“Get in My Head: Cameron’s Story” by S.M. Holland

Get in My Head cover

Get in My Head: Cameron’s Story

by S.M. Holland

Genre: Mystery & Suspense/Psychological Thriller

3.99 at time of posting!

Given Cameron Waters’ history of traumas in and outside of foster care, we believe he was acting in self-defense toward his foster parent’s abusive behaviors…We see a great potential of rehabilitation in him. He’s a good kid,” Garry argues.

“Good kids don’t hit their foster parents and destroy other people’s property.”

My stomach drops as I look down at my fingers, twitching like spiders, wishing they could climb up the walls and disappear. I don’t remember everything that happened. It was self-defense. Wasn’t it? He started beating on me first. Right? Would they believe that?

At what point does flight become fight? Cameron has reached his threshold. Will he run? Or will he fight back? On a journey of finding family, peace, and love, he must first learn to win the battle in his head.

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