“The Maid’s Daughter” by Brooklyn Knight

Maid's Daughter cover

The Maid’s Daughter

by Brooklyn Knight

Genre: Romance/Multicultural/African-American

2.99 at time of posting! KINDLE COUNTDOWN! (Ending soon)

William Cooper has a problem: it’s 1952 in Beaufort South Carolina, and he’s in love with the maid’s daughter, Naomi Jackson. Despite Naomi’s apprehension, the two teenagers engage in a forbidden romance, which lasts two years, until William’s mother discovers their secret.

Everything is irrevocably changed. William is sent to school in Massachusetts, and Naomi is shipped off to Seattle. To William’s devastation, his mother has effectively severed the ties he had with the only girl he has ever loved and he is forced to move on with his life.

Forty years pass before fate allows William and Naomi’s paths to cross again; but now, William is a married man whose wife has been diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening illness, and Naomi is retiring from the nursing profession. Naomi could never have prepared herself for a spontaneous reunion with William – a reunion which forces both of them to confront the menacing ghosts of their past. But will she be able to prepare herself to act as the private nurse for William’s dying wife? And will she be able to handle the hidden family secrets that are brought to light once she returns to her hometown?

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