“When Death Comes Stealing (Tamara Hayle Series)” by Valerie Wilson Wesley

When Death comes Stealing cover

When Death Comes Stealing (Tamara Hayle Mystery Series)

by Valerie Wilson Wesley

Genre: Mystery & Suspense/Women Sleuths

3.99 at time of posting!

A tough and savvy Newark cop-turned-P.I., Tamara Hoyle is a sister with a mission: to raise her kid right in a mean town. But now the post has come knocking — bringing trouble to her door in the person of her “dog” of a former husband, DeWayne.

Suspicious “accidents” have claimed the lives of two of DeWayne’s sons from different marriages. And though good sense warns Tamara to steer clear of her charming, lowdown ex, she has little choice but to offer him her investigative expertise — because a killer may now be drawing fatally close to home — to Tamara’s only son.

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#CoverReveal “Reckless: An Anthology”

Reckless cover

Release Date: November 8, 2018
Cover Design: Shanoff Designs
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Authors: Mika Jolie, Kylie Stewart, P.M. Carson & Sharla Lovelace
Title: Reckless: An Anthology


You’ve done what’s expected.
You’ve stayed in the “good girl” lane.
How’s that working for you?

If you have a chance at falling in love . . .
Will you take matters into your hands?
Kiss a stranger with wild abandon?
Throw caution to the wind along with your clothes?

Don’t think about the consequences.
Dive into the forbidden, the off-limits.
Be fearless.
Be wild.
Be unpredictable.
Be reckless.

***Each novella in the Reckless anthology is a never before published, swoon-worthy, standalone story by Mika Jolie, Kylie Stewart, P M Carson, and Sharla Lovelace.

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“Set in Stone (The Petralist Book 1)” by Frank Morin

Set in Stone cover

Set in Stone (The Petralist Book 1)

by Frank Morin, Brad Fraunfelter (Illustrator)

Genre: YA/Science Fiction & Fantasy/Romance/Humor

FREE at time of posting!

Big Magic
Big Adventure
Lots of Humor

In a nation where only the nobility are supposed to have special powers, Connor’s secret curse might hold the key to stopping a war and saving his village from destruction. His best friend Hamish has a habit of sucking on rocks that might just unlock an ancient power not seen in generations. Their friend Jean is the local healer. She has no magic, but she’s smarter than the boys combined. And Verena is one of the invaders, with a bag full of tricks that can stop entire armies.

Join Connor and his friends as they are swept up in an epic adventure, with a unique magic system based on rocks, and lots of humor.

When armies assemble around their remote village, Connor is caught in the middle. While his friends try to free the village under siege, Connor peels back layers of intrigue and half-truths to find secrets neither side wants him to know. Surrounded by deadly enemies that all claim to be his friends, Connor must choose a course with the lives of everyone he loves hanging in the balance.

His only hope is to gamble everything on a curse that could destroy them all unless his final choice is Set in Stone.

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“Christmas Heartwarmers & Holiday Smiles: 10 Tales of Heart, Hope & Humor “- Portion of Proceeds to Benefit St. Jude Research Hospital

Christmas Heartwarmers cover

Christmas Heartwarmers & Holiday Smiles: 10 Tales of Heart, Hope & Humor – Portion of Proceeds to Benefit St. Jude Research Hospital

Genre: Genre Fiction/Holidays/Anthologies

PreOrder 99¢ at time of posting! Releases November 6, 2018!

10 Tales of Heart, Hope, and Humor
Snuggle by the fire this season to warm your heart with stories of love and hope by ten award-winning, bestselling authors. This wonderful variety includes small town mysteries, heart-tugging romance and enough Christmas to get everyone in the mood. All of our books have happy endings with lots of friendship, family and fluffy white snow!

The authors want to thank you for supporting their Christmas cause, St. Jude’s Hospital, where no child is turned away for treatment.

Holly Thompson’s life changes forever when she receives an early Christmas present from her dead Aunt Meg—a gorgeous Private Investigator. When Ben Holiday claims to have a clue about Holly’s unknown parentage, Holly sets out on a Christmas road trip in the hope of finding the family she never knew she had.

Bestselling thriller writer, Noel Atteberry never met an obstacle he couldn’t overcome until his editor paired him with stubborn romance author, Holly Lane. Living on his estate in England, Noel has managed to avoid love. But with their Christmas deadline looming, all he can think about is Holly.

COWABUNGA CHRISTMAS (Corsario Cove Cozy Mystery)Anna Celeste Burke
It’s a Cowabunga Christmas in Corsario Cove for newlyweds, Kim and Brien, until an unexpected visit from Santa changes everything. Murder, mayhem, and shady secrets in the cove make this a honeymoon to remember.

A road closure and snowstorm traps country music star, Luanne Billings in a small town at Christmas and she finds herself at Crystal Creek Inn’s Holiday Extravaganza. When a brief opportunity to escape presents itself, she must decide between a career-changing performance and helping a child in need.

From the award-winning author of the Hometown Harbor Series, comes a new heartwarming and inspirational story for the holidays, filled with the magic of the season– a charming story about the kindness of strangers and finding hope where you never expected it. Cozy up with a holiday read sure to warm your heart.

On the eve of the tree lighting in the Inlet Beach town square, police find a runaway in trouble. Residents gather to help, but complications arise and unraveling the boy’s past is harder than they imagine. As a blustery Pacific Northwest Christmas draws near, can they find a way to give a boy with a shattered life another chance at happiness?

Engaged, news correspondent Alexandra Evans and Sean Reynolds, an Air Force pilot, are planning a holiday wedding. But when Alexandra’s overseas assignment turns deadly, she returns scarred, and breaks their engagement. Can Sean convince her that beauty is only skin deep so two hearts can keep their Christmas promise?

No stranger to loss, Bill Broussard keeps his heart in protective mode, avoiding complicated relationships. Having raised his brother’s only son, his nephew now faces bitter challenges of his own. Are the two fated to spend their lives without love, or will they finally get the chance for happiness they deserve?

Maddy and Hunter’s plans for a courthouse wedding unravel when a friend decides the Marines deserve a real wedding. Overwhelmed by the attention, loner Maddy realizes falling in love with Hunter comes with big changes as Hunter struggles not to ruin his fiancée’s pleasure at getting her dream wedding.

Seven-year-old Lauren Whitfield has one wish this Christmas — to see her overworked Daddy happy after injuring himself just before Christmas. A letter to Santa brings a little Christmas magic and the help from a Christmas Angel just in time.

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#ReleaseBlitz “The Sound of Home: Langley Park Series” by Krista Sandor




One steamy summer night. One unforgivable betrayal. Two lives forever changed.
Em MacCaslin was never an ordinary girl. A child music prodigy, she competed in elite competitions and performed with symphonies all over the world. At eighteen years old, her future couldn’t have been brighter. But all her dreams were shattered in one night.
A night she doesn’t remember.
After twelve years of running from the past, she’s back in Langley Park. And she wants answers.
Sparks fly and passions ignite when the man who betrayed her trust offers to help uncover the events of that fateful night.
But not everyone wants Em to learn the truth. A truth with the potential to kill.The Sound of Home is a sexy standalone romance in the Langley Park series.

Em smoothed out the pleats of her skirt, and Michael bit back a chuckle. While most of the girls at the party were wearing cut-off jean shorts and tank tops, leaving little to the imagination, Em had on a plaid skirt, a short-sleeved cardigan, and a string of pearls.
Fucking pearls.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked, attempting to look incredulous.
“You wore pearls to a Sadie’s Hollow party,” he answered. He’d never thought pearls and plaid were sexy before tonight.
“I’ll have you know,” she raised her index finger, “that tonight I helped raise quite a bit of money for the Kansas City Symphony. Like big-time dollars.”
Jesus, she was an adorable drunk. “You did, did you?”
“I most certainly did,” Em replied, coming to her feet and pretending to play an air violin.
“What did you play?” he asked, unable to hold back a grin.
She closed her eyes and began to bow with her right hand. “Just Paganini. Nel cor piu non mi sento.”
“Oh, yeah, just Niccolò Paganini’s most difficult composition, and arguably one of the most technically challenging pieces ever written?”
She opened her eyes and met his gaze. “Just that.”
Holy shit, she was stunning.
“Could you lose the air-violin for a minute and sit back down. I’d hate to see you fall on your ass again.”
“I almost fell on my bottom. Thankfully, Kyle Benson was there to catch me,” Em replied and settled herself on the rock.
“You can say ass, Em. Nobody will hear you.”
“I know.”
“Then say it. Your dad’s not here.”
She twisted her pearls.
“You can’t do it, can you? Once a good girl, always a good girl.”
“Hey,” Em said, grabbing his hand. Her touch sent a rush of electricity surging from the point of contact. “Do you remember when we played “Heart and Soul” on the piano back when we were in kindergarten?”
“How could I forget? Your dad let us stay up late and watch Big. You lost your mind watching Tom Hanks and that old dude jump around on the giant keyboard.”
“Do you remember your part?” she asked, her face hopeful and glowing creamy white in the moonlight.
Sweet Christ, she was beautiful. When the hell did that happen?
Michael tried to push any sexual thoughts from his mind. He had to remind his twitching cock that nothing could happen with Em.
He released a breath. “I could knock out my part if I had to.”
“Let’s do it,” she said, then turned toward the long, smooth boulder.
Em positioned her hands on the rock as if it were a piano. She gestured with her chin for him to do the same. “Ready, and…” she said, and began to play. She watched him with a furrowed brow as he pretend-played alongside her. “You’re doing it wrong. The notes are more staccato.”
“Em, we’re playing on a fucking rock. How can you even tell?”
“I just know, Michael. It’s like the music talks to me, like it lives inside of me. It’s always been with me.”
He nodded. Fuck, he could get lost in her eyes. Did she still wear those little cotton panties, the ones with tiny flowers, like she did when she was just a girl?
Enough, MacCarron!
He mentally punched himself in the mouth. Of course, she didn’t. She wasn’t eight. She was eighteen, a woman. The little girl he used to play piano duets and flashlight tag with had grown up.
Em nudged him with her shoulder. “Put your hand on top of mine. Then you’ll be able to feel how the notes were meant to be played.”
He draped his large hand over hers. For a second, he thought Em trembled, but then she began to play. As her fingers danced across the imaginary piano keys, Michael felt each note and could hear the music almost as if he was inside her, connected to her.
“See, if you played each note with a bit more—”
He silenced her with a kiss. Her body tensed. He pulled back a fraction, allowing his teeth to nip at her bottom lip. The contact made his head swim. Her lips parted, and he deepened the kiss. She sighed into his mouth, her breaths becoming shallow. If kissing Em was the last thing he would ever do, he would die a happy man. But he wanted more. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and caressed her in a hot, desperate rhythm, begging her to match his intensity.
Em was sweet. So fucking sweet. He tasted the raspberry punch on her tongue, but it had an edge to it. She must have been drinking something before the punch, something spicy like whiskey or rum. The two flavors assaulted his senses and teased his cock. He knew Em MacCaslin was innocent, everyone did. But the intensity of this kiss told him there was something deeper, something darker inside her even she didn’t know existed.
Then it hit him. He was kissing Mary Michelle MacCaslin.
Jesus, what was he doing?
His second-guessing ended when she whispered his name, her voice hungry with need.
“Oh, Michael.”
Em spoke not only to his cock, which was begging for release like a bull in a bucking chute, but to his soul. When she guided his hand across the pretend piano keys, an almost spiritual awakening burst inside him, like standing at the crossroads of a tornado and a tidal wave.
He lifted his hand from where it rested on top of hers and slid his fingertips up the length of her arm. He trailed them across her shoulder and found the string of pearls resting around her neck. Slowly, he wrapped the delicate necklace around his fingers and pulled her in closer. Each time he twisted another segment, Em gasped as if she was moving closer and closer toward something her body never knew it wanted and could no longer deny.



If there’s one thing Krista Sandor knows for sure, it’s that romance saved her. After she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2015, her world turned upside down. During those difficult first days, her dear friend sent her a romance novel. That kind gesture provided the escape she needed and ignited her love of the genre. Inspired by the strong heroines and happily ever afters, Krista decided to write her own romance series. Today, she is an MS Warrior and living life to the fullest. When she’s not writing, you can find her running 5Ks and chasing after her growing boys in her adopted home of Denver, Colorado.



“Among The Shadows: A Detective Byron Mystery (A John Byron Novel Book 1)” by Bruce Robert Coffin

Among the Shadows cover

Among The Shadows: A Detective Byron Mystery (A John Byron Novel Book 1)

by Bruce Robert Coffin

Genre: Thriller/Suspense/Police Procedural/Private Investigator

1.99 at time of posting!

Fall in Portland, Maine usually arrives as a welcome respite from summer’s sweltering temperatures and, with the tourists gone, a return to normal life—usually. But when a retired cop is murdered, things heat up quickly, setting the city on edge.

Detective Sergeant John Byron, a second-generation cop, is tasked with investigating the case—at the very moment his life is unraveling. On the outs with his department’s upper echelon, separated from his wife, and feeling the strong pull of the bottle, Byron remains all business as he tries to solve the murder of one of their own. And when another ex-Portland PD officer dies under suspicious circumstances, he quickly realizes there’s much more to these cases than meets the eye. The closer Byron gets to the truth, the greater the danger for him and his fellow detectives.

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#CoverReveal “Another Kind of Magic (Caitlyn Book 3)” by Elizabeth Davies

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Another kind of Magic cover

“I am a cat. But I am no ordinary cat. I am a witch’s familiar. I am also a woman, with a woman’s heart and a woman’s frailty.”

Nearly two hundred years have passed since Caitlyn was trapped by supernatural forces and black magic, and she has known many mistresses. This time, the witch she is enthralled to is Joan, wife of Llewelyn, Prince of Wales.

At first, this mistress appears no different to any of the others Caitlyn has served – until Llewelyn captures William de Braose, and Joan falls in love, risking everything, including Caitlyn, to fulfil her desire.

Caitlyn, meanwhile, has her own cross to bear in the form of the gallant and reckless Hugh of Pembroke…

Pre-Order Link: https://www.books2read.com/AnotherKindOfMagic


E DaviesElizabeth Davies is a paranormal author; whose books have a romantic flavour with more than a hint of suspense. And death. There’s usually death…

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