“A Life Restarted: Romance After Forty (I Won’t Marry You Book 2)” by Susan Leigh Carlton

A Life Restarted cover

A Life Restarted: Romance After Forty (I Won’t Marry You Book 2)

by Susan Leigh Carlton

Genre: Historical Western Romance/Christian

FREE at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Abigail Ashley had given up on love. As the widow of a notorious convict, she could hardly show her face in society without her husband’s crimes overshadowing her every step, marking her as unworthy in the eyes of proper society. Instead, she lives only for her daughter and her grandson, and dedicates her life to taking care of the only family she has left.

But when Brady Lucas comes along, nothing in her life will ever be the same.

Brady knows what it’s like to live in the secret torment of one’s past. His heart has yet to heal after the loss of his wife, and he is haunted by guilt over leaving his daughter in the care of her grandparents. But there’s something about Abigail he cannot resist, regardless of his stubborn pride—a spark of romance that could be fanned into a flame, if only he could let himself love once more…

“A Life Restarted” is a historical western romance novel set in 1870, and is the second novel of the “I Won’t Marry You” series. Order your copy today!

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