#Excerpt2 “The Raygin War” by Larry Gerovac

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Title: The Raygin WarRaygin War cover

Author: Larry Gerovac

Genre: Science-Fiction

The Raygin War is a futuristic sci-fi story about an alien race that evolved from Carrion beetles. 25 years after first contact the aliens return with a fleet to invade human space. To stop the invasion the military puts all its hope into a single person. He’s an old school soldier who started his career as a ground pounder in the Sniper Corps. Mac has been involved in about every conflict the military has participated in. His skill as a sniper earned him the respect of every soldier who ever worked with him. He is a self-taught killer. On the battlefield he has no equal. Whether it was killing the opponent in hand-to-hand combat, killing them with a weapon, or just plain old out maneuvering them Mac was the best the military had ever seen. When the Raygin war starts Mac is forced into a leadership role he wanted nothing to do with. Will Mac’s experience and talent be enough to neutralize the alien invasion? All is not what it seems. Read the Raygin War to see if the human race will survive and remain free.



Excerpt 3

Grasping what the captain was about to ask her she said, “I can’t captain. The aliens are killing us. I can’t think straight, I’m too scared.”

“We’re all scared lieutenant. If these walking bugs come to the bridge, you may be able to save a few of us if you can communicate with them.”

The lieutenant looked around the bridge and realized the captain was right. Everyone looked scared. She took a deep breath, exhaled. “I’ll try.”

“Walk me through what you’re thinking lieutenant.”

“Well, since they attacked us, and they shot unarmed colonists, I’d call them an aggressive species. I’m sure they have a strong sense of survival. Most bugs do. Avoid eye contact. If they evolved from insects, we have nothing in common communication wise. Many bugs use chemical scents to communicate. Some can make noises with their bodies, but nothing like what we are used to. The lieutenant’s eyes went white as she thought about what she learned in school. “Many bugs are omnivorous, captain. What if they see us as food?”

Sparks started flying from the heavy security barrier on the bridge. The massive door began to melt like ice on a hot day. The crew watched in fear.

“Everyone stay seated. Keep your eyes on me, or Lieutenant Muween. Whatever you do, do not stare at the aliens. Security, put your weapons on the floor.”

The door melted and made a molten mess on the floor. An alien in body armor stepped forward followed by two companions. Their job seemed to be to secure the bridge. One stood on the liquefied metal as if unconcerned. The alien armor design appeared to be stronger than human armor.

The captain hoped the lieutenant could keep her composure. The aliens were butt ugly. They had long antennae hanging forward over their heads. Their arms and legs ended in fingered claws. Instead of a neck they had a thorax followed by a hard-shelled abdomen. Hissing noises were coming from the bodies of a couple aliens on the bridge. Six more entered, followed by an alien with a red decal on its body armor. He appeared to be the leader.

The alien with the red decal reached up and removed a partial helmet, exposing two large black eyes. It moved its two maxillary palp appendages, designed to help cram food into its big mouth. The creature walked up to Lieutenant Muween and stood inches from her face. She breathed in, trying to calm her nerves. The smell emitted by the bug leader was like thousands of sweet flowers. It was too much for the lieutenant’s olfactory senses. She turned her head and vomited.


Excerpt 4

Mac positioned himself before the troops and said, “Everyone relax! Let me give you a few insights and rules. First off, call me Mac. You will find colonist duty to be informal by military standards. Unlike many of you, I chose this assignment. You military ground pounders forced to be here, life sucks and you got a shitty billet. Don’t whine to me about it. Next, as long as we aren’t in a firefight and the lieutenant gives you an order like, get me coffee, bring me a pen, or order this part, do it. If we are in a firefight and he tells you to do something, don’t do it. Tell him he has to go through me.”

“By a show of hands, how many of you are conscripts.” Out of 60 troops, fourteen held up their hands. This didn’t surprise him. Young fleet soldiers all wanted to see action, not watch plants grow while on colonist duty. The military filled in with conscripts when they didn’t have enough regulars. Most conscripts would become Third platoon and get special attention. “How many of you have been in action?” Half the troops raised their hands. Mac shook his head. “I mean real action. Where you had to shoot at an enemy because they were trying to kill you. Show me those hands again.” This time, ten people held up their hands.

Mac looked at all ten experienced troopers. “Tinker, is that you.”

“Yeah Mac, it’s me.”

“Well ain’t that the shits.”

Everyone laughed.

Mac smiled. “How’d you wind up here?”

“I volunteered when I found out you were here.”

Mac used a hand signal telling Tinker to not say a word. “Did everyone hear what he said? Now there’s someone who knows how to suck up. Come see me after this training session. You troops with experience, I’ll be expecting lots of help from you. For now, put on one of the backpacks by the door and follow me.”


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Larry GerovacAuthor Bio

Larry Gerovac was born in the shadows of the steel mills, oil refineries, and railroad yards of the Midwestern United States. He is a Navy Veteran and a first generation American. He writes in the genre of Science, Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Horror.


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