“Willy the Dinosaur and the Magic Cake” by Robert B. Grand

Willy the Dinosaur cover

Willy the Dinosaur & the Magic Cake: (Children’s book about a Dinosaur Who Learns that Sharing is Caring, Bedtime Story, Picture Books, Ages 3-5, Preschool Books, Kids Books, Dinosaur Books)

by Robert B. Grand

Genre: Children’s Nonfiction/Non-Religious/Holidays and Festivals

FREE at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Enjoy first book in series about Willy the Dinosaur

This is a cute bedtime book for toddlers about dinosaur who learns kids that sharing is caring.
Book is well edited and easy for young children to understand.

Willy is excited to share his fifth birthday with friends. His grandma bakes a huge cake: she tells Willy that if you eat this cake, your wishes will come true. Willy decides that he will eat the whole cake and refuses to share with his friends. They get angry and leave. Now Willy feels sad. Grandma agrees to bake another cake if Willy apologizes to his friends.Willy persuades them to return the next day. This time Willy gives all his friends huge pieces and eats only a little. What does Willy wish for and will his wish come true?

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