“Daisy (Love, a Mixed Race Urban Romance Book 1)” by Karen Botha

Daisy cover

Daisy (Love, a Mixed Race Urban Romance Book 1)

by Karen Botha

Genre: Mystery & Suspense/African-American/Contemporary Fiction

PreOrder – 99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited! Releases October 15, 2018

It may take a criminal mind to be a savvy business woman.

If so, Daisy is set and driven to succeed. But to hold on to what she’s earned, she must live between black and white. She must spend her life in the gray.

That makes it difficult for a woman to know who she’s dealing with, in business and in bed.

Idris made it his business to know hers, leaving no skeletons undiscovered. When the two meet, sparks fly and sexual tension ignites. Passion, lust, and desire come before sensible decision making.

Has Daisy gotten involved with the wrong person this time?
Can this gorgeous man be trusted, or is it him that needs to beware?
Daisy is a mixed race urban romance where the road to true love is
anything but easy.
Download your copy of Daisy today.

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