#GuestBlog by Bruce Robert Coffin and “Beyond the Truth”

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Guest Blogger – Bruce Robert Coffin

Thank you so much for inviting me to blog at Nesie’s Place!

I’ll be honest and tell your readers that I struggled a bit trying to come up with something new and fresh to talk about. What could I say in my blog that hadn’t been said before? But then it hit me. Tell the readers when the idea for Beyond the Truth first came about. Of course, I thought. Why hadn’t I thought of that before?

The idea first came to me in early December of 2015. My agent, Paula Munier of Talcott NotchAmong the Shadows cover Literary, was shopping my first Detective Byron novel, Among the Shadows, as a series and one of the publishers wanted to know what the next book was about. As I was only halfway through the manuscript for book two at the time, I hadn’t even settled on a title yet, let alone figured out the ending. Paula made me sit down and write a synopsis for Byron 2. Begrudgingly, I did just that.

Having just arrived at the Walker Memorial Library in Westbrook, planning to work all day on the manuscript, my agent’s request put a serious dent in those plans. But I settled in a quiet corner and began typing out the synopsis. The first part was easy, I had already written most of it. Slowly but surely the remainder of the storyline began to leak out onto the page. It took me four hours to write it, but when I was finished I had the roadmap for what would become Beneath the Depths. I attached the document to an email and sent it off to Paula. Homework, or in this case library work, completed, I departed with plans to return the following day. I needed to get back to work on my manuscript for book 2. Beneath the Depths coverBut that isn’t what happened.

The next day I showed up bright and early and set about working on Byron 2. I even opened the document. But as I sat there trying to focus on my story, another idea reared up and grabbed hold of me. Damn you, Paula, I thought. She had ruined me with that forced synopsis. I wondered, would I ever be able to write another novel? Or would I just keep churning out synopses? Realizing that until I got this nagging idea for Byron 3 down on paper, I wouldn’t be able to focus on the manuscript for Byron 2, I gave in and started writing the synopsis for book 3. It took the entire day but I finished the synopsis and it was good. Really good. I couldn’t wait to write this novel. There was only one problem. I still had to finish Byron 2. Actually, there were two problems standing in my way. I knew if we found a publisher that they’d still want changes to Byron 1, Among the Shadows.

In the end, it all worked out. In the spring of 2016 we signed a contract with HarperCollins. Among the Shadows was released in September of 2016. I finished the manuscript for Byron 2, Beneath the Depths. And in February of 2017, fourteen agonizing months after writing the synopsis, I sat down to write Byron 3. Even after all this time, I am still very excited about Beyond the Truth. Hopefully the readers will share my enthusiasm.


Beyond the Truth by Bruce Robert Coffin

In this latest enthralling mystery from #1 bestselling author Bruce Robert Coffin, Detective Sergeant John Byron faces the greatest challenge of his career.

When a popular high school senior is shot by police following a late night robbery, chaos ensues. The actions of the officer are immediately called into question. Amid community protests, political grandstanding, department leaks, and reluctant witnesses, Byron and his team must work quickly to find the missing pieces.

And when an attempt is made on the officer’s life, Byron shifts into overdrive, putting everything on the line. Was the attack merely retribution or something more sinister? The search for the truth may come at a price not even Byron can afford.

Book Details:

Genre: Mystery
Published by: Witness Impulse
Publication Date: October 30, 2018
Number of Pages: 448
ISBN: 0062569511 (ISBN13: 9780062569516)
Series: Detective Byron #3
Purchase Links: Amazon 🔗 | Barnes & Noble 🔗 | Goodreads 🔗


Author Bio:

Bruce Robert Coffin

Bruce Robert Coffin is a former detective sergeant with more than twenty-seven years in law enforcement. At the time of his retirement from the Portland, Maine police department, he supervised all homicide and violent crime investigations for Maine’s largest city. Following the terrorist attacks of September 11th, Bruce spent four years working counter-terrorism with the FBI, earning the Director’s Award, the highest honor a non-agent can receive. His first two books, Among the Shadows and Beneath the Depths, were both Maine Sunday Telegram #1 bestsellers.

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