“My T-Rex Has a Toothache – Childrens Picture Book” by Elwyn Tate

My T-Rex cover

My T-Rex Has a Toothache – Children’s Picture Book

by Elwyn Tate

Genre: Children/Animals/Dinosaurs/Stories in Verse

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Perfect for imaginative and creative children.

Perfect for early and elementary readers.
Also fun or to be read aloud

Professional quality illustrations on every page!

Large easy to read text!

“My T-Rex has a toothache
It keeps him up all night,
He moans and groans, gnaws and roars…
It’s such a sorry sight!

My T-Rex has a toothache
it’s put him off his food
he wont eat porkchops… Triceratops… or anything that’s stewed”

Best read in landscape
Fully optimized for Kindle Fire and IPad

What does a boy do when he’s pet T-Rex has a toothache?

A fun book to read a-loud, told in rhyme and colorfully illustrated throughout.

Amazon KU

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