“My Other Car is a Screaming Dead Chick (Chronicles of Bif Book 2)” by Richard Langridge

Bif Chronicles Bk 2

My Other Car is a Screaming Dead Chick (Chronicles of Bif Book 2)

by Richard Langridge

Genre: Science Fiction/Humor & Satire

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

The return of an old foe. The battle for an entire galaxy…

The Conductor: galaxy’s greatest super-villain and all around bad guy, has escaped from his perpetual prison. His plan? To locate a mythical object known only as the Source, and harness its power to enslave every soul in the entire galaxy.

Desperate to stop him, Dex and the gang promptly head off to intercept; however, when their ship is stolen, and the two of them left stranded, it’s clear they’re going to need to come up with other plans before heading off in pursuit.

If things weren’t bad enough already, The Conductor has also kidnapped the object of Bif’s affections, and is currently using her as a living taxi while he careens around space doing bad-guy things. To say the gang have seen better days is an understatement.

Will Dex and co. manage to stop The Conductor before he can locate the Source and unleash full-scale Armageddon on the galaxy? Will Bif really get expelled? And what exactly is Dex’s history with this guy, anyway?

Space pirates. Ancient civilizations. Generic ’80s glam rock.

Here we go again…

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