“Christmas Cookie Kisses: Four sweet, multicultural holiday novellas”

Christmas Cookie Kisses cover

Christmas Cookie Kisses: Four sweet, multicultural holiday novellas

by Multiple Authors

Genre: Genre Fiction/Inspirational/Holidays/Anthology

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Love and a Whole Lot of Santas by Terri J. Haynes
National Harbor Gaylord’s Conference Assistant Manager, Ayira Nelson, has lost her biggest conference. Sydney Kensington has opened a bakery after devastating failure. Then the International St. Nicholas Association comes to town. Can Ayira and Sydney find happiness and love with a little help from a whole lot of Santas?

Peppermint Christmas By Debby Lee
Starr Clearwater returns home to visit her ailing grandmother and finds the family-owned bakery deep in debt. Single dad, Declan O’Keefe has a vested interest in keeping his troubled daughter working at the bakery. Starr and Declan join forces to pay the debt and thwart a crooked banker bent on foreclosing the establishment.

Christmas at the Aloha Café by Jacquolyn McMurray
Widower, Noelani Kekoa, loves all things Christmas. When her obsession to defeat Caroline Hoapili for the “Best Christmas Lawn Display” trophy steals her Christmas joy, she seeks assistance from the most unlikely person—Caroline’s husband. Kalama doesn’t understand Noelani’s obsession, but will he agree to help his former classmate?

Loving Luke by Cecelia Dowdy
When unemployed, brokenhearted Kim returns to Bethlehem she’s stunned when she encounters her ex-beau, Luke. A widowed, single-father, Luke is failing Calculus. Can Kim tutor him? Luke has already hurt her once, so, can she find the courage to trust him again?

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Fibromyalgia & Haloperidol

Fibro Cloud

Haloperidol is an anti-psychotic that can be used to help treat certain kinds of mental disorders as well as help control symptoms of Tourette syndrome. More specifically, it can help with psychosis, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. Haloperidol works by lowering the levels of the chemical dopamine in the brain, which helps treat psychosis.

A prescription is needed for this medication, and it is commonly known as Haldol Decanoate. Also, it can be given in different forms: as an oral tablet, an oral solution, or an injection. For this article we will be examining the oral tablet form of haloperidol. Also, we will observe how this medication is connected to helping fibromyalgia patients.

Please note that I am not a doctor. This article has undergone extensive research, but it should not replace your doctor’s expertise and advice. Contact your doctor for any other questions you may have.


As with other medications, haloperidol has some warnings. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to your doctor. Here is a list of warnings:

  • Allergies: Let your doctor know if you have had any allergic reactions to this or other medications. Stop taking haloperidol immediately if you experience any severe reactions, such as difficulty breathing, swelling of the tongue or mouth, or hives. If you believe you are experiencing a severe allergic reaction to haloperidol, call 911 immediately.
  • Pregnancy: There may be possible risks associated with this medication while pregnant. However, your doctor may recommend haloperidol depending on if the potential benefit outweighs the potential risk to the fetus. Contact your doctor for the best option for your condition. Let your doctor know if you are pregnant or become pregnant. Also, please note that you should avoid breastfeeding to your child while using this medication.
  • Alcohol: Do not drink alcohol while using this medication. Consuming alcohol while taking haloperidol can cause serious side effects and cause your blood pressure to decrease.
  • Children: Keep this medication out of children’s reach. It is not approved for children under the age of 3 years old.
  • Seniors: If you are 65 years or older, the effects of haloperidol may be stronger. It is possible to be more at risk for side effects, including movement disorders, such as tardive dyskinesia.
  • Other conditions: There are certain conditions that may negatively interact with this medication. If you have Parkinson’s disease, low white blood cell counts, or thyrotoxicosis, do not take haloperidol as it could lead to more serious symptoms. Let your doctor know of any other medical conditions you have in order to discern more accurately what treatment options are best for you.

Side Effects

There are several side effects of haloperidol. Here is a list of more common symptoms:

  • drowsiness
  • anxiety
  • agitation
  • difficulty sleeping
  • nausea
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • weight gain
  • dry mouth
  • decreased sexual activity
  • change in menstrual cycle

There are certain side effects that are more serious than the ones listed above. Also, if you experience serious side effects, contact your doctor immediately. More serious side effects include:

  • jaundice
  • tardive dyskinesia
  • dystonia
  • blurred vision
  • low blood pressure
  • irregular heart beat
  • heart problems
  • seizures
  • stiffness
  • swelling
  • trembling

If you have side effects that persist over a long period of time or become severe, stop taking haloperidol and call your doctor. However, if your side effects appear to be life threatening call 911 immediately. For a full list of side effects, visit Medicine Net.

Uses of Haloperidol: Fibromyalgia

As mentioned earlier, haloperidol can help treat certain conditions, including disruptive disorders and behavior problems. However, it can also help treat fibromyalgia. In fact, studies have found that Haldol that has active ingredients of haloperidol that can help patients with Fibromyalgia.

How does it treat Fibromyalgia?

Not only does haloperidol help treat some mental health conditions, it can also treat chronic pain as well. This relates directly to fibromyalgia because of the related symptoms including mental health problems, such as anxiety or depression, as well as chronic pain. There are some studies that have been conducted involving the effects of anti-psychotics and how they can help treat both acute and chronic pain in adults.

Additionally, there are different online discussion spaces that offer a way for patients and individuals to talk about their experience of fibromyalgia and haloperidol. Individuals with fibromyalgia who have experienced using this medicine discuss their different reactions on ProHealth and Treato. If you are looking to see what other people think of haloperidol, you can always participate in other online conversations as well.

Talk to your doctor about other methods or treatment options to find out if this medication is right for you. Also, please note there have been some cases in which haloperidol has had negative effects or severe side effects. Haloperidol may not be right for everyone.


The preceding article is from RedOrbit.com and posted here for sharing purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

“January in Atlantis: A Poseidon’s Warrior paranormal romance (Poseidon’s Warriors Book 1)” by Alyssa Day

January in Atlantis cover

January in Atlantis: A Poseidon’s Warrior paranormal romance (Poseidon’s Warriors Book 1)

by Alyssa Day

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Fantasy

FREE at time of posting!

Bruce’s Cave, Ireland
Flynn twirled the sword in his right hand and the dagger in his left and sauntered toward the three dragons blocking the entrance to the cave.
“Boys, boys, boys. I’m not planning to tell anyone about your lair or your treasure or even that tendency you have to dress up in pink skirts and dance in the moonlight.”
The largest of the three reared back and roared, and the cave itself seemed to shake. Anyone who has ever heard a dragon roar would be amazed that Flynn wasn’t on the ground, prostrate, trembling in his boots.
Flynn was from Atlantis. He wasn’t the trembling kind.
* * *
When black sheep Flynn returns to Atlantis after more than a decade away, he discovers that his brothers thought he was dead and moved on with their lives. But before he can wrap his brain around that problem, Poseidon himself taps Flynn to be one of a new generation of elite warriors. Now he only has to: learn how to be part of a team, rescue a group of kidnapped girls from the Hell’s Dark Angels motorcycle gang, and try to understand why a certain redhaired bartender with an affinity for animals is driving him mad…
Eva Calandar needs to run. Again. Her ex-boyfriend, a black magic practitioner, has tracked heR down. Again. But she might be the key to rescuing a group of girls from becoming human sacrifices, and there’s a certain astonishingly hot Atlantean warrior with a fierce protective instinct who is making her think longing thoughts of finally making a stand.
Together, they’re so much stronger than they were apart, but the heat between them may be enough to burn down the world.
No matter what the temperature is in January . . . in Atlantis.

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“Hounds of Babylon MC Texas Series” on Sale!

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“Coma Girl: part 1 (Kindle Single)” by Stephanie Bond

Coma Girl P1 cover

Coma Girl: part 1 (Kindle Single)

by Stephanie Bond

Genre: Romance/Humor & Satire/Short Read

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From the international bestselling author of STOP THE WEDDING! (now a Hallmark Channel movie) and the BODY MOVERS mystery series comes a new story of family drama, suspense, comedy, and romance.

In COMA GIRL, a victim of a tragic event lies in a hospital bed, at the mercy of friends and relatives who think she can’t hear them. But she SO can.

This COMA GIRL, Part 1 novella is a month’s worth of daily segments: JULY

The Part 1 novella is JULY, Part 2 is AUGUST, Part 3 is SEPTEMBER, Part 4 is OCTOBER, Part 5 is NOVEMBER, part 6 is DECEMBER.

(In total there are 6 parts to COMA GIRL.)

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“Willy the Dinosaur and the Magic Cake” by Robert B. Grand

Willy the Dinosaur cover

Willy the Dinosaur & the Magic Cake: (Children’s book about a Dinosaur Who Learns that Sharing is Caring, Bedtime Story, Picture Books, Ages 3-5, Preschool Books, Kids Books, Dinosaur Books)

by Robert B. Grand

Genre: Children’s Nonfiction/Non-Religious/Holidays and Festivals

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Enjoy first book in series about Willy the Dinosaur

This is a cute bedtime book for toddlers about dinosaur who learns kids that sharing is caring.
Book is well edited and easy for young children to understand.

Willy is excited to share his fifth birthday with friends. His grandma bakes a huge cake: she tells Willy that if you eat this cake, your wishes will come true. Willy decides that he will eat the whole cake and refuses to share with his friends. They get angry and leave. Now Willy feels sad. Grandma agrees to bake another cake if Willy apologizes to his friends.Willy persuades them to return the next day. This time Willy gives all his friends huge pieces and eats only a little. What does Willy wish for and will his wish come true?

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