“Loving Gio (Love Notes Book 1)” by L.S. Bergman

Loving Gio cover

Loving Gio (Love Notes Book 1)

by L.S. Bergman

Genre: Genre Fiction/Urban/Erotica

2.99 at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

“Courageous” and “resilient”. Two words that aptly sum up the gifted and beautiful Giovanna Walker.

Two more.

“Quirky” and “wilful” … especially when it comes to relationships. In matters of the heart, Gio has never been particularly impressed. She’s not sure she even believes in love. She sure hasn’t expressed a great interest in finding it. Up until now, hook-ups are more Gio’s scene, satisfying needs and keeping it on the fly. Casual parlance and fleeting encounters.

Blessed with a unique talent, Gio’s primary commitment remains her art. Most days, the sufferance and desire of self-expression alone feels like commitment enough, and, given her struggles of late, certainly all she can handle. Present circumstances aside, it would take an exceptional kind of man to even connect let alone sway Gio’s soul.

Justin Redman is one such man.

“Loving Gio” is the first book in the Love Notes Series. The beginning of a love story for talented artist, Giovanna Walker, a troubled soul, an outsider, with circumstances not entirely under her control. Gio has desires and intentions a-plenty, loving on the mind … like all the time … if only life would just settle-down, behave, and darn well cooperate.

“Loving Gio” is a short story, an intense slice of time, journeying one woman’s struggle for the freedom she desires, to live on her terms, to express herself unequivocally, pursue love wholeheartedly … “no matter what”.

** Dear Reader, please be warned. This is an adult love story with erotic leanings, utilizing at times graphic language with adult sexual content and themes. It is written for an +18 adult audience only.**

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