing the opponent in hand-to-hand combat, killing them with a weapon, or just plain old out maneuvering them Mac was the best the military had ever seen. When the Raygin war starts Mac is forced into a leadership role he wanted nothing to do with. Will Mac’s experience and talent be enough to neutralize the alien invasion? All is not what it seems. Read the Raygin War to see if the human race will survive and remain free.



Excerpt 5

Mahpee didn’t understand why the Raygin shield failed, but it couldn’t have happened at a better time. With one ion thruster still working, the big ship was trying to maneuver to Rayne. Ships that gigantic weren’t made to land on a planet. Without its shield the ship would come apart as soon as it hit the ground. Mahpee reached over and activated the graviton tracker. He took over fire control. This freed Bodaway to concentrate on maneuvering his ship for a clear shot.

The Wasp dodged a large hunk of nozzle floating in space. On the screen, Mahpee could see tons of metal floating off in every direction. Perfect, he thought. At first, we will blend in with the debris field. It might buy us an extra second or two. The graviton tracking system confirmed the cloaked ship hadn’t moved. Mahpee fired.

The Wasp’s crew watched on the view screen. The laser hit the invisible target. The cloak fluttered and disappeared leaving the ship for all to see. Mahpee had never viewed such an elegant ship. It was sleek, grey-purple in color, and it looked like a bird in flight with two small stability wings. Did the Raygin have unknown allies?

Mahpee fired the laser again and hit the now uncloaked ship but not before it launched an energy weapon at the Wasp. The sleek ship became engulfed in a flash, as the Wasp’s plasma canon hit home. The beautiful alien ship and its occupants dissolved into space dust.

The golden energy fired from the alien ship took the shape of three small rings. They behaved like a spring, collapsing in on itself over and over. It gained speed with every recoil. The Wasp turned toward the planet to evade the energy rings. The rings turned and closed in on them.

“Brace for impact,” said Bodaway.

The computer diverted every bit of energy, including life support, to the shields. The rings hit the Wasp and spread over her entire surface. The shields held but shorted out as the energy faded. Life support turned back on. Mahpee let out a sigh of relief.

As the damaged Raygin ship attempted to land on Rayne it fired a weakened bank of lasers at the Wasp. It was a last ditch effort, as the big ship sunk into the atmosphere.

A couple lasers rocked the unshielded Wasp. Mahpee couldn’t believe they weren’t vaporized.


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Larry GerovacAuthor Bio

Larry Gerovac was born in the shadows of the steel mills, oil refineries, and railroad yards of the Midwestern United States. He is a Navy Veteran and a first generation American. He writes in the genre of Science, Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Horror.


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“Claiming Bella for Christmas (The DuPont Holiday Series Book 1)” by Ally Prince

Claiming Bella cover

Claiming Bella for Christmas (The DuPont Holiday Series Book 1)

by Ally Prince

Genre: Romance/Holidays/Short Reads

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

A girl who has had her trust broken and a man determined to claim her.

Bella Pembroke moved hundreds of miles from home hoping for a fresh start. Landing a job at DuPont Pediatrics had been the turning point she needed, it also helped that her new boss was a hottie. Bella loved to stare at Nathan DuPont from a distance but promised herself she would never ever touch. Her past had left her thinking she may never trust a man again.

Nathan DuPont had spent six months keeping an eye on Bella, hoping that the day would come that he could claim her as his own. When fate steps in and throws a string of bad luck in Bella’s direction, Nathan knows the opportunity is too good to pass up. He will show Bella that he will protect her, but most of all, love her.

This is a 12K safe short story with a nice hot doctor and the all important HEA.

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“The Monster’s Best Christmas Ever” by Sarah Miller

Monster's Best Christmas cover

The Monster’s Best Christmas Ever: Children’s Bedtime story book about a boy and a girl and their friend Monster, Picture Books, Preschool Book, Kids books, Ages 3-8

by Sarah Miller

Genre: Children/Holidays & Celebrations/Christmas

FREE at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Allow me to introduce you to Swizzle, he’s a big green furry monster with long red and white striped hands.

Swizzle lives alone in a forest, which he doesn’t like because he’s a very friendly monster.

The problem is that the children who play in the forest and see him, always run in the opposite direction because they find him scary.All the monster wants to do is to make friends with the children; the only friends he has are the animals of the forest.

One Christmas Eve, Ben and his sister Sophie are in the forest throwing snowballs at each other when Swizzle jumps down from his tree.

What happens next is a complete surprise to the furry monster; the children end up playing snow angels with him. They accept him as he is and see past his appearance.

  • Heartwarming christmas story.


  • Stunningly illustrated.


  • For ages 3-8 years.


  • Written in rhyme.


  • Teaches children to not always judge a book by its cover.


  • Includes pop-up messages.

Accompany Swizzle on his journey and experience the discovery of his best Christmas ever.

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“The Christmas Robot (The Little Robot Trilogy Book 2)” by Andrew Glennon

The Christmas Robot (The Little Robot Trilogy Book 2)

by Andrew Glennon

Genre: Children/Science Fiction & Fantasy/Christmas

FREE at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Meet TwinKle#25. Join him for an unforgettable Christmas adventure.

What can an old robot toy know about the true magic of Christmas?

What secrets lie within TwinKle#25 and an old toy shop?

Just who is the International toy thief and what does he really want?

Explore a new exciting world as a young boy and his sister discover what Christmas is really about. From the author of The Loneliest Robot (5-star rated title), comes another warm-hearted and thrilling adventure for children of all ages!

An imaginative and moving new Christmas book for middle grade and teens (9-15) and older readers who still believe. Bursting with rich characters and beautiful illustrations – this uplifting tale is told with Christmas cheer and warmth. Discover The Christmas Robot.

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