“Mickey Take: When a debt goes bad…” by Steven Hayward

Mickey Take cover

Mickey Take: When a debt goes bad…

by Steven Hayward

Genre: Mystery & Suspense/Psychological Thriller

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Countdown!

Michael Field may be an unlikely hero, conflicted and outwitted at every turn, but if you enjoy being teased by the dark threat of an evil force lurking in the shadows, this “gripping, edge of your seat, psychological thriller” will have you swiping the page to discover the identity of the cold-blooded killer. And if you like your heroines strong and manipulative, you’re going to love the girl who comes crashing into his life. She just loves taking the Mickey!

“A really clever thriller!” Pat McDonald, British Crime Author

Losing his City job and beautiful wife is starting to feel like the least of Mickey’s problems. A proposition from his one-time friend, and small-time London gangster Herbert Long, threatens to draw him back into the murky world he’s been desperate to forget. The deal is non-negotiable. It’s pay-back for that little cover-up years ago, from which young Mickey emerged unscathed to climb the corporate ladder. This time, there’ll be no easy way out…

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