“Brand New Friend” by Kate Vane

Brand new Friend cover

Brand New Friend

by Kate Vane

Genre: Thriller & Suspense/Contemporary/Crime Fiction/Urban/British

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What if the friendship that made you was based on a lie?

Wherever he went, Claire had got there first. Parties, protests, benefit gigs. He would never have joined the group if it hadn’t been for Claire. And if he hadn’t joined the group, maybe no one would have died.

Journalist Paolo Bennett gets a call from Mark, a friend and activist from his student days in the 80s. Mark has been exposed as a former undercover cop. And his police handler is lying dead in his garden.

Paolo isn’t sure if Mark’s a suspect or the intended victim. He walked away from the police to live among the people he once spied on. Who doesn’t want him dead?

Mark asks for his help but he isn’t making it easy, disappearing just as everyone wants answers. As Paolo investigates his own past, he has to ask himself some tough questions.

Why does he want to believe Mark, despite all his lies? Was their group linked to an unexplained death on campus?

And why does Paolo suspect, even now, that Claire knows more than he does?

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