“Love & Other Phobias” by Emma Nichols

Love and Other Phobias cover

Love & Other Phobias

by Emma Nichols

Genre: Romance/Military/Sports

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For two broken people, love was the biggest fear of all.

After her brother’s suicide, Sophie built a life of solitude where she was safe from what scared her, which was practically everything. In middle school, she’d learned how easily trust could be broken, and blamed herself for her brother’s death. Then a fire in her high rise resulted in her being her carried kicking and screaming into the world, forcing her to face her painful past if she wanted a chance at a better future with the one guy she’d never forgotten.

Firefighter Cam Everett wasn’t willing to let her perish in the flames. A former Marine, he’d been trained to never leave a man behind. Unfortunately, he’d never been taught how to let go of his past and life as a civilian was empty at best, painful at worst. On a routine call to a high rise fire, he rescued her, but in order to move forward she’d need to save him too.

Their only chance of survival was each other. Their only chance at redemption was a heartbeat away.

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