“Operation: Marry Me: A Fake Married to the Marine Romance” by Emma Nichols

Opera Marry Me cover

Operation: Marry Me: A Fake Married to the Marine Romance

by Emma Nichols

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Military

FREE at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

From the author’s newsletter:

About two months ago, my editor asked me if I’d be willing to help her friend give a really special present to her husband. When I heard she wanted me to write a romance about her husband, a retired Marine who built airplanes for fun and married a single mom, I was all in.

I mean, Enrique Velasquez was already book boyfriend material.

So, I built him an elite team and sent them on a mission. If you like this as much as I suspect, let me know because my beta readers are already asking for this to be a series.

Go meet Enrique. Grab Operation: Marry Me while it’s FREE on Amazon! And be sure to tell all your friends.


A woman in danger. A Marine sent to protect her.


From the moment I saw Maddie Weeks, I was smitten.

We could’ve had a great love affair, except for three little things:

1. It was my job to protect her.

2. She was already married.

3. I could never marry.

Then her jerk of a husband blew up.


And our low key surveillance was kicked up a notch.

We needed an inside man.

Naturally, I took one for the team and assigned myself that role.

My cover?

Obviously, we’ll have to be married.

Fake married.

Too bad I really love her.

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