“Creature of the Night” by Jeffery Martin Botzenhart

Creature of the Night cover

Creature of the Night

by Jeffery Martin Botzenhart

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy/Romance

2.99 at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Some souls were not meant to lead lives in the sun. They remain hidden within dark realms in fear of being seen and misunderstood. That is Ian’s fate after suffering at the hands of a demon blinded by rage and sorrow. Yet there exists a threat in the light, spreading lies driven by fear in warning others to be weary of the unknown prowling the depths of the forest. The unyielding belief in the justification of cruelty in seeking to end that which has been branded as profane proves all consuming. When entering the forest after twilight to pronounce final judgement for those in hiding, the threshold of good versus evil is blurred by the righteous. And thus a question may be asked. Who is the true creature of the night?

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