“Lakota’s Defender (Sweet Town Clean Historical Western Romance Book 21)” by Sarah Christian

Lakota Defender cover

Lakota’s Defender (Sweet Town Clean Historical Western Romance Book 21)

by Sarah Christian

Genre: Historical Romance/Victorian/Multicultural

2.99 at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Leaving sharecropping in Georgia behind forever, Augusta Douglass and her family came to Sweet Town to start a new life. The youngest in the family, Augusta has watched her older sisters marry one by one until she’s the last left. She has no plans to get mixed up in any of that love business, far too preoccupied with her detective dime novels and helping with the town library. But then Jolon arrived.

Jolon Two Bulls is hunting down his lost little brother, who was separated from his family when their parents were murdered. Intent on raising his brother in Oglala Lakota tradition, he’s not looking to take a bride from outside his own people, no matter how beautiful and spirited Augusta might be. Yet when they’re forced on the run together from a cruel, violent bounty hunter, fighting the connection between them is a losing battle.

Both outcasts struggling to make their own place in the world, might they create a home together?

Historical romance comes alive in quiet Sweet Town. Established in the Dakota Gold Rush of the 1870s, Sweet Town is surrounded by gentle hills and fields of clover. It’s a place where anyone can start over and romance and redemption are never out of reach.

Sweet Town romances tell the stories of the community as its members fall in love. These clean western stories follow residents of Sweet Town from mail order brides to a cowboy with a dark past. Anyone might find a miracle when they open their heart.


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